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Friday February 14,2020

Daily discussions.
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Friday February 14,2020

Post by fabricgirl » Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:10 am

Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day

Today is ww and after that will be back home I did finally layered my quilt and it came out really nice maybe this afternoon will go out for lunch my son is stopping in after his dr.apt because he is on 2:30 - 10:30
and it doesn't pay for him to go back home.

Cindy I'm so sorry about Don's new know that I'm praying for you both.
Janna sorry I missed your birthday happy birthday I hope you had a nice day.
Mary a sorry about your plans being canceled Happy Anniversary to you and Bill.
Izzy I hope things get better for you it's never easy caring for parents.

Well that's all my news enjoy the day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Friday February 14,2020

Post by suzette58 » Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:12 am

Good morning and Happy Valentine’s Day.
Not much going on here. I do have some uglies to get done. A couple trips up Mt. Washmore. So that means some sewing as well. So that is not so bad. While I am quilting the wall hanging I am trying to decide what to work on next. It’s not like I don’t have anything to do. I did see on Facebook that the Brown Bag Mystery quilt is coming up. So that is something. I enjoy working on that. On Monday they are supposed to release the list of shops that are participating. I hope everyone has a great day.

Lois - enjoy your day

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Re: Friday February 14,2020

Post by billizzy » Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:30 am

happy Valentine’s Day all. Was going to movie night at church with hubby but now staying home. Working on mom and meds, she asked me 4times for her pills in afternoon.kept reminding her not til bed time. Gonna take her some time to get use to schedule. Also got antibiotic in the box which throws her. Complains about having to stay here. My dis came to pick up lil man and she kept telling him she’s going home. She will get someone to pick her up. Lol no one knows where I live that she knows. Lol :lol:

Do face timed me lil man used potty. Woo hoo. That will be nice to not have diapers.
No sewing here. Miss my room.

Cindy you’re in my prayers.
Chriss I understand not getting here every day. Sometimes I think I post then 🤔 nope forgot again.
Mary yeah beach at 40 degrees and rain won’t be missed. So are you making drive bigger. We want to pave ours this year too.

Well gotta run. Hugs and prayers to all.
:D izzy

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Re: Friday February 14,2020

Post by grammiequilts » Fri Feb 14, 2020 4:29 am

Good morning It is so cold today we are at 7 coldes t I think we have been. I do have to go out unfortunately..Kids are off school today and Jeff has to work from home...He is so high strung that that will not work...So I will go get the kids and bring them to my house. they can sit around here and do absolutely nothing anf I dont care...it is afterall their day off...I have laundry to do. so I just hang with them///First to the grocery store for snacks and lunch food. they dont get up this early.

I am still plugging away at the VC quilt. ripped out the row from you know where, and resewn now to get this top assembled...Basement is cleaned and mopped so Annabelle is ready to sew.

Hope you all have a gret day,,,Prayer going for Cindy Don Izzy and her mom . Happy belated Birthday to Jana and prayers for all who are needing them today...XXXXXXXXXOXXOXXOOOOXXXOOX

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Re: Friday February 14,2020

Post by Becca » Fri Feb 14, 2020 5:00 am

Good morning everyone sunny here for a nice change We have had so
Much rain We are soggy

Cindyg Praying for you & Don

Izzy Praying for you as you are dealing with your mom Great little man will use potty always good news

Lois Enjoy your DSs visit

Judi Sounds like the kids will be better at your place You can’t expect them to be quiet Great they have you close

Suz I too will be doing Mt Washmore

Sharona Where are you Praying you are not sick orDH

I even got my walk in yesterday we were so warm at 60 Now in low 20s
Hope your day goes smooth. Becca

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Re: Friday February 14,2020

Post by velvet » Fri Feb 14, 2020 5:41 am

Good morning to all the Valentines out there.
CindyG-so sorry to hear DHs medical issues. You are both in my prayers.
Valerie- Laura is a total dangerous mess if she takes pain killers. She sees and hears things. Her stomach turns on her. She loses days and remembers nothing. The procedure is very painful and only a handful of patients do not take sedation. The strength she has is amazing to me. She suffers all the time. For a short while the right side of her back will be okay BUT her left side will need to be done in a month or so.
I have QOV today at the vets cafe and need to get my day started.

