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Wednesday May 20

Daily discussions.
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Wednesday May 20

Post by billizzy » Wed May 20, 2020 3:36 am

Good morning. Cock a doodle doooo

I had to laugh when you all thought I took momma at 630 to grocery 🤣🤣
I took her at 930. She took an hour, I did some wool appliqué in car. DD WATCHED SCOOBY on my phone,

Rain rain rain here. I needed a break. Got quilt quilted now binding today. DDIL quilt for her mom bday this weekend. Then sew tshirt blocks together for grad quilt working on.

Nothing else new here.

Shirley Mae you all in my prayers hope get good news soon.
Cindy you too in prayers for good report.

Hugs 🤗 prayers 🙏 happy stitching 🧵

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Re: Wednesday May 20

Post by FlorenceM » Wed May 20, 2020 3:58 am

Morning Izzy & all to follow
Izzy, glad shopping with momma went smooth.
Maryz, t shirt quilts went to Olympia Washington.
Yesterday did manage to get everything done but my friend had to back out of coffee, something came up. We will try again Friday.
Today, Joe will take car & I will tackle Mt St Washmore. And play in sewing room.
For now it's coffee.

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Re: Wednesday May 20

Post by auntjana » Wed May 20, 2020 4:30 am

Good beginning of morning!

I am sort of up. The sky is starting to lighten. We may have a thunderstorm this morning.

Sarah planted more garden over at Sandee's house. Things for Sandee and more potatoes! We will see how this garden grows, it is in just the dirt here in Herriman. Great for growing weeds, not so for anything else.

Sewing is mostly planned for me today. My uglies are caught up. Michael is working again today on his project.

The Church sent out a letter yesterday, saying we will resume services shortly. Services will start according to each area's restrictions. We will start off with smaller, shortened meetings, then move to how we meet in time. So I will get the music ready and finally will teach in the Relief Society meeting. I was called to teach in Relief Society in February, but because of the disruption in our lives for time. I teach one Sunday a month.

Stay safe
Hugs and prayers,

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Re: Wednesday May 20

Post by auntjana » Wed May 20, 2020 4:38 am

Judi. - do you need a life jacket? With those two dams and all their water, hope you are safe!

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Re: Wednesday May 20

Post by grammiequilts » Wed May 20, 2020 4:45 am

Good morning..it think we might have sun shine today, I see clouds but they are breaking up. hoping. I did masks yesterday most of the day. There are still people without them. some by choice some by need. our grocery stores are asking for folks to wear then while in the store.
Today is laundry day, and a bit of uglies. I cant do much till the fridge comes. tomorrow,,,,,,hopeing and praying....I have s ful freezer but dont realize how many things were just at your fingertips while cooking now are not there,,,coolers just dont cut it..I have the camper fridge running and I can use it but thst is a walk to the back for everything I need then putting it back again, this too shall pass. hope you are all well and Lois hope your daughter is doing ok. Rem ember this virus has a plus 95% recovrry rate,,so praying for all who have it.We are not near the dams that broke but a lot of people have been evacuated north of here, we do have a flooded lower yard and our firepit benches are down in the neighbors yard, He laughs about it everytime we flood. Ken even weighed them down but the power of the current is greater. I am thinking he will chain them to a tree down there,is the next step...they are made of the fake wood plastic. but very heavy/ 3 days of torrential rain here was enough for the river to overflow..flood the yard and the current takes out anything in the lower yard,,,, living on the river is cool..... but messy too. TTYL XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOO

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Re: Wednesday May 20

Post by velvet » Wed May 20, 2020 4:52 am

Good morning from SC. It is a grey start so far guess rain is in the forecast. Tomorrow we'll go to the old age time in Costco. Have my list all ready. Hope to hit and run and cheaply. LOL.
Finished 2 tops for qov and found a another panel when I straightened up my closet. I miss being part of the presentations and hopefully will be back in a few months. I worry that we have lost alot of our WW2 and Korean vets in these months passed.

Keep safe.

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Re: Wednesday May 20

Post by purrfect-lady » Wed May 20, 2020 5:47 am

Good morning,

JUDI - Wow! Flooded again! You were just mowing down by the river weren't you? I hadn't heard about the dams. We've missed a lot of the news the last few days. Hope you have a sunny day! I pity you living out of coolers. The fridge portion of ours hung in there barely though the freezer was kaput. We had to part our foodstuffs out between the downstairs garage freezer and the fifth-wheel. Lucky we keep our RV's in our back yards and not in a storage lot somewhere!

IZZY - you have been busy busy busy again! Glad shopping with mom went smoothly and you got a little stitching done besides.

DIANE - You'll soon be back handing out quilts - this is just a bump in the road. A big bump, but still just a bump.

FLO - Olympia is about 50 miles SE of us. We go there occasionally to see friends. They were in the middle of a big kitchen remodel when this quarantine hit. All the demo work was done but no reconstruction yet. They, too, are living out of their RV fridge.

JANA - a great experiment - growing one garden in natural local soil and others in good garden soil brought in. It can make a difference! It will be nice to be back to church but are you nervous?

MARY Q - good on you for all the masks you are making! Glad you have at least your viewing window washed. I'd come wash your windows for you while you sew if I could. Good to have groceries again, though from what I see in the news and hear from other folks, I don't think I"d go to a WM. We have to shop tomorrow morning, early old people hours. We've only shopped once since this all started - at Costco. But tomorrow we are going to Costco and Safeway both.

LOIS - how is your DD doing?

SUZETTE - where are you??

CHRISS - I'm still laughing at all the clocks in your kitchen. And you setting them all twice. Sorry. Snicker Snicker. And now you have a mystery to investigate - who is really living in the tree outside your room?

