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SUPPER CLUB - Saturday, June 27

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Saturday, June 27

Post by purrfect-lady » Sat Jun 27, 2020 7:05 am

Good morning,

We have a light rain this morning, off and on. and cooler temps - only in mid 60's today. Refreshing! Yesterday was all about the jam. I made a total of 7 batches - raspberry, strawberry, hot pepper. Today will be one more batch - apricot/pineapple. Then I'm done until the big blackberries come on in late July or August. I'll make 2 more batches then. Most of it is to give away - some for Christmas gifts, some just to share. And boy, is my kitchen sticky! Made me think of CHICKIE'S kitchen after her baking marathon last week.

As for sewing - TINA started her annual Christmas swap and I'm excited to join that. I join most of the swaps, but Christmas is always my favorite and so fun! Hope to nail down a block today. Also, I want to make a few more octagonal table-toppers for different holidays and start thinking about a purple quilt for a Christmas gift. Lots of things swirling around in my mind. Like JANA's squirrels!

Our friend, Danny, is doing well. I talked to him yesterday and he was joking and sounded like he always does. They were going to move him out of ICU. Albert, on the other hand, sounded tired, breathless, and discouraged. I think the reality of his situation is setting in - like it is for all of us. Gene is doing OK in AK and manages to get a break from his wife with Alz once a month or so when his son comes and stays at the house. But she is declining steadily. A break for him is an overnight run to Beaver Creek, Yukon in his semi, taking a load of whatever needs to be hauled. He knows that Alaska Highway like I know my driveway.

JANA - I think your Minnie quilt will be purrfect for Karlie! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Nice for Sarah's DH to have that test done and over with!

BECCA - Big plans for your yard! Why are you cutting down the azaleas? I only have one - a white one. We're mostly rhodies here - about 20 of them.

ROSEBUD - 11 hours is a long time to work so hard! I hope your day is shorter today. But every hour worked is that much closer to retirement, right?

IRISH is gone for the weekend with her sister and gang. Hope she is having a nice getaway.

I only have a clue about supper tonite. We do have a marinated tri-tip from Costco in the fridge. I actually have never tried a tri-tip, unless it used to be called by another name. Then maybe I did. So we might have that and perhaps a baked potato. We have everything for salads, too, though I could do green beans or peas. We'll see . . .

I hope you have more supper ideas than I do!

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Saturday, June 27

Post by FarmChick » Sat Jun 27, 2020 9:09 am

Good Saturday morning! We had rain here shortly after I fed Covid and let him go with his pals to the pasture. Some of his friends were already in the yard looking for him to come out and play. DH really needs to do some fence fixing! I’m not sure we got much rain, but any little bit helps the crispy pastures.

Mary Rosebud—That’s sweet of you to do a comfort quilt for your co-worker, and flowers are perfect! That’s a long day! I used to work 10-hour days on our summer schedule. I would do anything to have Friday’s off, including working 10-hour days. I always wished we could do it year around.

Jana—I had different “grandkids” today. I was drinking my coffee when the doggy door opened and in popped Deuce. Not much later, in popped Tillie. They are DS1’s daughters’ dogs. They girls are gone, so the dogs went looking for companionship. Deuce is less than 10# and Tillie has only 3 legs. They live 2 miles away. It’s amazing they pop in every so often, though Tillie has been coming less. I’m sure she has a hard time of it. So… I packed them up and took them back home. I think they just come to see grandma, get some treats and have a ride home. Who is trained here???

MaryZ—sorry to hear Albert is nearing the end of his fight. I hope he will be comfortable. Glad to hear he has a facility to take him. The virus is starting to invade retirement and nursing homes here in the area including our county. We may be getting our peak before too long. DH also informed me that since I have A blood type that I’m more susceptible to a hard case of the virus. I’m being super careful! That’s a LOT of jam!!! Yes, I know what your kitchen is like! Good to hear Danny is doing well!

Becca—how neat that everyone looks after you, and they should! Not everyone is that fortunate. We are here, too. In fact DH just took 4 new tires to DS1 to have him remove the old tires and mount the new ones for him. He has the equipment, and since it rained he has some extra time.

