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Thursday January 16th

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Re: Thursday January 16th

Post by KATHYSQUILTS » Thu Jan 16, 2020 6:34 am

Good Snow/Rainy Day...........

Thank you for all your prayers & thoughts. They mean so much to me.

Today is a trip to the dentist then a few errands & food shopping. When I get home a good cup of tea. I'll be missing knitting but tomorrow a few of us will get together for a little knitting.

Over the last week end our temps in the high 60s. Broke the record from 1950! I'm going to start looking for buds on the trees.

Judi.......I know there is tons of info out there about needles hand & machine plus thread that I don't know. That would be a really good class for a quilt shop or guild. See you at the grocery store.

Izzy.....I can imagine what a busy bee he his being pure energy! Good for you changing your TV service I would love to get rid of cable.

Flo.......how exciting with 2 weeks of anticipation. I love Amazon too. I ordered a cast iron grill pan, it has a crack in it. I got a refund & I do not have to send it back. They told me to trash it.

Diane........I'll keep Laura in my prayers. She sounds very brave.

Becca....hope you have lots of sun today!

Lois......someday I'd love to read all the posts we've lost. Sorry you lost yours. Have fun with your penguins they as so cute.

Chriss......congrats to you & your 2 miles. Keep up the good work. My guild had the $1 table but not any more. I'm going to check with my LQS I know she does out reach work with some group.

Love & Prayers.......Kathy

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Re: Thursday January 16th

Post by maryq » Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:33 am

Good Morning Girls

YIKES It's cold this morning... like below zero cold. I forgot to take the garbage out to the curb last night so I had to waddle out this morning. I think the mailbox is about as far as I'm going to go today.

Judi... have you checked Amazon for machine needles? I broke down and bought a bulk box of 100 of them... not that I break a lot either, at least not lately, but with a back of up that many I don't worry about changing them so often. Seems I can kind of "hear" the difference when the needle gets dull.

Izzy.... Long ago I got rid of direct tv too... haven't missed it a bit. I have only Netflix and Amazon Prime and they keep me quite entertained. Little guy will be 3 in May right? Might be time for a baby brother or sister don't you think?? :lol: :lol: But then we Gramma's always think it's time for a baby!

Flo.... My goodness, your world is really turning upside down isn't it. Did you know that the kids were moving to MO or is this a quick decision for them? Will they be with you on a temporary basis? Until they find a place of their own?

Diane... As I type this, it's 0900 here in MN but 1000 in SC.... so I'm sending up some prayers for Laura..

Becca.... If I could, I'd share my sunshine with you! With the white snow on the ground and the sun full on shining this morning, it's SUPER SHINY outside.

Lois... Gosh darn those gremlins... they are everywhere!

Chriss.. AWESOME... 2 miles! Somedays I can barely walk to the mail box and back before Mr. Art is done with me. Though I have often thought about going up to the Snap Fitness place just to walk. I get Trochanteric Bursitis in my legs and it gets very painful if I walk too far.

Tina …. Yup, I found my MN postcards! I thought I had some Alaska ones around here, but haven't found them. How long is she doing this project? I'm going to Canada in March and get some cards from there... if she wants international ones too. What I should do, is buy some in Canada and AK and just keep them on hand!

Maryz… Oh please don't remind me about job-jar day! UGH.. I have to do it though... or the cupboards and closets will never get cleaned out. I am pretty proud of myself that I did complete last weeks chore of washing curtains--though it did get me thinking about making some new ones for my office... but I refrained … Lucky you... you have a "handy man" on speed dial...

Jana.... Did I tell you this already? I LOVE your view out your window! I used to taking my sewing to the cabin my sis and I owned together, but it was hard not to just stare out the window at the beautiful lake. I'm in the middle of making a darling skinny for my laundry room... but am trying to remain on task and finish a UFO! :)

Kathy... Will keep Kim in prayers... as someone who has struggled with extra pounds for years.. I can relate! May be some day we can have a swap here of un-used things.. but then of course that would involve postage costs and that can get expensive.

Totally forgot about my date with Mr. Maytag yesterday, so I better go do that this morning. He can do his thing while I finish quilting a UFO. Tonight I'm going back to the gal near me that is selling off her stash. Going to pick up some 1 yard cuts of fabric to make a bunch of pillow cases for a local foster-kid group that needs things for foster kids. I don't get out much, and my car will sit for days at a time, so I guess I better make sure it has gas and run the engine for a while.

I posted pictures of my Spring Swap Blocks.

For now I need more coffee.. .then a quick shower!

Have a GREAT day everybody

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Re: Thursday January 16th

Post by grammiequilts » Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:57 am

The forum will not allow a new account to be opened as long as the email address is on file. I have told them both (Suzette and Chrissy) to call QIAD and maybe they can help/
Joann fabrics has their notiom buy 3 get 2 free. so I bought glass head pins and needles for my machine, i bought 20 so that should last me a while. I was pretty good...I bought a craft box to hold my rulers. it fits from the 12 inch on down plus all the specialty rulers. it was hallf off and got 20% off my total so I did good. they still have Christmas stuff at 80% off but I was good and didnt buy anything there,,,xxxxxooooo

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Re: Thursday January 16th

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:37 pm

Judi. When I get home I will email Tom He is the admin he will know what to do

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