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Tuesday December 3,2019

Daily discussions.
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Tuesday December 3,2019

Post by fabricgirl » Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:19 am

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday,

Yesterday after the drs in which my finger should make a full recovery we started getting a little sleet but went back to BJ's where I got my son and melissa a Ninja Foodie grill they had it the cheapest 40.00 off so that's what they are getting then we went to walmart dh needed boots for hunting in and out didn't stop to look for anything else then we went to target and got my DD the instant pot now I officially started christmas shopping.

After the chiropractor tomorrow will go out again and do more.

Today I'm going to do some wash and sew.
I hope Everyone has a great day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Tuesday December 3,2019

Post by auntjana » Tue Dec 03, 2019 4:04 am

Good morning!

It is O'dark thirty here. The sun isn't even up, but I am!

My lovely assistant, Scrooge tells me that I am down to only two more totes of decorations and then all of my Nutcrackers. The Nutcrackers stand guard on my plant shelf walls, about 9 feet from the floor, so they will wait until I have a additional helper for Scrooge. That helper will climb the ladder. I try to keep Scrooge off ladders, he has a tendency to miss a rung and fall. Can't have that! If there is a horizintal surface, it is decorated! The walls are warm too, with Skinnies and Christmas wallhangings. I must be getting better at packing it all away, as it only took me one day to get it all out. LOL

My iron, that I love is acting up, so I sent where to get me a new one to Michael's list for my Christmas. That makes it easier for Sarah, as she does his shopping.

Not much going on here. The crimmal trial started yesterday for the truck driver that hit Aaron awhille back. Aaron was called to testify yesterday and I haven't heard what happened. Aaron and all those prosecuting the case were actually thinking the truck driver would not show up. He has done that before. Warrant, here we come!

Sarah and I are making a grocery run today, then I can sew.

Hugs, and stay safe and warm,

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Re: Tuesday December 3,2019

Post by Becca » Tue Dec 03, 2019 4:58 am

Hello everyone sun is peeking thru.Cold though.

Lois Sounds like you got a great start on shopping.Glad the finger is good.

Jana Do hope the driver of truck gets his punishment.Nice that Sarah plays Santa.

Chris I ordered my heating pad and I think it’s like yours.It sounds really nice in description.Happy you got to share Thanksgiving with DS & DDIL.

Maryq You asked about set of twins born in Oct.Thats Asa & Ezekiel.They are now 2 & All boy.Both are doing good.They Keep Dad & Mom hopping.lol

Lyn I pray you are doing better.Sinuses are no fun.I used to have trouble with mine but not anymore.Take shots & it’s stopped the infections.

Sharona Hope you got The errands completed yesterday & can chat today.lol

We have to go to Town after lunch for errands.Do hope DH is up to a haircut.Hes in need of one.Laundry is waiting.Have a wonderful day everyone. Becca

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Re: Tuesday December 3,2019

Post by FlorenceM » Tue Dec 03, 2019 5:09 am

Got into docs yesterday.. bronchitis. Have antibiotics, feeling better.

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Re: Tuesday December 3,2019

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Tue Dec 03, 2019 5:30 am

Good morning, what a wonderful and wet day today will be. Such a pretty drive home from work yesterday seeing the snow on the mountains.

Jana, so glad Lila is feeling better, it's awful when kids are sick.

Valerie, I am not a fan of driving across bridges when there is an ocean under them. There is a tossed 9 patch pattern that uses charms. Lois made one that was stunning. I bet that MSQ has a lot of great charm quilt patterns. Some times I just turn them on the laptop and sew away.

Izzy, your floor is beautiful. I have to say I was excited to see who your elf was. When this started you said you had a very special elf. And now that gifts are being opened I see you are right, I like her too.

Maryrose, Glad you got the picture posted. I don't have an account with post image but just load, copy and paste my photos. SS was fun again this year. It's my favorite swap.

