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Thursday April 15

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Re: Thursday April 15

Post by womster » Thu Apr 15, 2021 7:54 am

Good morning!

It is indeed shot day for me, and they moved it to an earlier appointment so I will check back in once I get back.

Valerie - a Roku is a box you attach to your tv that allows you to access Netflix, Prime, Britbox, Disney, etc. The streaming services.

Prayers for Lori and Lyn's husbands. xoxo Sharona

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Re: Thursday April 15

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Thu Apr 15, 2021 6:50 pm

Good evening,

Marilyn and I had a blast yesterday. We first went to the grocery store and filled her fridge and cupboards. then went shopping. It was certainly a full day. I left here at 4am and got home at 8pm. She had so much fun spending money. Image

Maryz, I'm here. and I have to say, before I left for Marilyn I was sewing her and her boyfriend a mask. I finished my last stitch using up the last of my bobbin. Thank you for that. bet it took a while to straighten out an overturned storage cart. what a booger that must have been. curious, did it all go back in the cart or did you decide you didn't need it all? Glad your windows are in. I would love new windows, but I would love new flooring and many other things.

Lyn, I will definitely say prayers for Gary. and for you too. hugs

Jana, happy belated 3rd birthday to Miss Lila. hope she squealed with excitement, I love when kids squeal. Churches are open here too. Mask still required but at least you can worship with other people and not feel so isolated in front of the online service.

Sherry, we are so the opposite. You are Rouku, I am Fire stick, you are Godzilla vs King Kong and I am just about any Rom Com, You are Clark Gable, I am Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart.

Maryq, I am so excited for you to get to have your kids back home. As for the fabric, I hear if it's folded properly it makes a great booster seat, Just sayin'

Lori, Hope all is well with your DH, and that he is doing well, as for your mom, hope she gets those beastly men under control. Prayers for both of them, and for you too.

Not much going on here. Still walking. Still dieting. I do have to say you girls steered me right when you suggested the GV amanda jeans. Thanks

Hope you all have a great night,

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Re: Thursday April 15

Post by womster » Fri Apr 16, 2021 12:36 pm

Lois – more rain? I hope it clears out for the weekend. Have fun with your appliqué.

Judi – my DH feels the same was as Nolan. He doesn’t care if he ever goes back there. I bet everyone’s glad the kitchen is almost done. Scalloped borders are so pretty.

Becca – glad you’re having sunshine out your way.

Diane – that’s great news about the flight. Enjoy your family.

Jana – we also woke up to snow. And it’s going to drop down to 10 degrees at night. There go the lilacs.

Maryz – that is crazy about the hummingbird! Good on him for ‘lending a hand’. Not much going on here – DH shoveled me a path to my sewing hole, which I am headed to after I post. That is just awful about your tooth. My dentist told me crowns only last 10 years at the most. I thought they were permanent! Good luck.

Valerie – have a great free sew day.

Vel – I hope you get to some of your outside projects today.

Chriss - I love that picture of Mar! It sounds like you both had a grand time.

Prayers for Lori and Lyn’s DHs and for Kathy and Mary/Rose.

I woke up with a horribly stiff neck and pain radiating from my shot all the way across my back and down my other arm. Plus horrible chills. After my shower and coffee, I went back to bed for about three hours. The cat took care of me – ha! Now I’m right as rain and so grateful to have that second shot behind me. I will be going out to continue sorting and refolding fabric. It is so overwhelming, but I’ve vowed to do a little each day to get it whipped into shape. Have a glorious day! xoxo Sharona

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