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SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, May 21

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, May 21

Post by purrfect-lady » Thu May 21, 2020 5:21 am

Good morning,
Where is the month going? Another 9 day and it will be June! We're in for a rainy day today. Going to take "Perry" (our new car) and break him in with a big Costco shopping trip and a follow up run through Safeway. We'll see how much of a punch this car can take! lol!

Yesterday I got my second set of Spring Swap blocks together finally. Whew! The UFO box is empty once again! My crazy blocks are ongoing so you can't count that! And it's going to be going on for a long while. :D

JANA - Glad Michael is making you some money. You can stockpile it and then make a run for the fabric stores when they finally open! I would be very nervous about church services, too. Car color is usually never a problem for us. Neither of us like white, black, or any shade of grey. Our pick-up is red with an American flag graphic on both sides. This car is a cherry red which I love. I would also have been happy with RAV's bright turquoisy blue. I think our car is between the Highlander and the RAV for size - purrfect! Exactly what we wanted. Though it's a real stretch for me to get into it. Bill is talking about getting running boards put on. When did I become such an old lady??

LORI - Do you have bedroom furniture for FIL or will you need to scrounge some up? Furniture stores here are still closed. I bet your boys loved the park! Our dog park is about 15 fenced acres of woods with tons of trails, a few hills, a stream with bridges, and an open area for good games of frisbee, and off leashe. Dogs LOVE it! Gosh - I love it!! Lots of rabbits and squirrels to chase. (the dogs, not me). But I believe it's closed right now so we walk the paved bike trails or nearby neighborhoods. Oh, and I have to ask - Why an Airstream? Have you looked through them - and other brands? Chriss's parents have one but I don't think they've been using it much because of her mom's health issues.

BECCA - sounds like you've been riding in style! I love the look of Ford Escapes. Me - I'd drive a car until the tires fell off. I get attached to them. I'm going to miss Bluebell. :cry: Your breads are making my mouth water. I've been baking bread and think of you each time I put a plain old white into the oven. When will Denise be there?

The taco pizza last night was really good! Bill raved over it. Homemade crust - partially pre-baked. Salsa, hamburger cooked in taco seasoning, sliced olives, diced onion, sun-dried tomatoes, Mexican blend cheese. When it was done I topped it with shredded lettuce. And there's enough left for tonite!

What are you thinking of for your supper?

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, May 21

Post by Irishgram » Thu May 21, 2020 6:59 am

Good morning from a gorgeous, sunny, getting warmer, SW. Pa....We have been told or had rain in the forecast for 4 days and in 4 days, haven't had a drop...It's been a little chilly and windy but I think we're on our way to summer......
I've been trying to post but lost them a couple times so I gave up..I have also tried to read and keep up with all you gals, just not sure what happens to my posts.....

Mary, so happy to hear about the new car and hope it gives you many, many safe miles...And, I don't think you've become an old lady, I think they keep making the cars/trucks much higher...I often think I need to carry a little step stool with me, especially when I try to get in the kid's trucks...But, I do like the idea of sitting up higher...AND the color, perfect...I had a fellow stop and ask what I put on Ruby to keep her so nice and shiny and in truth, Ruby doesn't even get a bath and now sits out so it has to be the color....
Did I see your UFO bin is empty????That's unheard of, how can that be? And, it is hard to believe another month is almost gone...I think because we really didn't have Easter and now probably won't have Memorial Day, it's hard to think of it being almost June....Oh well, maybe we'll have a longer summer...
I talked to Kathy and we've decided to call off the beach trip until maybe Fall, which was fine with me...I really, really had a problem with going, more so, with leaving Baby Girl...

Jana, I agree about getting back to church...we still have quite a few new cases of the virus, every day, and it really is scary...It's hard to look around, see everything looking fairly normal and then wondering if it really is...I just hope and pray, everyone will still take precautions until it really is safe to be normal....I like Mary's idea about stockpiling those $$ for a fabric run...I keep thinking how much we're all going to appreciate being able to actually go in a store and feel that fabric......

Becca, Hope all is ok in your neck of the woods...Is this the week you're getting company? So much excitement, happy times......Most of the time, Jim was in charge of getting the car...Always have to laugh when he decided to get me a new one...He picked me up at work, dropped me off at the dealership and that was it...He had done all the paper work, I just needed to sign my name and pick up the keys BUT, I had no idea what I was getting...When it was time to actually drive it away, I had to ask, which one was mine....Then I got it home and he asked if I had checked it out, so I opened the hood and looked and said, yep, it's all there...What did I know, as long as I had gas, turn the key and it started, I was OK...Now, being alone is a different story, I can make a deal with the best of them, lol.....

