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SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, June 30th

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, June 30th

Post by purrfect-lady » Tue Jun 30, 2020 6:08 am

Good morning,

We are cool and cloudy and will be all day. But at least we aren't 100 degrees! We got the laundry done and the house cleaned yesterday and I don't stick to the kitchen floor anymore. Yuck! How can the whole floor get so sticky when I didn't spill anything? Today will be sheets and towels, but that's the only ugly that needs doing. Bill has to take the car in for 30,000 mile service and to have running boards installed so I'll have most of the day to myself and will be working on my Christmas swap blocks.

CHICKIE - you do manage to fill up your days! You really got that Marine quilt whipped out in a flash! Your DD will love it and be so surprised! Bet she snuggles under it every evening, like a hug from her son. What a nice surprise to find the rental lawn mowed! Everywhere Mike and I rented we were always responsible for mowing the grass ourselves. Your renters have you trained well! My friend here has a waterfront home and a big bed of beautiful calla lilies about 3-1/2 feet tall. You would love them!

BECCA - I'm glad you got your H&C system all installed and it's working well for you. I thought you had something like that installed last year. Am I thinking of your generator?

JANA- glad for the rain! I just don't get people setting off fireworks in such dry conditions. Even teenagers should know better. There seems to be no common sense anymore. So how do you take apart a dishwasher? We've never done that, though we were checking it out a month or so ago but didn't see any way to do it. Your meatballs sound like what we see served in restaurants.

LORI - I don't know why I have that little bit of trivia in my brain about Rose of Sharon. Roy (DH#2) had one at his old house so maybe that's why . . . because I'm sure no gardener!! lol! What do Jack and Wrigley think of "Uncle Poodle"? And I bet the cats are a bit indignant. lol!

CAROL - many things have disappeared in the mail, especially since the Covid thing started. My iron is one of them! We ordered an iron in March and tracked it across the country to as close as about 30 miles away and then it disappeared from our radar. The folks at our UPS store where we have our private mail box told us we would be surprised at the amount of packages that go missing in transit. I'm betting they wind up on Craig's List!

Last night we had our roast leftovers simply reheated with mashed potatoes and gravy. REAL gravy. Not spaghetti or enchilada sauce. lol! I've diced up the last of that roast and am going to make pasties for tonite. If I get more than two pasties, I'm going to freeze the extras for another time. We're ready to move on to new food.

How is your supper story going to read?

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, June 30th

Post by FarmChick » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:01 am

Good Tuesday morning! We had a thunderstorm at dawn. It was much ado about no rain—lots of thunder and some lightning. Today we have heat warnings. The humidity is what is dangerous. Walking Choc is on my agenda, and I don’t plan on setting any land speed walking records getting there and back! I’ll have plenty of water with me. It’s only 2 miles RT, but sometimes with the sun beating down, it’s L-O-N-G!

Covid is fed and out with his pals. The cows came up near the house yesterday afternoon, so I got him in to spend the night “at home”. The cows were back this morning, so off he went to play.

Blackberries will be ripe in a few days, and I’ll be making jam this year. I gave SIL six gallons from the freezer from last year that I didn’t get made because I was taking care of Mom and all I got done was pick and freeze. We are down to one small jar.

Today will be binding my quilt and making some Marines masks for the family. Kansas has mandated masks in public at all times starting Friday. I don’t have many scraps, but I’ll get some made! Because of Covid DGS may not be coming home for leave between his Boot Camp/SOI and his MOS. Everyone misses him, and he misses home. But, I want him to be safe!!! I KNOW DD will be snuggling under her throw quilt! I also obtained two different Marines fleece pieces and made her and DGD throws and bound them with satin binding. They will definitely be warm hugs! And, next Friday I’m delivering everything! I think this is one of the first years I’ve had her birthday present finished BEFORE the date

We mow the two duplexes. The tenants in the house mow it. We are now down from two other houses. If we could only divest ourselves of these others…

Mary—I would be in heaven in that calla lily bed!!! That’s like ours in SF. We also had fuchsia TREES, not the puny potted plants you get here that wither in the heat. I’m just in the wrong grow band!

Jana—I love those big meatballs! Know they were awesome!

Carol—I’ve only used Zoom a few times. You lost me at webcam. LOL! Since I retired, I’ve been out of the electronics loop and I’m the IT guy here!!!

Dinner here tonight… I think we still have enough of our Chinese takeout. I NEVER tire of Chinese food. We haven’t had any in several months, so this is really special, and from our favorite place!

