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SUPPER CLUB - Monday, Dec 2nd

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Monday, Dec 2nd

Post by purrfect-lady » Mon Dec 02, 2019 7:20 am

Good morning!

We had a busy weekend and finished it off by putting our tree up. Eight feet of pretty! Foxy was under it, all curled up within minutes of getting it in the stand! lol! And that's probably where he'll stay until we take it down again in January. I'll post a photo in the decorations thread later this morning. Bill said it's so purrfect, it looks fake! lol! So now all the decorating is done and the mess cleaned up. The house is clean and all that's left is the laundry that I never got to this weekend. I even found the 2 pair of jeans that I'd bought for Bill but then lost. Looked through entire house AND the trailer - twice!! I forgot I'd wrapped them and they were at the bottom of a pile of gifts behind the couch, waiting for the tree! Whew! Today my plan is a couple of little uglies (but not too many!), laundry, and playing in my sewing room after my chiropractor appt. I may slip over to ACE after the appt and pick up a battery tender for Bill. He showed me his old one yesterday - it died and he seemed pretty mournful about it.

JANA - it must be interesting to be married to an engineer! always devising a unique way to get anything done - even turning on the light! Your house sounds like a Christmas wonderland. Here's what I remember of your house - and if you recall, Ethan was a baby in arms when we visited - entry at end of wide hallway. Two bedrooms on the left and Michael's office and your stairway down to the batt cave on the right. Then into the great room area - kitchen on left, then dining. Living on the right with your bedroom off to the far right end of the room. I don't remember any other 'living' room. But I do have the gist of your home! Maybe I better stop by and inspect again! Our friends have a large train track with villages that they set up through their entire family room. You have to step over tracks and around everything else to get to a seat. they have TEN grandkids, so it must be tricky for everyone! So glad to hear Gracie is back to her normal self. My Lara had pneumonia when she was 5 and was very sick for 3 weeks. That was when we learned she is allergic to penicillin! (she's almost 48 now, so it was a while ago!)

BECCA - I so agree - at this stage, eat whatever you like and enjoy! I didn't get that when I was caring for my dad and tried to closely monitor his diet. It made him angry and frustrated me, which probably did more harm to both of us than anything he could possibly eat. One of my life regrets.

TINA - sounds like you could possibly have bronchitis? Or is this the dregs of a cold? Sweetie, you need a full week off to recover!! Off from EVERYTHING - house, yard, kitchen, family! You heal most and best during sleep. Naps are the order of the day.

IRISH - If I were by myself, I would have a smaller tree for sure, and maybe even a fake one, though that would be hard. Coming from a logging family, that later had a Christmas tree farm, it's hard to imagine fake trees in my house. But at least I could put it up by myself! Will Cari and Lena help decorate yours? haha! I'm imagining Lena and her 'help'! You'll be wanting pictures of that for sure! I watch your weather - along with all our Supper Club members - on the national weather map. Hope you don't get too much snow.

Our turkey is gone! and all the other leftovers, as well! For tonite I gave Bill a few options for supper and he chose chicken noodle soup. So I've got chicken thawing and after my walk and shower, I'll get that into the crockpot. It's a cold day here - 36* this morning - and soup and toast will be nice tonite.

What's the plan at your house?

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Monday, Dec 2nd

Post by rosebud3 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:32 am

What is left of the turkey here needs to be boiled from the bones to make turkey stock for soup. I think I will get that started while working on the ugh-lies. If I have time I will make noodles, but if not I will break down and use store bought noodles. It all depends on quantities. Scratch noodles always turn out in crowd quantities, making more than I can finish off by myself.


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Monday, Dec 2nd

Post by auntjana » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:06 am

Good morning!

Mary Rose - send the extra noodles here! I have a gigantic batch to make for Sunday - that is when my noodle loving hoard will come for dinner! Thank so very much for those kind words and thoughts. Yes, I do tell my kids often how much I love them and what great warriors they are.

Mary - it is so great to have the perfect tree - that is with a kitty asleep under it! My Perry loved to sleep under the tree and even tuck up in a lower branch, much to my dread! He was not a little cat! I have been wondering about Smudge and Maggie with Sarah's tree - they are still baby cats, as Sarah calls them, barely 6 months old. Both very curious!

Dinner - last night's soup was booted to tonight. Tomorrow will be our turkey dinner. My bird is small, about 15 pounds.

I never did share Sarah's escapade at Costco, before Thanksgiving. Seems as if a couple had filled about 4, yes, 4 Costco shopping carts with turkeys, and had blocked everyone else from getting a turkey from the case. So Sarah, just moved one of the full carts back out of the way, and reached in, to get a turkey for herself. The couple raised a huge fuss, saying, they were buying all the turkeys. Sarah just smiled, put the turkey in her cart and answered, not this one! After Sarah, several others stepped up in the spot she created, and took a turkey. Sarah then went and paid for her stuff, not knowing if she caused a riot or not! LOL! If she did, maybe some management would then step in. I sometimes wonder about people.

Well, time to put out another few boxes of decorations and start laundry,


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Monday, Dec 2nd

Post by Becca » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:35 am

Hello everyone,a cold day here in 30s & looks snowy.

Maryz I got energized yesterday and decorated the walls mantel porch & back door.Still have tree & Village to do.Sure Glad you found Bills pants.Sure That tree is beautiful.

Jana Doing Service jobs takes special people I think.Not just anyone could stay composed even if they are well trained.My 2 DGS s are real good at that.Thanks for their service.
Glad the little one is better,those meds can do wonders.

Rosebud Always Glad when you stop by.Thank you for the Prayers for my family & especially the babies.They are so tiny.
Oh I love homemade noodles or dumplings.

While the Pallative Care Lady was here Marty called to say he’s here for the day & night with us.So Mom Will Add to what I have left.I took turkey out of freezer.Dont think he had any at Thanksgiving.He was over at Hospital with Levi.
I have creamed potatoes & green beans.And sweet potatoes baked. Becca
Hope to get Village done.

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Monday, Dec 2nd

Post by FarmChick » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:30 pm

Good afternoon! I want to check in with you, even though it’s pretty late. My sister called me early to come in and help with Mom, so first thing I went to town. Mom is rapidly declining, and when the hospice nurse came to day, she put Mom on every day nurse visit. I won’t go in to detail, but I’m sure I’ll be in town almost daily as things progress. There is no timetable, as Mom’s vital signs are good, but other indications are imminent. So… we are in limbo.

Becca—it was wonderful to hear both the twins are home! Hope they continue to progress and grow stronger and healthier in their nurturing home setting! What a merry Christmas and thankful thanksgiving!

Sorry this is short.

Dinner tonight will be chicken parmesan. I stopped at the meat market on the way home and stocked up on beef, pork and chicken so I could give DH his choice. I’ll fix some veggies for sides.

Bon appétit!

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