Lori, I really do think it's awesome that you are making a home for your FIL...Of course it's going to be different, a change in the routine but you'll be rewarded in so many ways.....Keep them close as long as you can.....Hope your day is good.....

Hopefully today, I'll get outside and play in the dirt....My neighbor is really putting me to shame with her gorgeous yard..I was kind of hoping she'd just keep extending her yard into mine but I think she's done....So, I bit the bullet and went to the Greenhouse and loaded up on stuff....Now to do the digging...I did start the other night and of course the neighbor was out, we started talking, then another neighbor came along and that was the end of my digging...I do need to get to the cemetery and take care of Jim's grave..Jim and I used to take care of quite a few of his relative's graves but now, I'll just put some artificial flowers on those...The VFW will be placing flags on all the Vets graves again this year but we won't be having the parade and ceremony.....

As for dinner, I might have a burger on the grill, if Kevin decides to bring my grill over...When I dropped it off, DGS was there with Emma....I've had pictures but that's the 1st I've seen her in about a month and can't believe how big she's getting...And she is the picture of Cindy, her late grandma....Cindy would be so excited with this little one.....

Well, off to play in the dirt....Neighborhood is still so quiet, everyone must really be sleeping in.....

You all have a great day....

Happy eating................

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, May 21

Post by auntjana » Thu May 21, 2020 8:34 am

Good morning!

Mary - one of the best buttons on the car is is tush warmer. I thought I would never use that button, but it is the best thing here in snow country! Great name too, but my Perry was a black cat.

Irish - so good to see you! Glad the trip has been put off until fall. It will be much better then.

Haven't heard much from Aaron. He was dealing with a motorcycle accident on Saturday and the rider had COVID. He only handled the bike for a second, but is staying away for awhile. He is fine so far.

Dinner - had enough to put away 2 containers in the freezer and enough for tonight. More playtime!

Not much new here. Heading to the Batt Cave.


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, May 21

Post by Becca » Thu May 21, 2020 9:31 am

Hello everyone another cloudy rainy day here off& on
Maryz Denise called this morning They were coming on Monday but since it’s a Holiday they are coming later in week
Bring more food They must think we starve
Lol Oh the joys of new cars I like the simple ones but that isn’t available now
Irish You are early today Glad you got to have a chat with neighbors At least you see other people That’s a plus
Jana Those warmers would be great on cold days & you have those Hope yourMeetings goes well Sunday is our first day open too
I saw on Facebook where a church in Mississippi was burned because they had a meeting Someone burned it & wrote on it
So sad
It’s hummer feeding time They eat it so fast Got all the beds cleaned & sanitized & bathrooms When you get home with anything it takes so long to put biting with all the cleaning you do
I will finish my uglies today & Do my book work
I’m grilling burgers & making twice baked potatoes I didn’t get made the other day
Still goodies Becca

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, May 21

Post by zfatcat » Thu May 21, 2020 6:45 pm

Mary, the room for FIL is the guest bedroom, so it is furnished. I had all my sewing stuff in the closet, but that has been moved. Your dog park sounds amazing. I sure hope to get up that way some day with my boys. Taco pizza actually sounds pretty good.

Irish and Becca, you are very kind. I'm just doing what I think anyone would do for family.

Irish, I need to get out and play in the dirt. I bought some Italian parsley, basil, and a tomato plant today. So I'll need to find a place to put them. I have basil, but it's already going to seed.

Becca, I don't put feeders out for the humming birds, but we have lots of flowers they feed off of. They fly right next to my window where there is Jasmine. I love watching them go from flower to flower for the nectar.

My smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector both went bad this afternoon. So off I went to Home Deport and got new ones and installed them. Scared poor Wrigley. He doesn't like loud noises.

Well I finished up the room last night. I didn't do any moving or cleaning today. I did make the flight arrangements. That was tricky with the separate flights and the dog. I'm sure it will all work out. Tomorrow I need to see about getting a bed. He likes a twin, so we'll get rid of the queen and then a chair will fit in the room as well. I'm flying out on the 2nd, so it's coming right up.

For dinner I had leftover chicken and salad with avocado. It was quite yummy. I might have a little ice cream for dessert later.

Have a lovely evening.
Lori 8-)

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, May 21

Post by rosebud3 » Thu May 21, 2020 7:42 pm

Supper here tonight was cheese and grapes for me. Charles ate leftovers from earlier in the week.

I'm ready to find my bed and collapse.


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