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Sunday June 28th

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Sunday June 28th

Post by grammiequilts » Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:23 am

Good morning it is sunny and bright here. Dont really have anything planned today..I will make sunday gravy for supper and enough leftovers so Ken can pull the old stove out and I can await the new stove on tuesday...if it comes...we have had delivery issues..before...but we are hopeful. I am sure there is cleaning to do behind the old stove.
Yesterday I got the houseplants repotted...I found large pots for less than $5 each and decided I has better get it done..They are still alive today so I guess all is well...Spent most of the day outside. but didnt get to the weeds...that will be thi week. we are not expecting any rain so I will vinegar and epsom salt the weeds that grow in the walk way. and pull the rest...
Today I probably will get down to the LA to quilt the snowmen..It is the last ufo....Cant wait to get er done...Hope you are all having a wonderful day,,,,,Coffee is needed...XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOO

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Re: Sunday June 28th

Post by velvet » Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:37 am

Good morning to all.
Gram- you sounded real busy yesterday. If you have time to do my weeds--let me know. Hope the oven comes on time with no problems.

DH called Frontier about the trip to LI and was told no problem with only staying there for 1 week. When we do get back home, we will stay in for the 2 weeks suggested. I just can't wait to hug my family.
Today I have 1 binding to do. A quick dusting, mop the floors and wash the sheets. So I have the rest of the day to sew.

Enjoy the day.

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Re: Sunday June 28th

Post by purrfect-lady » Sun Jun 28, 2020 6:04 am

Good morning,

The dog wanted an early breakfast, so here I am. When the dog wants something, no one sleeps. Yesterday I made one last batch of jam - apricot/pineapple. I also made another octagonal Halloween table topper. I think Autumn will like it and I really didn't want to give up mine. Today I plan to back and quilt it, and then work on Christmas Swap blocks, wash sticky jam jars, and if no one in his immediate family is going to visit, try to see Albert. The hospital will allow one person a day to visit. But if they move him to rehab this week, I don't think he can have any visitors at all except through a window.

LORI - we've found Costco is often deserted at suppertime.

JANA - are you doing whole Minnie Mouse? just her head? a sillouette? Full features? Will all blocks be identical or will they differ? Fabric? Details, girl!! I need 'em!

MARY Q - What are you working on today?

SHERRY - $35 is a significant savings! I'd drive a ways to get that! We'ren't you making a quilt for John's graduation? Did you finish it? Pattern? Fabric? I like to keep track of what everyone is doing. Motivates my own mojo. And I'm trying to decide on a good pattern for a teenager myself.

JUDI - Is Sunday gravy different from weekday gravy? I hope your stove makes it to your house OK. We got our oven element replaced and all is good now at our house. Can't believe your snowman is ready to be quilted!! And that's your last UFO? Whoopee! Right now my UFO box is empty, too, but the UGRR swap blocks will be rolling in soon - and I did a double set. Plus the Christmas swap has started. So I'll have stuff do do soon. Have fun with your weeds today. I've decided to embrace mine. Who decided some flowers are weeds, anyway??

CHRISS - what's shakin' at your house today?

CINDY - our news is full of the virus in Texas. Are masks required there now? They are here. I don't mind but I'd sure hate to have an all day job where I had to wear them. If plans work out as - well - planned - we will be going to Texas this winter, but not to our usual Corps park which will be under renovations this winter. And since Autumn moved down to Bee Cave we'll be staying in an RV resort closer to her for 6 weeks, then down to south TX for a month, then back to Austin area for a few days before heading home. But we'll see how plans go . . . . You know what they say - we make plans and God laughs.

Have a super Sunday! Make something wonderful today!

mary z

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Re: Sunday June 28th

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Sun Jun 28, 2020 8:10 am

Good Sunny-ish Morning...........

Well I see as I rushed off to answer the door for the plumber I made a posting mistake & it went to the lost post room. A very nice plumber replaced the outside faucet & respectfully told me how to avoid this happening again. Next it's fix the walls & front walk. I'm embarrassed to say yesterday I finally got everything together for my taxes. :( I was afraid to go have them done plus procrastination. It caused a paper explosion in the sewing room. To really get into the file cabinet I need to push the sewing table back. It feels so good to have a super clean-out. I'll finish putting it back together.

I heard back from AnniesCrafts about my too short panels in my "You are My Sunshine" kits. Happy to say they are sending me "new" patterns that correct the problem. The woman I dealt with was very nice & she was the only one I talked too. Happy Quilter here! Can't wait to make them for my girls!

I wanted to make cinn rolls today but I'll put it off to tomorrow, no distractions from the sewing room.
Will take out cat fish out for dinner.
The Hummingbirds(2)are happily using the feeder.
My sister is happy to be working but tired.

Judi.....can we all come over for 'sunday gravy'? I can bring a box of spaghetti. I wish it was easier to clean behind large appliances. That was a good deal on flower pots. A fresh look for the house. I'm going to try boiling water & the tea kettle on my weeds.

Diane.......happy to hear you travel plans went well. Worth home for 2 weeks.

Maryz........your kitchen must look wonderful with all those full jelly jars. I'm sure Autumn will love the topper. Have yo thought about bribing someone at the hospital with some of your jam?

Love & Prayers................Kathy

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Re: Sunday June 28th

Post by auntjana » Sun Jun 28, 2020 8:11 am

Good morning!

Was up off and on most of the night. A idiot, very stupid person, you can't fix stupid, was lighting off fireworks last night, over across the valley from me and started a huge wildfire. So far, evacuations and 1000 acres burned, no homes lost. It is going to be a long, worrisome July for us, where we live. The mountains, right near me, are quite dry and have lots of fuel. Fireworks sales have started and since all public displays are cancelled, everyone will go ape over their own displays, and make matters worse! So, my little voice in my brain, started working on a plan of what to take if we are evacuated. We have irreplaceable pictures that will need to be gathered to a place upstairs that can quickly be put in the Highlander. Everything else can be replaced. Even have a family plan, that we all meet at Matt's for the evac center. Sarah and I have the homes closest to wildfire area. Matt and Aaron's homes are a distance away. We have been through this already, twice and I am not in the mood for a third time! Of everything, fireworks need to be outlawed! OK, enough of my soapbox. Thanks for letting me rant.

So my day will be looking in my storage boxes to make a determination of what to take.

Minnie Mouse quilt will be just a silhouette of her head with a bow. I ordered the black for that, white for the background block. A red and white dot for the bow. The red and white dot will be the sashing and the back of the quilt. It will be a 12 block quilt layout. A little bit oversize than a lap, but not a twin size. Big enough to lay on Karlie's bed, but still small enough to be drug around. All my kids love to drag around their quilts to wrap up in.

We are still doing Church at home, but looking at when we feel the ability to attend in person. Masks in my county are now required in all public places. We picked up groceries yesterday and then watched to see how well, people abided by the new rules. The greater majority did. We watched and only saw one person without a mask. Praying that this will get a handle back on our numbers here in Utah.

Stay Safe!

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Re: Sunday June 28th

Post by zfatcat » Sun Jun 28, 2020 9:28 am

Jana, sorry to hear you didn't sleep because an idiot started a fire. We hate fireworks.
They are so dangerous and people are careless when lighting them off.

Maryz, Costco is always busy here. We have tried all different days and hours. Holiday time is usually busy, but the lines move fast because they have so many people working.

We we are off to walk the boys at the park. I finished quilting the top yesterday, so I just need to cut some binding and put it on. I will make a label as well.

Have a wonderful day.
Lori 8-)

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