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Monday December 2nd

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Monday December 2nd

Post by grammiequilts » Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:02 am

Good morning,,it is still dark and cold here, 37 for the high...I need to get a couple of packages to the post office and try to get my tree up in the sun room...other than that nothing is planned. might clean up the sewing room and hang my new secret santa wall hanging,,,Lois did a beautiful job. Secret santa was a lot of fun this year,,,if you havent ever done it think about it for next year,,,,

Well I need coffee and get myself dressed...PO doesnt open till 10 so I have time to drink coffee and see what I need to do...I did clean up the Christmas mess in the basement and organize the bins for the gret take down next year.. hope you all have a great day XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

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Re: Monday December 2nd

Post by fabricgirl » Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:23 am

Good morning Judi and all who follow,
Today I have a dr apt lastweek I must have stuck myself with a pin while sewing but didn't realize I did it it started to swell Wednesday
Went to the care station they gave me pills by Friday it formed a head they quaterised it and hurt like omg so now I have to go for a recheck.

After that I think we might go to target they have an instant pot dd would like for Christmas so will see.
Judi I'm so glad you liked your gifts the wall hanging was made from blocks I received 1 year when Chris's was my ss I just put it together
So all that joined that swap made those blocks they did that swap in 2016 I'm glad you liked it.

Everyone have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Monday December 2nd

Post by Becca » Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:54 am

Good morning everyone,still half dark here,but cold.
Judi You inspired me to start decorating yesterday.I got all my wreaths,wall decor,Porch & back door complete & manager scene.Still have tree & village yet.Glad you liked your gifts.

Lois Enjoy your day too.sure Hope your finger is alright.Those pins give nasty sticks.

Kathy How Happy I was to hear from you.Please know I consider you a wonderful friend.Lots of us on here would visit if we were close.Sure hope this ends very soon for you & your Dr can help.Hugs for you.

QUESTION Heating Pad I need a new one.I saw one advertised that said moist heat.Has anyone ever had one.I didn’t see how it could work.Letme know if you know a good brand f pad.Mine wore out.Thanks for any help.

The Lady from Pallative Care is coming this morning si I must get going.Have a great day everyone. Becca

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Re: Monday December 2nd

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:37 am

Good morning, it's going to be another soggy day today. Still no real puddles out in my yard, the ground is so dry that any standing water has been soaked up.

Today I will go back to work with my turkey sandwich lunch in hand. Jerry will make turkey pot pies with the turkey leftovers. I had gone through my quilt magazines and have 4 boxes that I don't need. I put them for sale on a FB page and will meet the lady buying them today.

I looked at my favorite shopping webpages. so not thrilled with their cyber Monday deals. Kind of disappointed.

Judi, I agree about SS. I just love it. Lots of special people here. Hope you post a picture of your SS gift so I can see which blocks I sent to Lois.

Lois, I don't remember which blocks I sent you, so glad you made them into something special for Judi.
Crazy about your finger, glad it will be better soon.

Becca, ask the Pallative care lady about the heating pad. Jerry bought one not long ago, it is just a Sunbeam long pad no moisture. I like that mine is long and it has a thick lambs wool like cover. My old heating pad was just a 12 inch square, too small for me. Look at you making it look a lot like Christmas.

Time for breakfast and to make my lunch for work. you all have a groovy day,

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Re: Monday December 2nd

Post by auntjana » Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:49 am

Good morning!

Such fun watching all the SS openings and sheninigans! It is a fun thing to do!

Not much here. Scrooge is being a wonderful assistant with decorating. We did quite a bit yesterday after church and more today. Then I will do some more sewing, making doll clothes.

Lila is back to her smiley, button pushing self. I saw her in Saturday, all full of giggles. What wonders medicines can do!

No snow storms for a couple of days, just cold temps. Still dark outside right now and I am snuggled deep in my warm quilts, waiting for our heat to turn on.

Do something fun!


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Re: Monday December 2nd

Post by WeSignificant » Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:51 am

Good morning, still wet here. Wind is crazy. Thinking I may take Carquinez bridge and go down Hiway 4 instead of Benicia bridge. They are all difficult in the wind but Benicia has no wind break at all.

Still enjoying looking at my SS gifts. Thinking what to make. Looking for charm pack patterns.

Took a drive yesterday to Santa Cruz to bring a young man back to college after Thanksgiving. My what a ride. Wind, rain hiway 17! Crazy! But we went slow and steady and made it safely. Praying he does well on his finals. He will be again inbetween quarters for Christmas.

Well gotta run to grocery store before work. Out of eggs.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: Monday December 2nd

Post by FlorenceM » Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:04 am

Still sick. Couldn't get into doc office on Friday, so waiting for them to open to call. First t shirt quilt ready for binding. Will pick up batting for second one on way home from doc.
Will catch up later

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Re: Monday December 2nd

Post by billizzy » Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:06 am

Good morning. sorry been missing in action. DH decided since he was off for 4 days we would lay new floor downstairs. Yeah that ment I had to box up gobs of stuff to move furniture. we worked on thanksgiving day after meal and I took momma home. He had about 1/4 done wed night. so entrance was passible to get in house LOL. We didnt work on it friday cuz pretty and we needed to finish some work outside. RAined all day saturday so got floor done and I moved around furniture. got my office back in the office room since all boxes finally out of there :)

then I come on here and see opening day got moved to sunday --im late again LOL I opened this morning with lil elf help lol. You can see new floor in picture of elf :) floor was tiles.

