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13 September, 2019.

Daily discussions.
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13 September, 2019.

Post by zfatcat » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:08 am

Good morning ladies.

It's going to be a beautiful day.

I'm going to the quilt show in Utah at Thanksgiving Point. It's supposed to a a beautiful place. Going to meet up with Jana when we get there.

Have a wonderful day.
Lori 8-)

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Re: 13 September, 2019.

Post by purrfect-lady » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:28 am

Good morning!

LORI- you are going to have such a fun day! We've driven by Thanksgiving Point a few times, always on a very dark and stormy early morning. Maybe some day our timing will be better and we will actually see the place! And you get to meet up with Jana and Sarah - you lucky! Please give them a hug for me!

LOIS - have fun in your sewing room today. Gnomes or penguins?

Tonite is my son's very first author book-signing for his mystery novel that is coming out Oct 23rd. So bear with me while I do a little mama-bragging here. I can't wait to watch him sit at a table and sign books for lines of people! And I plan to be first in that line! He comes from a long line of writers, his dad and me included, but he's the only one who's finally finished a book and gotten in published. His name is M.L. Erdahl and he has a new website if you'd like to see. The photo on his cover looks almost like the back of our house in our big snowstorm last winter. Happy accident.

Yesterday I got my two bindings made, did laundry, cleaned the garage, and brought in all my yard art for the winter. Just in time. Last night the nice weather system we had going broke and we ended up with a loud T-storm, our third in as many weeks. Rare for us!

Today, I just might have some time in my sewing room. I think I'll look through my patterns for ideas for my Elf, whoever she may be. Today's the last day to sign up! I see Mary posted a list of names signed up so far. Always good to double check to make sure you're on it!

Make your day a good one!
mary z

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Re: 13 September, 2019.

Post by FlorenceM » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:32 am

Lori have fun at quilt show.
Today I am off for my yearly bone scan. Then we will see what I do.


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Re: 13 September, 2019.

Post by WeSignificant » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:50 am

Good morning

Mary I looked your son's website. Wasn't able to figure out how to pre order though. Sounds like a good mystery. That is my favorite kind of book.

Last day of survey today. We seem to be doing well but surveyor just a bit obnoxious. Our Regional Admin has resigned. Not sure if I mentioned that before. He has just one more week. I am not sure if they will replace him or not. Haven't heard of anyone being interviewed.

Weather man surprised me last night and said we might get rain come Monday. Boy that would be welcomed. We will like get over 100 today. I am done with those temps.

Lori have a great time at the show. Get pictures for us. I have never heard of Thanksgiving Point. Sounds like an interesting place.

Can't think of much else. Posted late last night so no more news overnight.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: 13 September, 2019.

Post by fabricgirl » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:57 am

Good Morning Everyone
Nothing on my to do list so I'm going in my sewing room still working on my gnomes christmas starting on my 8th block then there are only 2 blocks left.

Nothing Else new on this horizon.
Lori have fun with Jana.
Mary Z congratulations to your son.
Flo have a good day.
Valarie I hope your last day of the survey goes well.
Everyone have a good day.
Prayers go out to all

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Re: 13 September, 2019.

Post by cindyg » Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:13 am

Lori - have a blast today. It's so fun to meet people from this forum!

Maryz - congratulations to your son for his book. What kind of book did you write? We actually got a little rain at my house yesterday but was only a passing shower - not nearly enough! I'm SO ready for cooler weather.

Flo - happy bone scanning!

Val - we are going to the upper 90's. I would be satisfied if the temps would stay under 90*. I'm zapped!

Well, I didn't even get out of my car this morning before someone needed something. He happened to be in the parking lot when I pulled up. Anyway, that tells me what kind of day I'm going to have. Going to see my great grandson this evening. Bye.

I hope we can all fondle fabric today.

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Re: 13 September, 2019.

Post by auntjana » Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:21 am

Good morning!

With all the rain this week, it is good that Mother Nature likes quilt shows! This one is outside. It will be a bit chilly, but will warm up nicely. Looking forward to heating up with some retail therapy as well as seeing all 1000 quilts! It will be great to meet up with Lori this morning too.

