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Monday, June 29th

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Monday, June 29th

Post by WeeOne » Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:28 am

Good Day, may your hearts be full of Love

I haven't visited my pillow yet, after 4:30 a.m. I've spent the past 4 + hours talking with, who I will call my adopted son, Lindy Thomas. Lindy needed an ear, a Mom type ear. Get your coffee, tea or whatever, here's the story. On our way from Texas to Colorado, we found a campground just north of Wellington, TX, which is only a few miles North of Childress, TX, Walmart where we usually stay on this route. But, since the temps in early June were close to 100, we stayed at this county campground with hookups, on the Red River, just north of Wellington. Don't know why we didn't know about this place years ago!! Anyway, God crossed our paths with the Thomas family. Lindy Thomas was married to Sheila for 27 years. They were married a long time before God blessed them with Garrett who is 11 yrs old and mild autism, and Jaylann 7 yrs old. On April 10th of this year God took Sheila/47/Wife/Mom home to heaven. Inoperable brain tumor. I truly think God sent us this route. We have, both, become Grandparents to the kids and adopted parents to Lindy/Daddy. Sometimes kids can't spill the beans to their parents or family. But in the last several hours Lindy has unloaded. I just pray it will help him and the children to move forward.

MaryZ, you asked me some questions. I will get back to you after some sleep.

May Your Day be Blessed!!

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Re: Monday, June 29th

Post by grammiequilts » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:02 am

Good morning Wow Lyn what a story God bless you for being a friend, god/grandparent to these people..what a blessing you are.
I have grocery shopping to do, some weeds to kill, and an old stove to move...I will wait with the later till Ken gets home... I didnt get to the stove yesterday Ken was so tired I let him veg out. He does work hard and tried to get too much done...Yesterday DD finally decided to put in her new toilet. and called her Dad to help...Jeff has been sick (he does need a few prayers) so she was trying to do this herself. They had an electrician wiring the hot tub up and Ken spent the afternoon there,,,now she says the hot tub keeps tripping the circuit breakers and the electrician cannot find the issue. ( "Dad can you stop by after work and see if you can find the problem?")
Sunday gravy is different, It is a spagetti sauce made according to Siciallian tradition..a very tasty sauce and yes they call it gravy not sauce,,,We are not sicillian but love this sauce. if your are not using a instapot it takes a few hours to cook, (I use the recipe from the "Soprano's Family cookbook") it was delicious..

Started quilting th e snowman quilt last night,,,I am so rusty.. this one uses different quilting motifs and I have made a few gaffs,,,this that didnt turn out as well as I wanted them to. Bur this quilt is for me and only I will actually know...Since I do it freehand the patterns are somewhat wonky,,,oh well...it is getting done...I am about a third done.. more as soon as I can. Well I need to go get coffee comb some hairs and get going...I have a Dr appt tomorrow and a new stove to break in.. so I need to get things done here,,,Have a wonderful day,,,XXXXXXXXXXXOXOXOXOXOXO

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Re: Monday, June 29th

Post by cindyg » Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:04 am

Hi girls. Monday, Monday....UGH. I had a relaxing weekend. Slept 12 hours Friday night and just lounged around Saturday until time to go out to dinner. We watched movies - Beethoven, Mama Mia and Mama Mia 2 and we finished up series one of The Chosen. Sunday I washed clothes and worked in the backyard with Don - we continued on with our fence pressure washing. One more episode of it and we should be finished with the fence. Then he wants to pressure wash the house and the driveway. It's in the mid-90's and, yes, very humid, but when we are working with water it keeps us cool. Yesterday that dust cloud was here so I was constantly blowing my nose. Should not have been outdoors.

Maryz - Aut moved??? How far away from Austin? She's taking on a teenage girl....God help her! When you come down here, where are you staying? Close enough for us to see you? Would you be coming here for the quilt show?

Judi - it's wonderful having a husband who can do anything, isn't it? Except when others want him to do stuff after he's worked all day, etc. I'm stepping in now and not letting him do stuff for others - he has cancer and he's still working full time - that's enough. I work with a couple of Italian men and they call spaghetti sauce "gravy" too.

Lyn - I've no doubt that you are a great surrogate mom for Lindy and his kids. Bless their hearts.

Jana - I hope you don't have to evacuate. Lots of families here have to evacuate when hurricanes come. It's awful!

I'm at work so must go.

I hope you can all enjoy fondling fabric today!

