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February 12,2020

Daily discussions.
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February 12,2020

Post by fabricgirl » Wed Feb 12, 2020 2:36 am

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Hump Day,

I never got to layer my quilt my Dh had a stomach virus and I didn't want to start anything because of the cat also who likes to jump up and sit on my stuff so I will wait till thursday for today is BJ's and shoprite run.
Well that's all the news for today prayers go out to all

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Re: February 12,2020

Post by billizzy » Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:13 am

Good morning Lois and all you 😴 heads. Must of been a puke night DD also decided to 🤮 right when I was making the stove top dressing for dinner. I had pots boiling and yuk. Normally DH takes care of it but he came home down in his back and was stuck in lazy boy on estim. So super momma to rescue gagging whole time. :mrgreen:

I pinned the last wool pieces to my table topper UFO. I also got 5 thread changes done on my snowman ⛄️ BOM quilt done. Oh how I hurt after sitting at machine that long, but this UFO was on my wall the whole time during my recovery. I got all the 2.5 squares sewn together for the sashing’s. Once I get blocks appliqué I will start putting top together then work on outer borders. Probably finish it soon. I have a wool BOM block at my computer to work on as I wait for kids. I have my farm girl vintage BOM blocks at bedside and the table topper here by lazy boy. Everywhere I sit a project. One day may catch up. I need to load a quilt onto LA too.

Yesterday was snow day for my NM school. So lil man and I made play dough and got a heart handprint project started for mom and dad and opa too. I need to paint them tonight after church so have time to dry.

Happy stitching all. Prayers where needed. Hugs sent to all.
:D izzy

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Re: February 12,2020

Post by grammiequilts » Wed Feb 12, 2020 4:20 am

Good morning I didnt have to go DDs afterall..I dont ask why not? They fly by the seat of their pants over there. Jeff is going out of town today and DD will have her inlaws help her tomorrow or take a day off. I will be tied up with the heart thing. I decided to change my sheets and clean up my bedrooom a bit. dusty, Then I will sew, I am assenbling the VC quilt today and will cut the borders and binding, next step will be to clean the basement where my LA is located...It is very dusty down ther,,and the floors need scrubbing that may or may not be this weekend project. Hoping all my planning goes the way I need it too HAHAHA like that ever happens. Have a wonderful day,,,XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

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Re: February 12,2020

Post by Becca » Wed Feb 12, 2020 4:53 am

Good morning everyone sunny here Yesterday we were 64
Lois Hope you get your running done Mine is tomorrow
Izzy You are one busy lady SorryDDgot sick Hope she’s better today
JudiI l laughed when you said you hope it goes as planned Mine never does Enjoy your day. Prayers for tomorrow

Chris You are right One minute to the next

Thanks for the thoughts & prayers for DH He did have a better day yesterday
Pallative Care comes today & our DS is coming so I must get moving
Thanks for being a great group of friends
Means a lot to me
Have a great day everyone Becca
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Re: February 12,2020

Post by suzette58 » Wed Feb 12, 2020 5:03 am

Good morning everyone.
Our fur baby Chloe had a rough night last night. So mommy did too. She just couldn’t get settled. Yesterday I went to the eye dr and everything is OK. Today I am going to pin my layers on the flower quilt and maybe start quilting it. We will see how much energy I have. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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Re: February 12,2020

Post by velvet » Wed Feb 12, 2020 5:04 am

Today is just odds and ends for me. Tonight I pick up DH from airport. He was in AZ for a cousin trip, they do this every year or two. I spend most of the week sewing and I did finish all the tops I wanted to.
Sorry to see so many have gotten the virus. YUK!! Hope today you are all on the mend.

Will check back to catch up.

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Re: February 12,2020

Post by auntjana » Wed Feb 12, 2020 5:16 am

Good morning!

We got the grocery run done yesterday. Ethan was here, so he went and helped. He grumbles about having to go get groceries, but he helped a lot. He got a treat - a root beer float, he loved that. Now all those bags are staring at me to be put way today. At least I won't need that big grocery run again for quite awhile!

We are warmer than yesterday, but still very cold. Michael got the piece of duct work on the heater duct and it is so nice to be warm! Made a huge difference.

So after I get the pantry organized, I will be sewing. A stay at home, no place that I have to go, my kind of day!