Sarah is going with us and then later this afternoon, she and her family are goung to the state fair. Ethan is excited.

Aaron and family stopped by yesterday and showed me pictures of her youngest sister's wedding dress and what this bridezilla wants her sister's to wear. Shall we say a hefty bag has more going for it than the dress bridezilla picked. All three sisters are now on the hunt for a better looking and fitting dress. I helped Kate find some choices to show her sisters. The wedding is not far off, November 23rd. That is about the normal time around here to plan and pull off a wedding. The voice of reason, Kate's Dad is no longer alive, so her Mom is going overboard too. Frankly, November 23rd, can't get here soon enough!

Time is getting close to go, Grandpa is in charge of Ethan getting to school.


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Re: 13 September, 2019.

Post by maryq » Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:00 am

Good Morning Girls

Is anybody superstitious about Friday the 13th? Not me... the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day and I think I'm actually going to get OUT of the house today--it's been a week since I've been out!

Lori.... How fun to be able to meet Jana and Sarah at a QUILT show.. best meeting place ever! You will take/post some pictures won't you?

Maryz.. I saw the thing about Michael's book on FB.... I'll have to go back and pre-order a hard copy.... Though I think you should get him to sit at your dining room table and sign copies for all you QIAD friends :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Just kidding. I so hope lots of people show up for his book signing and that he sells A LOT of copies. Aren't you just so PROUD!!!!

Flo.... One nice thing about a bone scan...… they don't hurt!

Valerie.... If I had known you wanted some rain... I'd have sent you some of ours... It's been raining here all week....

Lois.... Did you get the Snowmen Instructions printed out? I found the perfect fabric for the snowmen in my stash yesterday... white with silver tiny dots! On my Joann list is a LOT of fusible....

Cindy.... Congratulations again on that darling baby boy! Does they live close by you can see him a lot?

Jana.... Holy Cow... The wedding is November 23 and the bridesmaid don't have their dresses yet? At least they are not asking you to sew them!!!

Well girls.. … If I am going to get out of the house today... I better get in gear. I need to go to Home Depot and pick up a new light fixture for my bathroom.... what's in there now keeps blinking and I think it's dead! Lucky Kevin will get to come and help me install a new one. Then I might run into Joann for some fusible and maybe something for the back of my Christmas Swap quilt... that I actually got together yesterday,... just need to add the borders. Started stitching down the Gnomes on the tree skirt yesterday and so far so good! Am debating what to use for the back of the skirt and how to quilt it....

Off I go..... Wishing you all a Fabulous Friday

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Re: 13 September, 2019.

Post by womster » Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:34 am

Good morning -

Lori - have a great day! What fun.

Maryz - congrats to your son! How exciting. I'm going to go check out his FB page once I'm done here.

Flo - happy bone scan.

Valerie - I'm also done with the heat. It's been getting down to the low 40s here in the wee morning hours.

Lois - enjoy your day.

Cindy - congrats on your new great-grandson!

Jana - have fun with Lori

I'm off to run errands - nothing exciting. Then I will nap. How exciting! Have a wonderful and blessed day. xoxo Sharona

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Re: 13 September, 2019.

Post by Quiltmom » Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:51 am

Good afternoon all! Tonight is Fairview football game. So get to see DG1 play again. I am worried though because they are calling for storms about an hour before game time. Not doing alot today so my knees will be ready for tonight. Got some groceries this morning when I went to get my newspaper. Been looking for one of those sit up type pillows that you can use to read in bed and found one at Meijer's exactly what I was looking for and it was on clearance for 50% off. I bought it so now I can read better at night in bed.

Maryz - How soon will I be able to find a place where I can preorder your son's book? I love mysteries so I will definitely want to buy a copy.

Lori - have fun at the Quilt Show. A quilt show is always a good trip.

Flo - Hope your bone scan comes out all right.

Well, better go get something done at least a little bit. Am busy working on a wall hanging for whomever my Elf turns out to be.

Hope everyone has a good day.


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