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Friday December 9th 2022

Daily discussions.
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Friday December 9th 2022

Post by grammiequilts » Fri Dec 09, 2022 3:25 am

Good Morning it is dark and cold...I am up and ready to go...Liam has one of the biggest tournamaents of the year and since mom and dad have to work we are taking him to game one. We need to leave here about 8 am...so I needed to get going and have coffee.
Secret Santa was so much fun...I encourage you if you havent to join next year,,,It is a fun way to share your talents and love for your elf....
I did purge out my sewing closet and you can walk in there,,,I talked to one of my friends and her church ladies make items out of donated fabric..stuffed bears for police cars and battered wo mens shelters,,so i will donate my fabric to them...i do have a few ufos I found and will finish them...one is a table topper O made maybe 40 yrs ago..and the binding needs to be redone..a couple of tops that need quilting and sophias quilt she never finished,,,( and doesnt want to) I will quilt and bind it for her and give it to her,,,, I also have a wool work project I put in my hand sewing box tp finish one day. I have a large pile of kits and extra items that will go to the guild...for the free-take table...including little baggies of scraps..(2 1/2 inches and larger) It is like spring cleaning,,,I feel so much lighter....

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Re: Friday December 9th 2022

Post by purrfect-lady » Fri Dec 09, 2022 3:51 am

Good morning,

Wasn't SS opening day fun! I wasn't there for the Zoom party but Tina said it was great. And I was certainly spoiled by my Santa, Mary Rose. With all going on in her life, I don't know how she had time to sew anything for me - but she truly outdid herself! So, Mary Rose - thank you, thank you for everything. You are amazing!

TINA - thank you, too, for stepping into MARY Q's big Santa boots and doing such a great job. You rock, girlfriend! And yesterday was your birthday, to boot! I hope it was a terrific day!

ANN - as always, it's wonderful to have you stop by. You're right - it was Caroline 1948 and her grands were Natalie and Nathan. Funny, I was wondering about her the other day, too. Natalie must be about grown up by now. Last post from Caroline, she said she was getting married and would post more details later. But if she did, I missed them. I hope you are doing well. I, too, wonder what I should do with all my fabric. I am trying to sew from just my stash, but sometimes, my stash just doesn't have the right fabric. . .

VELDA - so sorry for the loss of your DBIL. I lost my DSIL a little over a week ago so I sympathize. Even when you think you're ready and you know it's time, you rally aren't and it never is. But I firmly believe a happier life awaits them both.

MARY MARGARET - did you get those chores done, young lady?!? Don't make me have to come up there!!

JANA - glad Aaron's angel was on duty in the snow! And that that driver was able to avoid hitting Aaron. He is back to his hair-raising super hero adventures!

CHRISS - happy parents day! Such a funny story about the golden retriever! I bet even the fire guys were laughing. I hope you get lots of moisture in the storm. I hear there may be more snow at home. I might be able to finish my Little Ghost top this afternoon. We'll see . . . If not today, then tomorrow. I had a pack of 30 FQ's and I cut a 4" strip from each one. I sewed the strips together in pairs lengthwise, and then cut them, 4" wide. Then I sewed the pairs together randomly into 7-1/2" 4P's. Today I will sew the 4P's together and see what I have . . . I may make it a bit bigger, or I may add a border. I'm making decisions as I go.

KATHY - Sorry your yeast didn't rise. Was it fresh? Old yeast doesn't rise well. (BTW, yeast does freeze.) Also, maybe you over-kneaded it? I'm no bread expert, but seems like 7 min of hand kneading should be enough. I don't know how that translates to Kitchenaid kneading. I'm always amazed at how much I can pack in this trailer, too. Bill did knock out a few blind spaces in here, like behind the TV and over the microwave, added shelves and doors, and voila`! More storage! Almost all my sewing is in the cubby he built behind the TV. My crockpot, a couple cookbooks, and tablecloths are above the micro.

FLO - My Cuisinart appliances have always lasted years. I've tried other brands of various appliances and they always seem to need replacing in 3 yrs or less. I wish they made irons! (They don't, do they?) How big is the blanket you made for your DGD? I believe Eleanor calls that "the birthing method". I've used it before myself, though not on anything bigger than a baby blanket.