Bon appétit!

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, June 30th

Post by Becca » Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:51 am

Hello everyone cool here on 70s & cloudy
Wow I felt relief when I got home today Never been to the place I used for Inspection on car Went fast & I was out & on my way to grocery shop then drug store drive thru There was very few in store I was glad
Maryz We got our generator in December of 2018 yes our unit is great So quiet you can’t hear it It’s a Bosch with 11 yr warrantie They sell so many Co gives them an extra year I V told him it would sure outlast us

Chickie Your life is filled with animals & lots of activity I miss my Pebbles but sure don’t need another job to do
I have never heard of a system like you have Must be something you have out there Here it’s furnace wood stove or heat pump We have used all 3
I’m sorry your DGS won’t get Home Know your DD wants him Home
I love fuchsias I. have never heard of a fuchsia tree Must be beautiful

Got home made lunch Now will do some paper work & fix a birthday gift
We have spaghetti leftovers I’m cooking me some fresh squash I love them Neighbor brought them to me
Have a great day Becca
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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, June 30th

Post by auntjana » Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:52 am

Good afternoon!

Home from Costco - whew! It almost is all put away - all the cold stuff and freezer stuff - labeled and in the correct freezer. Still some dry goods to put away, but they can wait. We are heading out to drop off our ballots for the Utah Primary today. Then back home. And then we can eat a reallly late breakfast or just call it lunch!

It won't be long until the directions to my house no longer will include - turn off the paved road! The last dirt part of the road we use all the time - especially between us and Sarah's is being paved and curbed. Sidewalks too. All because of the kids walking to school needing a safe space to walk. The people on the dirt section have been being buggars about letting the city pave that stretch. We have seen them purposely make huge holes in the gravel dirt roadway, making it almost impassable. The city has tried being nice, and often the city regrades that section, and within a day or so, the holes are back.

Hopefully will be back down here to sew. Dinner was yummy, but I saved the extra in the freezer, for a night I am not in the mood to cook. Since we were at Costco, a lovely fresh bit of mac and cheese, just jumped into the basket - saying take me home! I will add a rice pilaf and salad with it. Oh, the sticker shock at the cash register! More than twice my usual grocery budget. I knew I added a few extras, but the prices are sooooooo high!

Well, time to get going,

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, June 30th

Post by Irishgram » Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:24 pm

Good afternoon from a vey warm, sunny SW. Pa....We are really enjoying summer, temps all week in the very high 80s, low 90s....Of course my grass looks like the middle of summer, hasn't needed mowed for 2 weeks....And just as I wrote that, I heard the mower and he's out there cutting now (and it doesn't need it)......

I'm finally back from my "weekend camping trip"...That really sounds like I was roughing it but this camp has all the luxuries of every day living...And it's in the middle of the woods, which makes it even better....The men went fishing and came home "skunked"...The women played cards and had a great time...Of course we ate, very, very good...The menus are planned ahead, everyone takes a day and everyone takes their favorite snacks and goodies...So, needless to say, we ate, lots!
They are all going back on Thursday for the long weekend but I'm staying home...I loved going but I really don't want to be away from home and of course I don't like to leave BabyGirl...Kevin and the neighbor took excellent care of things but I just "need" to be here.....I do think there will be a few picnics here in the neighborhood and of course Kevin will be firing up the grille......

I've tried to go back and catch up on all the happenings....Sending prayers for those who are in need and there's always a list....

Today is my Kathy's 60th birthday...It's hard to believe my kids are growing up so fast, a couple of them have passed me by already......

I have no idea what might be on my dinner table if anything....

You all have a great rest of the day......

Happy eating.................

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, June 30th

Post by Quilter7 » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:17 pm

My husband was making a cup of tea when I arrived home yesterday from a stop at Target. He looked up and realized one of the hinges had broken from the kitchen cabinet. He quickly went to get the drill and I went to the corner cupboard to retrieve the extra new hinges we have stored. Before eating lunch he took the door off and replaced the new hinged and we got it back up. He shook my hand for the help! I was so surprised, he has never shaken my hand like that before. Later he admitted he didn't know where the extra hinges were stored. So glad he is working from home and was available to fix the door.

Mary - We have had good luck getting our deliveries. A few years ago a package containing new men's shirts went missing. The company replaced them and we got the second delivery.

Tonight's dinner is grilled marinated chicken, mashed potatoes, salad and vegetable.

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