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Wednesday March 25,2020

Daily discussions.
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Wednesday March 25,2020

Post by fabricgirl » Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:27 am

Good morning and Happy Hump Day

Today after our food shopping run I will come home and sew I managed to get elastic on ebay yesterday my Granddaughter Olivia also found 10 yrds and I still have about 3 yrds left so I'm good I made 10 yesterday and will continue today it make me feel good to be doing something to help.

I hope Everyone has a Great Day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Wednesday March 25,2020

Post by velvet » Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:55 am

Good morning to all.

Lois- hope you get whatever you're shopping for. Yesterday DH hit Costco at 8 am for the "older shoppers" Limits on toilet paper and cleaning products. But the racks were full with most of the usual items. Even at times like this, those darn elves put items into the cart that were not on the list. One of these days, GRR!

Staying home and hoping other people do the same. So far none of quilting women have the virus. So it seems we're sewing at home rather than being out.

Some of the states are a total mess. My kids and grands are Long Island NY and the city has been hit hard. So many states has numbers jumping each morn. I pray that everyone will listen and start to take this serious. Did you see the beach parties in Florida? Cops should have fined them all.

Keep safe

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Re: Wednesday March 25,2020

Post by billizzy » Wed Mar 25, 2020 4:34 am

good morning all. Poor DH came home sick Monday from work. Of course we took precautions and quarentined him to our bedroom. I was like washing down anything he touched with lysol. Turned out just bad sinus attack. He mowed sunday afternoon for first time. poor thing. He went back to work today. I have stripped bed and am washing everything this morning. I made him keep a window open in there so cool air would come in ventilate and kill germs. Poor man froze first night he said :lol: But he got better quicker :)

I have been sewing into wee hours. I slept downtstairs so now got to strip that bed too and clean my office back up. lol I posted some pics of projects I finished

Just in case you need a project LOL I got email for this the other day :)https://www.shopriversedge.com/quarantine-mystery-quilt

I switched out machines and started using my featherweight OMG I love how it sews. I am now seeing why there is such a buzz to have one. she just purrs. I have learned how to do basics. today need to oil her up. Do you girls oil yours daily, weekly, what . My book says if sew a lot do so daily. wow.

Stores here are limiting items for people to one of anything they purchase per household. OUR shelves are still really bare. Our state went from 30 cases to 127 in the week, just to increase more daily which they said would happen once test results came out. One of my quilty ladies here was tested 2 weeks ago and still no results but she is feeling much better.

I had email from quilt shop on those masks. they are using binding for the ties. Stated that the washing and sanitizing would hurt the elastic over time.

Nothing new here. Momma is getting more forgetful. She told me yesterday she got up at 3 to pee and stepped into water. She left sink running and stopper in all night in her bathroom OMG so we will head there this weekend to assess damages. She said didnt go into bedroom wood floor. How thats possible IDK. I told DH i bet ran under it and she just doesnt realize it. Hes gonna go under house to check floor joists too. UGH

Well nothing else new. I am still waiting to see what NM does on school closures. Rosebud and Tina what up there. When they did shut downs your state didnt even have a case yet. How is it now. Be safe.

Hope you all stay safe in sewing rooms. Hugs prayers and happy stitching.
:D izzy

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Re: Wednesday March 25,2020

Post by grammiequilts » Wed Mar 25, 2020 4:43 am

Good morning It is another day of shelter in place...here I am keeping busy. Ken is gone to the rink to babysit his building,,,The fire marshall gave him a list of things that need to be corrected and he will keep busy doing that. My son who had his company shut down is delivering groceries for the store across the street, at least it is something to do...mostly he makes tips. and a few dollars for gas it is a lot of seniors who are afraid to go out. I made a bunch of tie masks last night have a few more cut out. hoping the eleastic comes in soon. The tie ones are well recieved here since they can be sterilized. Elastiic doesnt hold up very well... well I need coffee and toast to fuel my day of more sewing a bit of laundry too.might have to do some chores I have been sewing and not cleaning,,,lol..stay well and safe...XXXXXXXXOOOOOOO

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Re: Wednesday March 25,2020

Post by suzette58 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 4:46 am

Good morning everyone.
We have to go to the store either tomorrow or Friday. I am dreading it. Today I will continue sewing on the Halloween quilt. This morning I was reading the things people had posted on my newsfeed. I cannot believe what people are writing to make themselves feel better then others. One person wrote that people who make jokes about her job are going to realize it isn’t so funny when they are the only ones with a paycheck going in the bank. It really bothers me. I have never talked about how much I was paid or how much we have in the bank. Oh well, I am getting off my soapbox now. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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Re: Wednesday March 25,2020

Post by FlorenceM » Wed Mar 25, 2020 5:24 am

Things are crazy out there!
Last Friday my baby sister had a mastectomy for same cancer I had. Spoke with her & her new hubby last night. She is doing well. Her new hubby is a doll. They were only dating & he sent to doc & biopsy with her. Then he insisted they get married before surgery, so he arranged a private church wedding for them a few days before her mastectomy. With her cancer all 3 if us girls have had a double mastectomy for cancer...
Billie glad your hubby is better. Sorry about your mom's troubles.
Staying home today.