DIANE - what a nice day you had planned yesterday! And did anything follow you home from the LQS?

SUZETTE - Congratulations on twins!! I will say a prayer for an easy pregnancy and safe delivery. I also had many miscarriages but eventually went on to have two healthy babies. I hope your DGD's doctor is checking her progesterone levels. Low levels can be one cause of miscarriage. My Autumn is 22 weeks today (due April 14). This is a miracle baby and Aut will be 46 yrs old in Jan. So, I'll share my baby prayers with you!

JUDI - congratulations on purging your fabrics! Sounds like you were serious about it, too! I tried. I really did. I purged my whole house a few years back (and have spent many hours since hunting for lost items I finally determined went out with The Big Purge), but have never been able to get rid of much of my fabric. At least I've stopped buying large amounts of it at big sales. For the most part. And your furniture is finally all there! Hooray!! Now what do you need for that room? Rugs? End tables? Christmas tree?

IZZY - happy tree decorating! I miss big family decorating parties. I'm betting you all had a lot of fun. And cocoa. There should really be cocoa, too.

LOIS - how big do you make those book pillows?

Yesterday I made good progress on "Ghost". I might be able to finish it today. I'll take it home to quilt/bind it. If I get the top done, I'll post a photo. I'm thinking I might make a book pillow to match. I like that idea and plan to shamelessly copy it. :D But first, we have a grocery shopping trip. I'm going to shower in a minute and we'll be off to the store when it opens. We shop EARLY when no one else is around. This area is a hotbed of various viruses (say that three times fast!) so we are staying out of crowded areas as much as possible, hence grocery shopping at 6am. Bill wants steak for supper and the kids are coming to our campsite for brunch on Sunday. And we need to fill our water jugs at the water kiosk. That is the water we give our fur babies. They don't tolerate southern water very well so we buy water for them at the kiosk - 5 gal/$1.

Happy Friday!
mary z

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Re: Friday December 9th 2022

Post by FlorenceM » Fri Dec 09, 2022 4:44 am

Maryz, blanket was 33x60...more of a bed runner.
Today I am off with Joe to help him install a deck for a friend.
Will check in later.

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Re: Friday December 9th 2022

Post by WeeOne » Fri Dec 09, 2022 4:47 am

Good morning everyone!

A quick hello to let y'all know I'm still here. We will finally be heading to Aransas Pass this morning. Garry's glasses came in and we had our appt with our lawyer and got all our documents updated and signed. If you haven't updated your Will or Powers of Attorney for medical, etc., I encourage you to do so. I feel a big weight off my shoulders now that we have this done.

To my SS, I will be picking up mail as soon as we get parked at the campground.

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Re: Friday December 9th 2022

Post by auntjana » Fri Dec 09, 2022 4:59 am

Good morning!

We are almost at the break even point of freezing! Right at 32, don't know tobe warm or cold! I break the tie, it's cold!

It was fun with my little girls yesterday. Aaron stopped over where we pick up Gracie from school. He was on duty at the time. So as we left, i noticted a pair of vehicles, stopped in the street in a odd position. Yup, a rear end accident. So I did what ever good mom, oops, citizen, would do. Called Aaron. He was still parked where we picked up Gracie, about a half block away. So out he came, with his lights flashing to help. Welllll, it wasn't a bad accident, just a bunch of other violations. No license, no insurance, too many people in the car for the number of seat belts. The woman driving the car, that was at fault didn't speak English either. So Aaron called for another officer and they cited the woman. She's never had a license to drive here. So me trying to be helpful, open a can of worms for her. Oh my. Guess the old saying I taught to Aaron fits - if I obey, I'll be happy all day, applies. That came from a story book I'd read to him when he was little.

Karlie gets home early this afternoon and she'll be my cookie helper. Most of my cookie cutters disappeared to Sarah's house, so when I saw some nice ones yesterday they jumped in my basket. I'll hide these from Sarah!