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Re: Monday, June 29th

Post by purrfect-lady » Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:22 am

Good morning,

LYN - I would say God put you in the path of this family - or he put them in your path - but whichever, it sounds like it was a blessing for both of you. I remember calling a near stranger in the middle of the night a few months after my first husband's death. I needed to TALK - and I needed to talk to somene who wasn't connected. And 36 years later I STILL am grateful to the woman who listened to me for over an hour. She really helped me get through a really rough time and I was able to slowly move forward after that. I only tell you this so you will have an idea of the scope of the lasting good you did last night. God bless Lindy and family and God bless YOU! Have a good sleep!

JUDI - Yay!! The stove arrived! I hope it lasts for years and years! An electric hot tub on the fritz? I would be VERY hesitant to get into that water! I hope it's nothing serious. Now that you mention it, I have heard of spaghetti sauce being called 'gravy'. And now I'm craving some! Hmmmm..... I wonder what will be for supper tonite . . . . . ;)

IZZY - did mom come home to your place yet?

CINDY - Glad you had a relaxing weekend. Though anything involving a pressure washer can't be THAT relaxing . . . Autumn rented a small house, I think near Lakeway. Only 5 minutes from her library which is in Bee Cave (SW of Austin). We will be at La Hacienda RV Resort on western edge of Austin near Lk Travis Nov 22-Dec 30. Then south to Donna, Tx for month of January, spending a night at Victoria City Park along the way. Maybe on the way back from Donna we can meet up at Texanna for a couple of nights . . . . We won't be down there in time for the Houston Quilt Show. I wouldn't go anyway because of the virus. We stay out of any places where people gather.

We were able to visit Albert in the hospital in Seattle yesterday. He is holding his own for now. And it was a good visit. He's going to to a rehab facility tomorrow, after 27 days in the hospital. He's ready to go anyplace that isn't that hospital! Got my jam jars all washed, labeled, and put away. I'm almost out of jars so I'm going to have to buy more for the blackberries. I made hot pepper jam (my first time!) according the directions in the package of powdered pectin. Tried a jar last night with cream cheese and crackers. Yum! But it needed more heat. I also got my second Halloween tabletopper quilted. Will bind it this morning, go to chiropractor, do some uglies, wash some dirties, clean some bathrooms, and get organized to start working on Christmas swap blocks.

Have a Marvy Monday!

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Re: Monday, June 29th

Post by Becca » Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:40 am

Good morning everyone busy here as men are putting in the new Heat & air system DGS & another man Then electrician will come

Lyn What a story but what a blessing you were to him & Im sure there will be other times May you be blessed too

Judi Wow what would they do without Ken & his knowledge Reminds me of our DS
Hope you get your new stove set up

It will be a crazy day here but so grateful for the new system Our old one wAs leaking freeon & freezing up

I will feed them spaghetti Have a wonderful day & give a smile along the way Becca
Cindyg & Maryz You posted as I was typing
Have a great day to you both

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Re: Monday, June 29th

Post by auntjana » Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:09 am

Good morning!

We are raining and that is a good thing! The first fire is almost out and a second , more dangerous one broke out yesterday afternoon. At the time of the second fire, the winds were blowing here at 45 mph. The second fire caused about 3100 homes to evacuate, about 1/3 of that city. It is a few miles south of us, so we were safe. We prayed for rain and got that!

My little and big gremlins came for a visit yesterday. Timed taking the cookies out of the oven perfectly! Nice, warm, gooey chocolate, in a chocolate chip cookie. Matt took our taxes to mail and now I am done with that! The state didn't like a id number, so I could not file them electronically. Matt will mail them with a return receipt, so I have proof the tax people got them. I have done this way for years.

After a few dances with Mr Samsung, I am sewing. Found a embroidery I may use, we will see. When it isn't raining, I will get out my July decorations. I have red white and blue flag bunting to put on my deck railing and my other decorations out in the house. My wall hanging and my skinnies.

Stay safe!


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Re: Monday, June 29th

Post by Quiltmom » Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:10 am

Good morning all! Just got back from my Monday breakfast at Bob Evans. The electricity went off for about 10 seconds a minute ago. Just enough to make me have to reset the clocks and TV. Annoying but only a minor problem. Plan on doing some cleaning and sewing today. Also want to set my Roku up so I can get the Disney + channel. My son Rob has it and says it has all the Disney movies as well as Marvel movies and Star Wars movies. This Friday they are going to stream the Broadway shoe of Hamilton and I am so looking forward to seeing that. Will be at Rob's though for 4th July weekend. I just have to get out of Defiance for a couple of days.