I got very little sewing done yesterday. Bill made the appointment to go look at that used car and gosh if we didn't end up buying it! We shocked ourselves! And they let us drive it home! Apparently we looked trustworthy. Bill has to go back today with a check for the down payment and to go through the car with the electronic technicians. After four hours there, talking, signing papers, etc., I was fried and we were edging on towards Scottie's dinner time, so we saved the tech class until today. And I don't have to go. :ugeek: :D

I hope to finish my Spring Swap Top II today and get the sewing room cleaned up. And fine tune my grocery list. Going to make a taco pizza for supper tonite.

Prayers for Shirley Mae and her family.

Mary Z

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Re: Wednesday May 20

Post by Quiltmom » Wed May 20, 2020 6:17 am

Good morning all! Well at least the rain has stopped for today. According to my friends rain gauge we got 4.2 inches in the last 2 days. I know my yard has water standing in several spots. When it dry enough to mow will probably have to go set some of Izzy's goats to help me.

Was going to go to the cemeteries today to put out flowers but I was up all night sick with my asthma. Today it is very windy and cold so had to cancel. With the weather forecast for next few days may not get them there until next week, but I will get them there.

I have a question do any of you still decorate the graves for Memorial Day? I talked to several people and they don't do it at all. My friend Mary doesn't even put flowers on her late husband's grave or her fathers. I am wondering if this tradition is going away.

Well, better go get my breakfast and take my medicine. I did get a lot of cleaning done in my kitchen yesterday. I probably over did it but I didn't want to quit while I was in the mood.

Hope everyone has a good and safe day. Praying for the people in Michigan where the dam broke yesterday. Several of the roads around here are flooded.


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Re: Wednesday May 20

Post by WeSignificant » Wed May 20, 2020 6:33 am

Just stopping in to say hi! Just don't seem to be able to keep up anymore. I tried to keep up with spot reading but not too successful.

Doctor has decided to send a home health nurse and physical therapist for Dad. Still having low blood sugars with medication cut in half and his legs are just really weak. He makes it to bathroom and back but that is about all. I am a bit worried about the outside exposure but I can just pray God will protect him.

Going to the Office in Pleasanton today for the first time. We will see how that goes. Still no other offers, maybe I am just getting too close to retirement and people want longevity.

Continuing to work on my scrap quilt. My goal is to finish it by end of the year. I am about half way there.

Hoping things open up soon, Dad needs a haircut awful!

DGS is heading back to Minn to get his friend he dropped off last year. I guess things have not worked out for the boy living with his Dad so he is coming back. He leaves on Saturday, will be gone for a week.

Rosalina is 2 weeks old already! They are possibly bringing her tomorrow so we can get the 5 yr generation picture. Have not seen her yet.
Hope that worked.

Well I do need to start getting ready for work. Going to Fairfield and then office.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: Wednesday May 20

Post by cindyg » Wed May 20, 2020 6:34 am

Maryz - what kind of car did you buy that you need to have a class on it????? Sorry you have to go to Costco and Safeway - I know you are afraid. I have to go to the grocery store after work today to get camping food and house stuff, too, but I'll be wearing that ding dang mask. They are so hot and it's in the 90's here and very humid. I dread going to the store anyway and that mask makes it 100 times worse! No visiting at the campgrounds - how silly! Vicki and Steve are camping with us this weekend and, even though we'll be visiting, we usually sit far apart anyway - not on top of each other!

Diane - I got a patriotic panel to make a new quilt for Don but I have no clue what to put around that panel to make it big enough for him. I'll figure it out when the time comes.

Judi - I wondered how you were doing with the flooding up there. The currents in flood water are so strong and that's the scary part about it. When it flooded in New Braunfels (where the Wurstfest is held) we saw roofs left up in the trees when the water receded as well as refrigerators, furniture, and all kinds of things. I'd love to see a picture of your river. I hope you get your fridge soon. Living out of ice chests is like camping in a tent!

Jana - good luck with both gardens. I have a black thumb. I have flowers in pots around the patio and they are pretty.....they are also silk. I can't kill those.

Flo - sorry your coffee was cancelled. Friday's coffee will be that much sweeter. I'll be having coffee with my BFF Friday morning and all weekend mornings and I can't wait.

Izzy - at least you didn't have to go in the store with your mama. I use to take my granny to the store and I went in with her. She drove me crazy. She had a list BUT she'd get an item on aisle 1 then go down to aisle 5 and get another item and then back to aisle2 for another item. Back and forth, back and forth. Two hours in the grocery store. The next time I took the list from her and did the aisles in an orderly fashion and put the stuff in the buggy myself but she stayed beside me to tell me what brands, etc. Even at that she'd "forget" something back on aisle 1 and we'd have to go back to that aisle anyway. But that trip only took 1 hour. The next time I just dropped her off at the store and told her I'd be back in two hours and please be finished with the shopping and out front so I could load up her groceries. That worked much better and I didn't get aggravated with her. That's the way we did it from then on.

Shirley Mae - praying for Rod and you.

Chriss - I had to laugh at your clock fiasco. I'm the same way - can't stand to not know what time it is; however, I have a collection of clocks for decoration purposes and they all run on batteries. None of them have the correct time because I forget to put new batteries in. I always have on my wristwatch.

As I said, going to the grocery store after work, home to unload and pack the foods for camping, get the dogs packing done, bake a cake then have Don cut my hairs and I must get rid of unwanted facial hair. I might get into bed by 11:00. Tomorrow morning I will go for lab work and to get an Echocardiogram then home to help Don load the truck and we will hit the road. I AM SO READY!!!! Gotta run. No word on Don's PT scan and probably won't hear until next week. I am so NOT one to have to wait on any news.

I hope you can all fondle fabric today.

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