Kari's job stuff took a funny turn. The company actually called her references. And wanted a physical copy of her high school diploma. She graduated almost 23 years ago! And besides that, she's packed up most things while moving here, and not sure if it's at her parent's in California. Add to that, her mom broke her ankle awhile ago and is still in a wheelchair. Well, it's in California and they found it and took a picture and sent that here. All is good. Well, almost. Her mom had to have pins placed in the broken ankle and now one of the pins has moved out of place, requiring a new surgery to re - put it correctly. That will be any day now.

Not much else here,. Oh, forgot, the comedy of the furnace repair. The furnace is all repaired and running well. The scheduler needs help in keeping appointments straight. Yesterday, the company showed up to do the final work on the furnace that was scheduled for this afternoon! Then a second tech showed up and thought it was for work on a tankless water heater. We don't have one of those, well yet. So since the second tech was here, he wrote up a quote for the water heater work, that we have planned for later. It's a great company, they do excellent work, just need a bit of front office help.

Smile, keep warm, stay safe, and most of all have fun!


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Re: Friday December 9th 2022

Post by fabricgirl » Fri Dec 09, 2022 5:04 am

Good morning Everyone,

It's cold out today we have to go out to the Store I need a few things and then its back to clean the things I was suppose to do on Wednesday we did yesterday on Wednesday we had to go down to my son's house his wife had a seizure and fell down the step messing up her right leg and can't use the crutches so I brought down my walker and stayed there for the day and from what I gathered she didn't like my walker so I will be getting my walker back oh well I ment well :lol: she is a princess.
So today I will clean and tomorrow the tree will go up.

Mary Z I will pm directions to you later.
Well I have to fly so we can go to the store.
Have a great day.

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Re: Friday December 9th 2022

Post by velvet » Fri Dec 09, 2022 6:18 am

Good grey morning then rain later today.
Working a QOV small presentation at the Vets Cafe for 8 vets. I'll be holding and helping wrap the vets. That is the best part, being close and seeing eye to eye with small words of "Thank you for your service". It is just amazing.

Mary--the elves talked me into a snow globe panel (actually it was Fran, my DDIL) The shop had a finished wall hanging and she fell in love with it. It is cute and took a short time to sew it. I'll give it to Pat to quilt and hope she can do it for Christmas. Fingers crossed.

Has anyone hear from Becca?

Enjoy the day

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Re: Friday December 9th 2022

Post by maryq » Fri Dec 09, 2022 6:29 am

Hi Girls

Just a fast hello.... my friend Peggy is coming for coffee this morning and Mary Margaret didn't finish cleaning up messes yesterday! And I need a shower or Peg will turn around and go home! p-u !

I'll try to get back later!

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Re: Friday December 9th 2022

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Fri Dec 09, 2022 7:26 am

Good Freezing(33*)Sunny Morning........

It's a crisp, crisp day here. Some uglies to do & phone calls! I want to start Christmas cards. I also so need to do grocery shopping....a pain on the tablet.

Judi......Thank you Santa! You did a great job for me. (((((HUGS))))) Everyone should try to join us next year it's great fun.
You are such a blessing to your family. So are all the Grandparents that help move the DGC around. I often wonder what will happen to my stash/stuff. Sara is the one most likely to want some but how to get it back to TX.

Maryz......Yes! The Zoom opening was fun. I look forward to seeing everyone each year. I think about about Caroline 1948 & her Natalie every once & a while. I do not remember her posting after that. Yes my yeast was old. I tested it again. It dose live in the freezer but I buy it by the pound so it lasts along time. The new yeast tested fine. Very cleaver finding all that extra storage space.

Flo......have fun building the deck.

Lyn.......your right it's important to keep all those documents up dated. I checked mine after I was sick. My DD with POA reminds me I better behave myself because she has the POA....LOL.

Jana.......about this rear end accident, my daily devotion today was about reaping what you sew.

Lois......it was very kind of you to try & help DDIL. Her loss. We appreciate you.

Love & Prayers.........Kathy

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Re: Friday December 9th 2022

Post by fabricgirl » Fri Dec 09, 2022 8:54 am

Jana maybe you can apply for a Job and ask if you can work from home :lol: .

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