Jana—I seem to have a lot of squirrels here, too. I downloaded Mary’s table topper from All People Quilt, and I ordered and received today the Cherry Pickin’ ruler from QIAD. My mind runs way faster than I can keep up! My DD loves cake donuts with pink glaze! When I was a struggling single mom, we didn’t have food money, and I would bring home the leftover donuts from the break room for our supper and her breakfast. The pink ones were always left over. She thought they were treats and donuts for supper were pretty cool. Thankfully her baby sitter fixed the big meal for lunch, and DD always had nourishing meals there.

Dinner here will be pizza, I think, and salad.

I’ll be in my sewing room! Bon appétit!

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Saturday, June 27

Post by Quilter7 » Sat Jun 27, 2020 10:17 am

Hi Everyone,
Mary - You have me looking at the magazine at the table runner!

If anyone is interested there is a virtual Quilt Show from June 25-29: https://www.quiltfest.com/upcoming-show ... -festival/

Guess I didn't succeed at linking it so copy and paste. It is available 24/7. Free, but are asking for a donation and there are vendors. Enjoy!

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Saturday, June 27

Post by zfatcat » Sat Jun 27, 2020 11:01 am

Carol, the link works.

Mary, so about Albert. He did put up a good fight. I'm thinking about the Christmas swap. I still haven't put my blocks together from last year. You sure were busy making jam. I bet it smelled wonderful in you kitchen.

Chickie, funny about your granddoggies coming to visit. I guess they just wanted to see grandma. I go up to my sons house to watch the dogs when he's on vacation. I just love those cute dogs. Wish he lived closer so they could play with Jack and Wrigley. They've gotten together a few times, and it's always fun.

Well the boys are walked. I made up some blueberry muffins for breakfast. They were quite yummy with fresh berries I got at the farmer's market on Thursday. I need to vacuum up the kitty and dog fur, then finish up quilting a top. I only did a little bit last knight. There seems to be so many things to do during the day. Still trying to adjust to FIL. A lot of extra cleaning.

For dinner I'm going to make Enchiladas and Spanish rice. I was going to make this the other day, but I was tired and just didn't feel like it.

Have a lovely day.
Lori 8-)

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Saturday, June 27

Post by auntjana » Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:35 pm

Good afternoon!

Just put away the milk run groceries. And the prescriptions. Shortly heading to the Batt Cave.

Mary - you were a jam making machine! Sarah made me strawberry last year and I still have a couple of jars.

Chickie - good that the granddogs know the way. That is quite a distance for little dogs.

Carol - thanks for the link.

Lori - oh your dinner sounds so yummy!

Here, we are still on leftovers. Plus a new one. You see, Michael was getting something out of the freezer, moved a corner bed, forgot to put it back, so it thawed and I found it in the knick of time, still cold, and cooked it. So we now will add corned beef sandwiches to the leftovers. Very strange mix of food here.

Matt and family are heading home from camping today. The other night, Crenda opened a can, and proceeded to slice open her index finger on the can, as well. 8 stitches later, in the finger on the pad, near the top. They spent about 3 hours in the ER in Park City. So now the older kids and Matt are on feeding/cleaning duty for a few days. Matt will have a dirty duties schedule for them, just like they were at a scout camp. Knowing Matt, it will be enforced, and the consequences will be no dinner. They will learn quick! No dinner because there would be no dishes to eat off of or a pan to cook in. Matt can cook very well, so that is not a problem. His kids have been driving him nuts with the I am entitled syndrome, so this may be a blessing in disguise in helping the kids learn.

Well, time to head to the Batt Cave - playtime!


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Saturday, June 27

Post by Becca » Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:55 pm

Hello everyone been a cooler day here
Maryz You are the jam making champ Yum yum on the strawberry & blackberry
We have 10 azaleas around house on side & 10 more in 2 beds all those 10 come off those Two big ones he’s taking down Too over grown
My SIL went off dialysis after 2 weeks She died in 11/2 days She said she didn’t want to live that way
Praying for Albert & Gene Too bad someone cant help Gene more

Chickie Your Granddogs are funny That is a long way for small dogs 🐕
Your treats must be grand

Lori There is extra cleaning & laundry But you will never be sorry for what you do

Jana Good that Matt can step in to cook
Our Son left our freezer open when he was a boy
Laundry got done CAs meds for week & DGS FaceTimed Our Saturday routine
Got my walk in after lunch because we are so cool We are having banned salad & baked potato Becca

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