Lyn - So glad that you can be a "mother" to Lindy when he needs someone to talk to. Sounds like he has been through a lot.

Judi - Prayers for Jeff. Aren't our DH's great at fixing things? Harold was that way and we saved a lot of money. he made me watch or listen when fixing something. At the time I thought it boring, but he always told me that he might not always be here. He was right. If I need something fixed I can either do it myself or I know who to call. Thank God I payed attention.

Cindyg - Sounds like you have been busy. I should probably pressure wash my house, but that is something you just kind of put off.

Becca - So glad you are getting a new heat and A/C system. The heat here has been bad and I know you have had it bad also. This weekend the actual temperature is supposed to be about 97 degrees. So glad for A/C.

Well, time to get going. Hope everyone has a safe and good day. Stay in and keep cool. Hope to get back to my quilting after I get back from Rob's on Sunday. I haven't touched any of it for at least a couple of months. Been just working on cross stitching.


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Re: Monday, June 29th

Post by gershwin64 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:51 am

Good morning everyone!
Lyn, I think God put you all together. I pray for the best.
Judi, that's how Frankie is too. He's fixing things more at our daughter's house than here lately.
Maryz, I stay away from crowds too.
Cindy, are you sure you had a relaxing weekend, pressure washing just doesn't sound relaxing to me LOL
Well not much going on here except heat heat and more heat and hot wind.... yucky!
The Christmas swap is open for signing up if anyone is interested.
You all have a great day!

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Re: Monday, June 29th

Post by zfatcat » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:05 am

Maryz, so glad you had a nice visit with Albert.

Lyn, what a nice thing to do. Sometimes people just need to talk it out.

Sherry, Disney channel has lots of stuff. I've watched a few good movies that I'd never even heard of before.

Cindy, sounds like a perfect weekend. A little work, and a lot of down time. Sometimes that's what you need.

Jana, I sure hope you don't have anymore fires. With all the fireworks though, it's probably going to happen again. All of our big firework displays were shut down, so more people will be setting off their own. It makes me nervous.

Judi, my Italian grandmother called spaghetti sauce gravy.

DH is playing golf today, so I walked the boys solo. Then I made breakfast for FIL and cleaned up. Now I need to vacuum the pet hair out of the house and maybe a little sewing. I put together a charity quilt top yesterday. It was fast and easy. Now to find a backing for it and get it layered. I'm going to layer to other tops today as well. I need to get these finished so I can start something new.

Have a wonderful day.
Lori 8-)

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Re: Monday, June 29th

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:00 pm

good late afternoon. I haven't been here in a while so thought I would check in.

Not much new here. I've been sleeping in because I don't have the commute but that also means I don't get to check in here like I used to.

Maryz, If you ever head this way bring me a blackberry bush. I was talking to my dad who said Boysenberries started in Madera, Ca. and if you wanted a clipping off the original bush you could go get one and plant it. He said he used to go there with his grandfather to get the bushes. I haven't looked to see if his tale was tall or not, could be a hand me down story..

Judi, sending a prayer for Jeff. you are finally getting that stove. seems like forever since you bought it. My grandma used to call enchilada sauce gravy.

Lyn, one of my most favorite things about you is your kind heart. Lindy is so blessed to have you in his life.

Jana, glad you have a fire evac plan. it is so important when you live in the fire areas to know two ways out and have a kit in your car with water and granola bars or something to eat that won't need refrigeration. Imagine those long lines of cars on the freeways trying to exit a town on fire, or other disaster, stuck on the freeway for hours with no water or food, and with no blanket.

Lori, isn't it funny. Costco is so so busy, yet there are just somethings you have to go there to buy. We like Costco meat. and we get coffee there too. How is FIL adjusting.

Not much else is going on here. I bought a 9mm and am waiting for the background check to be approved. I have to wait 10 days. then a girlfriend and I will go to the shooting range and take a beginning shooting class.

The neighbors will move in next month. they were up last weekend and I went over there for a visit. before I knew it it was midnight.

Been binge watching 90 day fiance. all I can say is wow. I think I would rather remain single than go through what some of those couples are going through. it's crazy.

Moose and I have been walking up and down the driveway during my work breaks. and I need to make the trip again to see if the mail came yet.

Hope you girls have a groovy day,

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