Maryz, we only got rain, lots of rain, and will get lots more. We are too low for snow but do get to see it on the mountain. I like when the snow stays on the mountain and doesn't come this low. I did pull fabric for that quilt but am rethinking it. I think I will get some fabric and make it a two color quilt. Not sure which color yet, but I will figure it out. In the meantime I have more than enough fabric to use and will make an in-between quilt. That's a quilt to make while I am overthinking my next quilt. Glad you found those jeans all wrapped up. you are more efficient than you realized I think my heating pad is a sunbeam, Jerry got it at a drug store.

Maryq, thank you so so much for doing secret Santa again this year. it is my most favorite swap and you keep such good records that I haven't had the same elf twice. I just love it.

Kathy, how is your sister, did she find a job? Any new knitting projects going on? What is new with Kimberly.? So sweet of your neighbor to shovel your driveway.

Lois, sounds like you have picked some great Christmas gifts, your kids will be thrilled. glad the finger is going to be saved, kind of hard to point without a finger. Happy shopping.

Jana, what kind of iron is your favorite? My mini Rowenta is acting up and my larger Rowenta isn't as hot as it used to be. I am less thrilled with Rowenta than I used to be. I'm thinking the Target $20 model might just be my next choice.

Becca, best part about that heating pad is that it is long. fits either horizontal or vertically across your back, also makes a great bun warmer in a pinch. I've never used it as a bun warmer but wanted to make you smile.

Flo, yay for being on the way to getting better.

It's work for me, hope you girls have a superb day,

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Re: Tuesday December 3,2019

Post by grammiequilts » Tue Dec 03, 2019 5:30 am

Good Morning I was up early and got side tracked making beds and tidying up the bath rroom...floors still need to be done. But I am dressed and hairs are combed. I have all of the outgoing gifts out except one..and that will go out this week. I did spend sometime on Pinterest looking for a clever way to package money...the 14 year old wants cash for a virtual reality head set he wants to save for. my other grnd daughter has one and the kids love it...they start a $250 and go up. so me and parents said save for it. Here is what I came up with,,I will pack the 1$ bils in play dough cans and he will think he is getting play dough for Christms.. but it will be a different kind a dough....He will get a hoodie his mom said he wants.to.
I head out to pick up a few things today. and my tree is up in my sunroom ready for decor...I will do that today too...then next week I will cook and bake. I have 4 Christmas trees,,3 are small and 1 is 9 foot. so I do have a lot of tree things to do...I skipped the one in the sewing room this year since the sewing room turned into the Christmas staging area,,it is a disaster till all the gifts are wrapped and under the tree...as soon as I have time I will get to the photos///well off to get more coffee.. We have Nolans swim meet tonight He has qualified fr state meet which is totally good...He looks so good in the wter...very proud of him....XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZETTE

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Re: Tuesday December 3,2019

Post by purrfect-lady » Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:13 am

Good morning,

IZZY - so glad you weren't hurt badly when you fell into the hole. How is your mom? Did you tackle the car key problem yet?

BECCA - Let's see, Asa & Ezechial, Aniston & Gabriel, Brodee & Hadlee. I think I got them! It's like trying to name the Seven Dwarfs! Do they all live fairly close so they can grow up playing with each other?

JUDI - What a fun idea about the money in the play dough cans! I heard of one person getting all the money in silver dollars, then freezing it in a tube of some kind filled with water. Cold, hard, cash. We're giving ours cash, too, plus one gift. A tree in the sewing room? Your sewing room must be a lot bigger than mine! lol! I don't think I could fit even a fir cone in mine! Congrats to your Nolan!

CHRISS - I'm guessing that quilt isn't going to be for THIS Christmas! lol! What is your parents' decor like? Will they use it on their bed or over a couch, or do you know? Would sure be nice if you could work from your stash. I did mine in about the same colors as the pattern - all batiks. I've had two Rowentas and found both disappointing. One lasted 6 years, but leaked a lot, and one lasted 6 months. I had a Black & Decker from the Goodwill for $4 last 4 years. I like my latest iron the best of all the irons I've had - a Sunbeam. It's 4 yrs old and going strong. It has a large water resevoir, steams well, is plenty hot, doesn't leak, and heats up quickly. It has an automatic turn-off which I found I like ever since I left my last iron on for 4 days once. :shock:

FLO - glad you were able to get into the doc finally. We are lucky to have two urgent cares here so if we're sick and can't get into our doc, we can always go there. Hope you were able to get your batting you needed.

