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SUPPER CLUB - Wednesday, Jan 15

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Wednesday, Jan 15

Post by purrfect-lady » Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:34 am

Good morning,

Snow all around us but not here. That's probably a good thing, but I do enjoy snow since we dont' have to drive or work in it. So I'm disappointed. Chriss suggested we post photos of the view from our sewing room windows. JANA and I posted photos in Tuesday's sew-in if you'd like to see them.

Yesterday I trimmed up my bunny baby blanket blocks and cut out the squares to make the borders and strips for sashing. I need to embroider the faces but didn't get around to that yet. Today, I may work on my Country Charmer - at least start pulling fabrics. Kohl's is having a big sale on bras and I am in need so I may go shopping. I hate bra shopping. But it's not really something I can send Bill to the store for. Sigh.

BECCA - I figured they would have to sedate Brodee for his MRI. I'm anxious for the results to come back

TINA - there are so many triggers to migraines and I suspect even more that they don't know yet. I like Jana's idea! It worked for us! I made a doll and hung it in full view over the big rolling door of our shop that faces Vicki's house. Hoping Holly is feeling better.

CHICKIE - NOO!!! I said my BROTHER made salmon soup - his word for it. After he tasted it he had other words. He had no recipe but just started dumping things into a pot. I have no idea how he made it. But he stated that he's definitely back on our family no-fish list!

JANA - as for SB - we'll see who gets in. I like Richard Sherman and I like you, so maybe it will be SF. But like you said, NFC . . . . How fun to get a check in the mail - out of the blue!

BECKY - you have quite a crowd at your house! At least it's never dull!

CAROL - you've got a lot of smallish jobs to do to get ready! Do you do your bindings by hand or by machine?

IRiSH - I'm wondering what your realtor told you. You probably have a lot to think about now.

When I was at chiropractor the other day, Lynne, (his wife and office manager) was telling me of a recipe she saw for carrot ginger soup she wanted to try. It sounded good so I looked at recipes on-line when I got home because I bought carrots at Costco and had a LOT of carrots! So I decided to make the soup. I think it actually turned out just like it was supposed to. But I forgot one thing - Neither of us really care for cooked carrots and the ginger just wasnt' enough to overcome the taste of the carrots. Bill ate it but did say I didn't need to keep the recipe. lol! But all was not lost - I made Chickie's baking powder biscuits and they were so fluffy and purrfect they almost made up for the soup.

Tonite - some kind of chickeny thing.

Are you thinking of anything yet?

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wednesday, Jan 15

Post by auntjana » Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:26 am

Good morning!

Mary - love your view! Trees and snow, a good thing! Sorry about the soup. Our soup turned out to be a keeper. I did put a bit too much cheese as garnish, but other than that, "Mikey" liked it.

Not much here. I sm trying to ignore my uglies and do something more fun, but we will see how that goes. At least the laundry is done. Humm, Ethan may need a fresh baked cookie when he comes home from school. Oh, that means I have to clean up the kitchen, hummm... LOL!

I only have four monthly wall hangings left to make. Pulled out several of my Skinnies pattern for Spring and Summer. The walls need to be brightened up.

Dinner - leftover soup, and if there's not quite enough for two, I'll make me a egg salad sandwich. My egg salad is very simple, eggs, mayonaise, a tad of yellow mustard and a dash of celery salt. Not a lot of mayo, just enough to hold it together, a tad on the drier side.

Better quite being a slacker and get something done,


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wednesday, Jan 15

Post by gershwin64 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:39 am

Good morning!
I've been down in my knees for almost an hour....I was wondering if I'd be getting back up but I managed. I was helping Preston find a spiderman in the toy box. We totally emptied the toy box and no spiderman, they were playing with it yesterday, I think it must've gotten taken home. I ended up throwing some broken toys away and getting all the matchbox cars gathered up and put in a container and the army guys and done other small toys so they don't fall back down to the bottom. LOL so it was productive!
Mary, sorry your soup recipe wasn't a keeper. I love cooked carrots but I'm not sure I'd like carrot soup 😉 and ginger gives me horrible heartburn so I try to stay away from it.
Yep I definitely should do an Adam doll and stick pins in it!
I loved your view ❤❤❤❤
Jana, I make my egg salad like you! It's so simple and yummy! Loved your view too! Yep I see cookie baking in your near future 😊
Well we're overcast here today. It looks like winter LOL I have to make a trip to take Easton's lunch to him, Holly brought Preston in and got their breakfast and I told her that Easton's lunch box is right here (touching it) and said there's an ice pack in it so tell him not to throw it away. She said ok and I went into the livingroom with Preston and Holly tells us bye and leaves. I go into the kitchen 5 minutes later to start breakfast for Preston and there's Easton's lunchbox! Ugh. She was already too far away and would've been late if she turned around. She offered to call Adam and have him pick it up but I declined that offer.....
Hmmmm supper supper supper, what's for supper....I have no idea LOL

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wednesday, Jan 15

Post by Irishgram » Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:23 am

Good early afternoon from sunny but chilly, SW. Pa....