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Re: Friday February 14,2020

Post by purrfect-lady » Fri Feb 14, 2020 5:44 am

Good morning and Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

JUDI - Have fun with the grandkids today. Sorry your quilt hasn't been the joy you were hoping for. Some quilts are like that, though. I made one about ten years ago and by the time I finished it I HATED it so much I threw away the pattern!

IZZY - Your mom is really confused about her meds. Do you think it might help if she learned to write in a log every time she takes them?

LOIS - what does your son do that he is on a 4-hour shift? Are you going to start quilting today?

BECCA - it's been wild weather for most of the nation, I think. We still have half of our back-yard lake and squish when we walk on the grass that isn't under water. Glad, though, you got in a walk. How far do you usually walk? I got a Fitbit for Christmas and hit 11,000 steps yesterday for the first time.

DIANE - I can't imagine what your sister goes through. There are so many different kinds of meds out there - pain meds, sedation meds, local meds. You would think there would be something she could take. How often does she have to have this procedure?

SUZETTE - Well, if you are casting about for your next project, you can listen to Lori, like I did. "Put all your orphan blocks together in one quilt", she said. "It'll be fun", she said. "A great quilt", she said. I thought it sounded like a great idea, so got out my tote of blocks, and it was like opening a can of fake snakes! I kept finding more and more blocks, parts, pieces, strips, etc. I think I have enough for about 6 quilts! And I have one more tote of nothing but various sized squares, 7" and under that I forgot about until this moment . Now to try to fit everything all together. So, yes, you can listen to Lori for ideas on your next quilting project. Or you can go for that brown bag mystery! What to do, What to do ?....... :lol:

CHRISS - I can't believe Marilyn is going to be 17 next month. So good to hear she is doing well in school. Boyfriends? Does she have any ideas for what to do in her future? Most kids we know who are home-schooled are doing fantastic and way ahead of their public school counterparts.

JANA - I'm sorry - I knew it was your birthday yesterday and I spaced right over it in my post. I'm hanging my head in shame. I hope you were able to have a good birthday even without my "happy birthday wishes". They are even bigger and louder today, if belated - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANA!!

VAL - I'm glad you found a new caregiver for your dad. I hope she works out for you. It's really difficult to find the right fit for a position like this. I think there is a recipe to make your own Best Press. I've never done it, but maybe someone here has and knows if it works.

MARY Q - We will pick up our mail today and get those blocks. We were going to yesterday, but time got away from us. So just how much younger is the guy at the post office. Sometimes May/December relationships work out . . . :D

LORI - that quilt IS very eye-catching! Quite Gypsy Wife-esque! I've been squawking, I know, but I really am excited by this project. Though perhaps more about emptying a tote than making quilts! lol! So how is that cabinet-cleaning project coming along?

CINDY - Bill and I were so distressed to hear your news of Don. We are offering prayers for him and for you! We love you both. But the good news is you are right there close to MD Anderson, one of the best cancer hospitals in the country. God bless.

Today is our 28th anniversary. We usually like to go out in our trailer to celebrate but that's not happening this year, so instead we are inviting 2 other couples in for potluck supper. I guess we could call that a little party! So I'm going to put swiss steak into the crockpot this morning and then make mashed potatoes. Plus, Bill's favorite cookie is oatmeal craisin, so I'll be doing a little baking just for him today.

Have a fun day!

mary z

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Re: Friday February 14,2020

Post by auntjana » Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:16 am

Good morning!

Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy all the love and fun it brings!

Thank you for the birthday wishes. It was Sarah's birthday too. She was my present 43 years ago. When she was born, she entered the world, just 3 minutes later than the time I was born. So we are almost exactly 43 years different in age. Spent the day spending money, a favorite activity of mine, my cabinet and some new clothes. Cake will be tomorrow. Kate is making cake and ice cream for our birthday, as well as Gracie and Baden's birthdays on the 17th.

We are very windy and cold, but the sun is out shining brightly!

Happy Anniversary Maryz and Bill. Enjoy the celebration!

Cindyg - what news, oh, the many prayers for you and Don. There are so many new treatments that have been discovered, prayers to find what will help.

A few uglies and then in the Batt Cave. When Ethan gets here after school, I will make him a treat, a root beer float, one of his favorite things.

Izzy - medication schedules are a pain. If Michael messes up the timing, it causes so many problems. We try hard to stay on schedule and not take meds that are prescribed that don't play well with each other. It is a timing nightmare, but doable.

