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Post by Ittybittygma » Wed May 20, 2020 11:37 am

Hi everyone, thank you so much for prayers for Rod's sister, Gloria. Had surgery yesterday afternoon. Just sent msg that will be in hosp til weekend at least and then home with a nurse coming in to help. Has to make sure she can go to bathroom before discharging her.

I sent out the following in an email to all my family today so just copied and pasted it here. Your prayers mean so much to us when times are rough but know you are there praying for our family and their needs. May God bless you all today and all your tomorrows too. May He keep you all safe, and healthy, and happy. Prayers for your families and needs today too. Shirley Mae and Rod too


Rod’s sis, Gloria, is doing ok this am. Rod texted her and ask how she was. She said “as good as can be expected”. They did find a blockage in her intestine and took out a large pc of her intestines yesterday afternoon. The dr said another two hrs and it probably would have ruptured. Glad they caught it in time. Rod hasn’t tried to call her, prob has tubes in her and not able to talk. At least we know she is ok. Thank you for all the prayers and encouraging words.

Need prayers for someone else now. My old neighbor in KCMO, Shirley, is in the hosp. She had a stroke yesterday. She went to groc store and someone noticed that she was having trouble walking and slurring her words. They wanted to call 911 but she said no, call my dtr. Marie went and got her and she wanted to go home. It got worse as they drove so Marie called 911 when they got her back home. Had trouble getting out of car and into house and slurring words was getting worse.

Of course they won’t let Marie in to see her but the drs are keeping her posted. Said it was a mild stroke and does have a small blood clot on the left side of brain so affects arms and legs on rt side. I am so glad I had Shirley’s dtr’s phone #. A old neighbor had called and said she saw an ambulance put Shirley inside but she was awake and waved at her. So neighbors called me to see if I had heard from anyone. They thought maybe she had fallen.

Marie told me a short time ago she has talked to her mom on the phone and still slurring words but can understand her. Lots more tests to run to see how bad the stroke was. Dr called while I was talking to her, so she said she would call back later. Please keep her in your prayers too today.We shared a garage with her and were the best of friends. Thank you for your prayers.

Oh, and neighbor came over today to tell me he just found out his youngest brother in his 50’s has cancer. It has spread all over his body and prob won’t make it. Poor neighbor was so upset when he told me. Need prayers there too. The guy’s name is Jerome.

Guess we need to be more grateful for what we do have right now, could be a lot worse when we look around at others. God bless you today and always, Prayers for all your needs today too. Shirley & Rod

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