1st. I have some very sad news from the N. Ft. Myers Eagle nest....Our little eaglet passed away during the night...There had been pictures of bleeding and it was thought it could be from a fish hook...They were trying to figure out a way to make a rescue but wasn't able to get to him/her in time....They have now removed him/her from the nest and will determine what had happened....This baby had been doing so well and for this to happen, it's just so sad...Sad for the parents, sad for all of us who watched.....

Mary, I just looked at your picture and it does look like a winter wonderland...It is very, very pretty but you can keep it, I'll take the sunshine, lol....The realtor was here and of course my mind is in a tizzie...But, she did answer quite a few questions and I'm sure will make this new venture a much easier one....I was happy to hear her say, house looks move in ready, no projects need to be done.....So now what will I do with my time, lol.....This is the same realtor who sold Terry's house in 6 days....
Kevin stopped down this morning to replace a pipe in the garage that he thought would look better...He's busy re doing his house and now has the main bathroom completely gutted..He said, started with a broken tile, 1 broken tile! Now, he says he can look through the floor and see his car in the garage below, lol...But, that's Kevin, when he does something it's done the right way.....

Not going to be able to stay and chat...I'm waiting for a neighbor to stop over....She's wants to go with me when I take my car load up to the thrift store and then we'll probably stop else where along the way....

Other than that, I have nothing planned for the day.....As for dinner, there again, nothing planned....I was going to make Kevin some sloppy joes but he needed to get going so I now have ground meat thawed so I could have a burger....

You all have a great day.....

Happy eating...............

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wednesday, Jan 15

Post by Becca » Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:39 am

Hello everyone cloudy here with some drizzle occasionally
Got hair cut Library & grocery Made lunch then went out to finish getting leaves out f ditches from our hard rains we had It’s all done after working on it 2 afternoons

Maryz I too love your view Mine is of the mts & trees DGS had more snow & he said they were to get more today Of course his kids were happy I used to love it but if you have to get out no fun

Irish Sure sorry about the eaglet But the news on your house sounds great Sure you will do the right thing

Jana I loved your view too because I love mts Those cookies sound good

Tina I’m afraid I would have a big doll
Good you & Frankie can cope with him

Becky You do have a lot to cook for I would go for simple menus lol

Oh my I planned to do some uglies but they may wait Pooped after the leaf job
We have ham left I will add steamed cauliflower & spinach for me too Becca

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wednesday, Jan 15

Post by FavoriteGrandma » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:28 pm

Good afternoon ladies.
Well, the sunshine was short lived. It is dark and dreary here. The wind kicked up too, so that isn't good.
Mary, I thought the salmon soup was terrible sounding with a recipe! Yuck. When JR & I married, I told him that I would not fix salmon patties nor liver. He just said, " There is a God!" Lucky there. Ha.
Jana, your mountains are very pretty too. I would look at that most of the day.
Becca, you stay really busy too. Do you do all your yardwork yourself? I help mow in the summer. Usually, JR has a lot to do, so sitting on the mower isn't hard. We mow about 10 acres, mostly because we like the look when it is all mowed. I am allergic to so much, I don't do the flower beds, and I only mow for a few hours at a time, then go shower.....
It is a zoo around here most of the time, although, that being said, most of us are really laid back, only a lot going on when our little drama queen is here. That little darling can walk into a room and the energy level goes up 200%....Gotta love her. HA...
Well, the request for tonight is hamburger/fries. I can do that. Ericka has decided no hamburger for her though, but she loves sub sandwiches. I just happen to have the stuff to make it happen. She is our one that had so many digestive problems for the past few years. They even treated her for a gluten allergy, but turns out she had some infection in her stomach.....long story short, this past summer she had a tube surgically put in her stomach, to help her nutrition issues, the temporary tube kept getting infected. Apparently, they are not designed to be used long term. She is able to eat, but never eats more than a few bites at any given time, so she does tube feedings now at night. She will get sick to her stomach, and if she throws up, the tube has to be put back in at the emergency room. Always an adventure....
Tomorrow I will be going into town to help my MIL.....she has a spare room that needs some attention. Not my first choice, but I will go get it over with, I mean done!
Have a nice evening.

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