Hugs and prayers,

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Re: Friday February 14,2020

Post by maryq » Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:20 am

Good Morning Girls

**** HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ******* Hope your day involves chocolate or flowers and hugs and kisses!

It's flippin' cold here this morning 14 Below.. but typical MN, tomorrow it's supposed to get up to 32 ABOVE! YEAH!

Lois.. We must have been doing this same thing yesterday! I got my niece's baby quilt layered yesterday too. Now to decide how to quilt it!

Suzette... I think that's the hardest part of UFO's --- deciding which one to do next. I put all my UFO's on little slips of paper in a "hat"... draw one out and go for it. So far I've managed to get 4 or 5 done! Truth be told tho, I got kind of bored with that … good thing I had a baby quilt to sneak in !

Izzy.... I so hope you are taking good care of yourself too. Hope you have good luck getting little man potty trained! Such a relief to not have to take diapers everywhere you go. Is Mom just confused or do you think she has some dementia setting in?

Judi... My DDIL Sara works from home too... in the summer I try to take the kids once in a while for her, but she sure keeps them busy with activities. I try to talk them into sorting fabric scraps for me.. but they don't seem to have much interest!

Becca.... I was watching some TV show the other night and in the scene it was raining... made me think of our spring rains and how I am looking forward to a good old fashioned thunderstorm! Crazy I know, but it's so much better than 14 below and blizzard-type windows! Glad it stopped raining for you though!

Diane... When does Laura have her procedure? Soon I hope! I have a brother and sis in constant pain, so I really feel for Laura... Nothing more they can do for my sibs. Brother Tim has already had 5 or 6 surgeries... he's just learned to live with it. But boy does that guy have a sense of humor!

Maryz… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! WOW 28 years! that's awesome. I just may have to join you for dinner... I do like a good swiss steak and... hhhmmmm oatmeal cookies with craisins? I love craisins but never thought of putting them in oatmeal cookies!

Cindy.... Please know that you and Don are in my prayers every day.

Ok, so you know Saturday is normally chore day around here, but I think I'm going to clean up gremlin messes today and finish my laundry.. I've gotten a little distracted playing with my Cameo... I'm making personalized water bottles for my family picnic. Tomorrow I need to run and see if I can find more bottles at dollar tree... Too late to order on line... won't get here on time. So I have a mess of bottles every where. This morning I cut out some stars out of cardstock and might use them as a template for quilting baby quilt.. we'll see.. I just don't want to muck it up! :roll:

Time for more coffee and a quick shower.. then to work!

Wishing you all A Fabulous Friday!

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Re: Friday February 14,2020

Post by Quiltmom » Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:27 am

Good morning all and Happy Valentines Day!! Hope everyone has a nice day. Not much planned for today since just me now. Going to do some sewing and a little cleaning if I get some ambition. Very cold here this morning - 10 degrees. In a couple of days will be up in the 40's and raining. Now wonder everyone has a cold. Smoke even seems to have picked up a cold but not real serious.

Got call from DS1 telling me he got a really nice big raise from his company this week. Told them that he had a job offer from another place (although he really didn't want to move again). His company didn't want him to leave so gave him a very nice raise and signing bonus if he would stay. He really likes his job and said he was tired of moving so going to stay. I am glad because it is only a hundred miles away from me.

Diane - Hope Laura gets her nerve burning done all right and finally gets some relief.

Chriss - Hard to believe that Marilyn is almost 17. Seems like yesterday when she moved in with you, and now she comes back to visit. So glad she is doing well with he schooling. Tell her to keep up the good work. Smoke and Sweetie said to tell Moose hi!

Cindyg - So very sorry to read about Don's cancer. Will be praying for both of you. Hope the doctors get a good plan set up for his treatment. Like other's have said glad that MD Anderson is there for you if you need them.

Valerie - so glad you are getting a new home health care worker for your Dad. Hope it works out well for him and you.

Izzy - glad you are getting help for your Mom and the doctor say her behavior when you were there. Will be praying for her.

Jana - So sorry I missed your birthday yesterday. Happy Belated Birthday!!

Maryz - Happy 28th Anniversary to you and Bill. Enjoy the day with cookies.

Well, better go get something going. Already did my run around errands for the day and got the garbage can out (so glad it is on wheels since I have a 100 ft. driveway) so now do inside stuff.

Hope everyone has a good day. Got quite cold here last night.


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