So been busy this morning got dd out door to center went out to feed and blizzard lol. got quick dusting and then gone. of course finished snowing same time I finish feeding all the critters. So much easier with all in one spot takes me maybe 20 min compared to the hour it use to take.

WEll got work today. so will be busy again. I did get dh quilt LA for christmas. Still got to bind it. Cant wait to use my new clips my SS sent me :)

Well need some more java . lil man using my legs for car track at moment as i am in floor typing LOL H just saw my booboo. I was helping dh in ark round up turkeys when I fell in hole and slip in mud. skinned my knee up pretty good. He had to help me up I was spread eagle withnothing to grab hold to get up. He felt bad cuz he hadnt filled in that hole. He got shovel and did it then. :)

hugs and prayers I need java then gonna read to catch up on the happenings :)
:D izzy

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Re: Monday December 2nd

Post by rosebud3 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:15 am

Good morning, I'm up and waiting on coffee to brew. I agree with Judi and Lois. If you have never participated in Secret Santa, you should give it some thought for next year. It is very enjoyable and will lift your spirits tremendously. Such fun times. :D :D :D .

Judi - 37*, brrrrr, I haven't checked our weather and temps yet. Just know it is cold. Enjoy your running around today. Hope you find a lost treasure while cleaning your "happy place".

Lois - Ouch! :cry: :cry: :cry: . That must hurt terribly. Good that you went to the Dr.. Hope your appt. today has good news about the healing process.

Becca - Prayers continue for you and your loved ones. Never heard of that type of heating pad. Will have to look it up. Hugs my friend.

Coffee is calling me, then I need to get started on some ugh-lies. TTYL, prayers and blessings.

OOOOpppppssss, sorry for stepping on you Chriss. Enjoy your day at work, although I know it would be more enjoyable if you could be working in your sewing room. Thanks for the help last night. LOL, I finally had to walk away for a little while, grab something to eat, and clear my brain. I finally remembered to check outlook, my optional/backup e-mail account (or whatever it's called). Lo and behold, there was the new password they sent me.

Val - Did they ever finish the roadwork and bridge work on those areas. The last time I was out there it was a real mess with all the work taking place. When I read about your work travels, it makes me a little teary eyed and homesick.

Jana - Looking forward to hearing the next saga of Life in Herriman. Continued prayers for Aaron as he deals with all the crazy drivers and accidents. Just to let you know, I admire your family, and am humbled by their dedication to serve in jobs that put their lives in danger daily. Along with our Veterans, These young men and women need to be honored and given thanks for their service. Today...I send my thanks to all your kids.

Good morning Izzy and Flo. I have no more time to visit this morning. Will pop back later.


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Re: Monday December 2nd

Post by purrfect-lady » Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:29 am

Good morning,

First, I didn't sleep, and then, boy, did I! Felt good!

JUDI - Is the tree in your sunroom the only tree or will there be others? JANA has 3 - you're not going to let her beat you in trees, are you?? And you are right - Secret Santa is the Best! We have the best Santas and Mary Q, as head Santa, does an awesome job! Thanks, MQ!! It was so much fun!

MARY ROSE - what a purrfect paragraph in your post about Jana's family and all who risk their lives daily for the good of us all! Thank you for putting the gratitude I feel so eloquently. I didn't realize you were orginally from Val's neck of the woods!

JANA - what Mary Rose said! About you and your family. I feel the same! You all rock! hard to imagine after 4 feet that you might get, yet more snow!! Glad Scrooge is playing nice with the decorations! Mine helped a bit, too. He put the tree up, did the lights, and hung a few high ornaments, and toted the three totes of tree decorations up the stairs and then back down again. I will post a photo later in 'decorations' thread.

VALERIE - you were an awesome Santa! It never occurred to me that all the times you said you were sewing for your Elf that I was that Elf!! Thank you again for everything!! So, how far do you have to drive to get to work? Do you have to pay tolls on the bridge? I always had to cross the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to get to my work (13 miles away). It's a 1-1/4 mile span. So glad it wasn't toll back then!

LOIS - I'm glad your finger is better. And so happy you went to the dr!! a few years ago my BIL got a splinter in his finger, thought little of it, got an infection, was in the hospital 9 days, and nearly lost his hand.

BECCA - I have a heating pad that can give moist heat. It's about 30 years old so I'm sure there are much better ones out there now, but the pad has a flannel cover. There is a 1/3" thick foam pad that you moisten and slip inside the flannel cover. I've never used it and in fact, just threw the foam pad out last week, but that's how mine works. I think, though, I want Chriss's heating pad!

CHRISS - I was wondering what kind of weather you were getting. Our national weather maps show you could have anything from sunshine to a blizzard! You seem to be close to it all! We finished up our turkey last night. Back to work today? You had a nice little vacation. Did you get any sewing done or did you just REST.

so - yesterday we put up our tree. With that and the clean up afterward, plus rearranging the furniture to accommodate the tree, we were busy until about 2:30. Then we sat down and watched a movie, had supper, and then watched Home Alone. Today will be the Maytag Mambo. And maybe sewing some more FGV blocks. I have 17 of the 48 done. Oh! and a few days ago I was tearing the house apart looking for 2 pr of jeans that I'd bought Bill a few weeks ago - could not find those jeans! I even went through the trailer - twice! Then, after decorating the tree, I pulled the stack of wrapped presents out from behind the couch to put under the tree and THERE IT WAS! I'd already wrapped it and forgot! Whew!!

I hope your day is the best ever!
mary z

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