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Wednesday, October 9th

Daily discussions.
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Re: Wednesday, October 9th

Post by cindyg » Wed Oct 09, 2019 6:09 am

Hi girls. I have read all. Miss y'all. My Astros lost last night. Tomorrow's game is do-or-die and it's back here in Houston at the juice box (Minute Maid Park).

I hope everyone gets to fondle some fabric today.

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Re: Wednesday, October 9th

Post by mepeace2 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:04 am

Good morning all

Finished piecing my Elfs gift Now to quilt it. I hope she does not look to close at quilting I am not great at this.lol
Also been cleaning out gardens. No chiro this week I want to go on quilt shop hop.
My daughter thinks I should move near her in the Ozarks. Not gonna happen right now.
Suzette Glad you have a new member to your family.
O darn my lunch guest is here. LOl Gotta go fry fish
You all have a great sewing day.Katy

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Re: Wednesday, October 9th

Post by WeeOne » Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:11 am

Judi, you remind me of a good memory every year. I bought my little nativity scene at that store about 40 years ago.

Izzy, have a restful time at the coast.

MaryZ, hope Vicki hasn't piled up junk in your way to park the 5th.

Becca, hope and pray that the twins are doing well.

Everyone else, hello and I hope all have a great day!

Yesterday we were on the east side of Denver, on I-70, in a construction zone and we're clipped by a trucker's mirror on our right side. There was no way to stop and it was 'do not cross solid white line area'. Our mirror looked Ok and DH kept driving slowly with traffic. Next thing we hear is a horn and a guy comes up on our left side and cuts in front of us, almost causing a wreck. He stops, gets out and starts yelling at us. His mirror was damaged and he wanted us to pay for it. Long story short, I called the police, especially after the guy said police didn't need to be called, just give him money. 911 operator insisted that we had to find a parking lot to pull into, not just on the highway shoulder. This took quite a while, you just don't whip 65' of Motorhome with Jeep being towed into anywhere and of course the other guy's truck. Police came and said no one would get a ticket, no one at fault. The construction zone lanes are very narrow, our mirrors stick out some and the trucker's stuck way out. The guy got angry at the police, to the point that one officer told him he could settle down or find himself in the back of the police car. Police told me to call our insurance and for warn them, but that we were not responsible. Needless to say we got to Hays KS 2 hours late.

I will hug Maddox for all of you!! 18 months old now and awesome!

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Re: Wednesday, October 9th

Post by suzette58 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:33 pm

MaryZ - yes he is. He came by planned C-section. The middle brother came by an emergency c-section due to heart problems.

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