Aaron's court date is tomorrow. There will be no more postponements, judge's order. This is the crimminal trial, so we still have the civil for injuries to deal with. As well as whatever insurance company the guy had. Aaron has heard that the insurance is claiming they have no part, so we shall see.


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Re: February 12,2020

Post by purrfect-lady » Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:04 am

Good morning,

I slept late today. Woke up at midnight, couldn't go back to sleep, and refused to spend the night tossing and turning - so I took an IBU-PM. I can affirm that they work!

LOIS, Sorry your hubby is sick. I think I'd rather be sick myself than have DH sick! When my kitty, Riley, was alive, I had the most beautiful sheen of cat hair all over every single project! lol! That's the only thing about her I don't miss.

JUDI - yay! A Judi day! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. What kind of floor is in your basement? Could you put a large area rug to put under your machine so if your quilt hits the floor it doesn't get dirty? Big enough for your feet, too . . . Good luck with your "day as planned". :D

IZZY - sorry your household is down and out. Last thing you need right now!

DIANE - glad you got so much done while your hubby was gone. Where in AZ was he? Lots of great places there.

JANA - I know organizing the groceries is a big deal at your house. Besides my regular kitchen storage, I have one 30" shelf in a cabinet in our quilting room for my overflow groceries. I think we could survive for about 3 months before we had to start looking at the dog . . . Maybe we should get a bigger dog . . .

SUZETTE - good luck on that flower quilt! Can't wait to see a picture!

BECCA - our friendship goes both ways, you know! Thank YOU! Glad your DH is better. I hope the P.C. nurse is helpful to you. And you have your son's visit to look forward to!

CINDY - Thinking of you.

MARY Q - you'll be along sometime, I know. What did you work on yesterday?

CHRISS - I bet your house is lively with Marilyn there this week. And for that matter, why is Marilyn there this week?? Doesn't she have school?

Yesterday I finished cutting the connecting pieces of Main Street - grass, picket fences, sidewalks - fused the two trees, and put it all together in a small tote. It's ready to sew now. Then I deep cleaned my sewing room before getting into messing with house plants. I promised Bill's mom I would take care of her four plants when she went into a nursing home 13 yrs ago. I have one left and a few hopeful starts of a second one in a glass of water. I'm a bad DIL.

Yesterday, someone here - was it you, IZZY,? - suggested taking all the orphan blocks, and extra FG, and HSTs, etc and putting them together in one quilt. That sounds like an awesome idea to me, so that's what I'm going to start today. I'm pretty sure I have enough for two quilts! lol!

Wishing us all fun in the sewing room!
mary z

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Re: February 12,2020

Post by zfatcat » Wed Feb 12, 2020 7:45 am

Maryz, I said to put orphan blocks together.
You can cut them to fit also. The quilt l made is crazy, but the blocks are no longer hiding out.

Judi, enjoy your free day.

I have a philanthropy sew day with the guild today. So after out walk, I'll be heading out. BTW, our table decorations won last night at guild. I was surprised, because there were some great decorations.
Lori 8-)

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Re: February 12,2020

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:17 am

Good Sunny Morning & going to 38*....warm winter.

I've not been sleeping so I've not felt like doing anything. Today I have to play cleaning catch up no mater how tired I feel.

Got all my Valentine cards & packages out in the mail. On Friday I'll go visit my sister & bring some sweets.

Not to much happening here.

Lois......sorry your quilt has to wait & hope DH feels better ASAP.

Izzy.......sorry the Coodies are at your house too. Hope you & DH don't Get it. I just love how wool is being used in quilting. I have some from when I was hooking rugs. I did see the snow moving up the east coast. Happy painting!

Judi........have a productive sew day. May all your plans come true!

Becca.......keeping you & DH in my prayers. And a big ((((((HUG))))))))

Suzette,.......sorry to hear you & Chloe had a difficult night, too bad we didn't phone each other....I was up all night. Good to hear your eyes are OK we really need them for threading all the needles.

Diane........I'm sure you were very productive during your time alone.

Jana.....it's good to be all stocked up....with help even.

Maryz........maybe I should change to IBM-PM. The Walmart brand changed & I'm not liking it. Sounds like you are making good progress on your Main Street quilt.

Love & Prayers.........Kathy

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