JANA - Oh, yes, leave the ladders to the younger lovely assistants! So I assume the driver showed up. I hope he gets the book thrown at him. Don't they get "extra credit" when their crimes are against law enforcement? And being a habitual offender ought to add more to his punishment, I would think.

LOIS - happy shopping! I love Christmas shopping, but I'm about done. I do need to pick up one more gift for my nephew and his wife in case they come for our family Christmas. We always invite them as we are their only family in WA but they may or may not have other plans. And I don't think I'm done with Bill yet.

MARY Q - what are you going to be doing today?

I think today I'm going to be outside digging up bulbs and plants. We're having some landscaping work done in the front yard and we thought they were coming after Christmas. Now it looks like it might even be this Saturday and I have some things I want to save and replant. Plus, we have Christmas lights on all our rhododendrons and through our rockery. They all have to come down, though they can wait until last minute. They say the work they are doing will only take about 1-1/2 days. So we can put lights back up, though the shrubs will be moved to another part of the yard. Not sure what the lights will go on! lol! But if you need me, I'll be out in the dirt. My chiropractor isn't going to be happy about this. Or maybe he will be . . . . .

I hope your day includes more thread and cotton than mine!
mary z

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Re: Tuesday December 3,2019

Post by Quiltmom » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:19 am

Good morning all! Still trying to get caught up from the holiday. Brought my tree box in yesterday and will set it up today so it can get in its form before I decorate it. Most of the decorations are ones I have made or from trips DH and I took over the years. When he was bed ridden I switched from one large tree to 2 four foot ones so he could have one in his bedroom. Now I just put up my four foot tree that sits on a large end table. After that is done I will need to get all the decorations out that I put around the house. Though Smoke and I go to Rob's for Christmas I still decorate my house. it makes it cheerful here. I always buy at least one new decoration each year for the house. I also have all my many nativity scenes. Those I leave out all year. Got a really neat new one for this year.

Today I have to take my car in for an oil change then will go to the Senior Center to get a ticket for the Christmas luncheon next week. The new bridge downtown is finally open after almost a year so may go and cross it for the first time. It was so inconvenient while it was out, but glad it is done.

Maryq - Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job with the Secret Santas again this year. You are definitely very organized. Would like an address for Katy who was my Santa so I can send her a thank you. She is one address in my book that I don't have.

Lois - sounds like you are really on the ball with your shopping.

Jana- So hope that the defendant showed up for the trial and gets his "just rewards".

Becca - I am amazed how many sets of twins are in your family.

Flo - Hope your bronchitis gets better soon.

Chriss - I have a Hamilton Beach iron that I have had for several years and I just love it. I usually buy that brand.

Judi - Love your idea for giving your grandson his cash. I too have teenage grandsons and I give them cash because I can't keep up with all the different things for them and what they want. This way it is their choice and they can't blame me if they change their mind. LOL

Well, better go get some breakfast. Smoke and Sweetie have been fed and now sleeping. They are still tired too from the holiday.

Hope everyone has a good day.


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Re: Tuesday December 3,2019

Post by mepeace2 » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:23 am

Sherry I pmd you my address lol
Ladies cannot chat right now I have snowball cookies in oven lol

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Re: Tuesday December 3,2019

Post by purrfect-lady » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:47 am

I did it! I'm still clumsy at it, but I've learned to post photos! Check out my handiwork in the Decorations thread in PHOTOS.

KATY - I LOVE snowball cookies. My son's favorite, too. Just sayin' . . . Oh, alright, I was just HINTIN'! lol!

SHERRY - I love Nativity scenes, too. I have my big one (picture of it is in the decorations thread in PHOTOS), plus two smaller ones - one in family room and one in entryway. Plus several small ornament sized ones on the tree and around the house. but they don't stay up all year long.

JANA & MARY Q - did you see - QIAD has another book of Skinnies patterns on sale today - 40% off! You should go look . . . . Eight patterns in one book. Tempting . . . .

And now, ladies, it's time for Scottie and I to hit the road to meet Duchess and her mom, Lori, for our daily walk.


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