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Re: Wednesday March 25,2020

Post by Becca » Wed Mar 25, 2020 5:37 am

Good morning everyone sunny here after 2 days of rain & thunder & lightening

Suz This brings out the worst & best in people I read Generations that follow us will read about how we handled this So it was important to make the best of it

Izzy Sure sorry your Mom is declining GladDH is doing better

Diane Staying inside is best Our DGS & his wife in NY are house bound now for 11/2 weeks Both of them have been exposed by coworkers

Lois Stay safe & sew on your projects

I made masks & will give them to Pallative care when she comes Sure she will find a place they are needed

Stay safe & know God is in control Becca

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Re: Wednesday March 25,2020

Post by auntjana » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:05 am

Good morning!

Guess what I have - snow! It is still falling. Just what we need! But at least it makes everything look pretty!

Not much new here. A quick wipe down, and then head to Batt Cave. I have some organizing ideas floating through my brain.


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Re: Wednesday March 25,2020

Post by cindyg » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:05 am

Hi girls. Don is doing OK. Next chemo is next week. He's having a bad time with allergies.

Did I tell y'all that Leslie and Mariana (nieces) had Covid19? They are fine now but exposed my sister, her husband, her grandson and son so they are grounded for 2 weeks. They'll be set free this Sunday.

Gotta run.

Have fun fondling your fabrics. :P

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Re: Wednesday March 25,2020

Post by purrfect-lady » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:30 am

Good morning,

I see Prince Charles has now tested positive for the virus. I bet they are really protecting the queen and Prince Philip.

BECCA - I hadn't thought about it (too much to think about these days!) but you're right - just like the specials we've been watching recently on the Spanish flu and other pandemics, future generations will be studying this one and how we handled it. Praying you and CA stay safe.

JANA - I love the idea of making cheerful signs for front windows for others to read. It's in that vein of spirit that we turned on our Christmas lights. Our house isn't visible from the road for signs in windows but the lights shine bright through the trees and look cheerful. I bet your snow looks so bright and clean - a pretty sight.

CHRISS - How is Jerry coping with being at home? And how are you coping NOT being at home? Thanks for raising me a few rungs on the indispensible ladder. Be safe at work.

CINDY - I think we're all hankering for a Don Report. We've all become family here - Sisters in Quilting - so that makes him our DBIL! Are you still working? - oops! Just hit refresh and there you are! Glad Don's OK but sorry for the cedar fever attacks. Is he working at all? Sorry your sis el al are now in-house. Hope all is well with them.

KATHY - your sister is washing her windows! Well, that IS crazy! lol! Is her restaurant open for take out? We did Italian take-out last night. It was their normal 1/2 price wine night so we even got a bottle of wine to take home. Are your itchies better today?

IZZY - sorry to hear that your mom is slipping. It's just as well you don't have your NM students to work with now - your plate seems to be 'overflowing'. Glad your DH is better. That mystery pattern is nice and thanks for posting the website!

FLO - prayers for your sis. Sounds like she found herself a keeper!

SUZ - I like to think that the majority of people are coping more nicely than the one you mentioned. Sadly, the negative-minded are the ones who "get the press". You could wear gloves when you go shopping. Bill wears them to pick up our mail at the UPS store.

JUDI - I'm sure all your son's customers are so grateful to him! Our grocery stores are begging for delivery drivers, too. They say they will interview you through glass doors! It's something Bill would do but he's 71 and therefore considered -um - (looking around here to make sure he's not reading over my shoulder :shock: ) 'elderly.

DIANE - I hope all your family in NY stays safe.

LOIS - I'm glad you found elastic. Mine was shipped 2 days ago so hope it will be here soon. I am going to try making some with ties while I'm waiting. I've made 21 so far. I average about 5 masks per hour. My family wanted some and the rest will be going to our veterinary hospital.

MARY Q - I haven't heard that your state is under a stay-home order yet, but it probably would be best to act as if it is. Can you find something to sew? ;)

I was going to cancel my eye appt for today but they called me first. My blood donation appt was also cancelled (by them). I will keep my chiro appt this morning for my neck. We're good on groceries for quite a while so other than getting our mail and a restaurant order about once a week (in same trip out) we'll be home for the duration. My walking buddy and I even decided that we'll take our daily walks with our hubbies instead of each other for a while. When I'm not sewing masks, I have a Mickey/Minnie Love quilt to work on. But today will be a mopping, vacuuming, furniture polishing, kind of day around here.

Stay home, stay safe, stay well.

Mary Z

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