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SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Sept 11

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Sept 11

Post by purrfect-lady » Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:04 am

Good morning,

A grim anniversary in our history. Thinking of all who lost their lives and their families. I have faith that God is working everything out - for the victims and the perpetrators.

Yesterday was a day of paperwork and phone calls. Some concerning Ernie and some regarding Vicki. Lots of maneuvering to do to get Ernie placed but hopefully that will happen by end of the week. APS took our report on Vicki's latest escapades very seriously and said someone will be out to check her mental, physical, and environmental status very soon. So we are holding off on our courthouse petition for involuntary hospitalization and seeing what happens with them. I think the rats tipped the scale for them! We would rather APS get her help if possible than us go to court.

We took a break and drove to Port Orchard (Cedar Cove for Debbie Macomber fans), and bought a rug at Lowe's for our new family room downstairs. We also took Scottie to his doctor to have his teeth checked - she didn't think he needed them cleaned - and his itchy skin. No issue there, either but it looks like he had a few hot spots, mostly healed, perhaps from something in the food we gave him when we tried switching him. He has an appt for a groom on the calendar for mid-Oct so we're going to see if we can bump that appt up. They can really get that undercoat out that we seem unable to get. He HATES brushing, bathing, grooming of any kind and it's such a struggle for us so we don't do it ourselves like we should. He likes living the hobo life - eating garbage and looking like a slob! haha!

CHICKIE - I hope your day with Mom goes well. You are such a good daughter and go the extra mile for her every single day for her. My dad always used to tell us "your reward in heaven shall be great" whenever we fetched him a cup of coffee. In your case, there won't be any celestial rubies left for the rest of us! God bless. And yes, you will love the FGV II. You should order it now. You deserve it, by golly! Don't even wait for a sale!

JANA - I never get tired of Aaron's stories! I kind of always wondered how emergency vehicles got to the actual scene when traffic was backed up like that. Now I know - they go knocking on doors!!

BECCA - I guess we had sugar sticks, too, though we just called them pie dough cookies. Any leftover dough was cut up in any old shape and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. No butter. Yum! Mom taught us to top pies, especially apple, with cinnamon and sugar. Crusts without it taste flavorless to me. When I was in home-ec in high school we were 3 or 4 girls to a 'kitchen'. I'd been baking pies since I was 10 yrs old and topped it as usual with cinnamon and sugar. One of the other girls, new to pie baking, had a fit and tried to scrape it all off. After it was baked! Of course, some of the crust came with it and it was a mess. Teacher came by, looked at our pie, and gave us all a 'C'. I blamed the girl, she blamed me, and no lasting friendship came out of from THAT class! You may be the judge. (there could be a fish supper in it for you . . . ;) ;) )

MARY ROSE - let us know how that appt goes for you. Happy fabric cutting! This is the sashing fabric for your Halloween quilt? You've just reminded me, it's almost time to get out MY Halloween quilt - made from that same swap.

Supper last night was pork chops on the grill and baked sweet potatoes. I cubed up cucumber, tomato, and broccoli and added Italian dressing. That didn't impress my DH, so I got to eat the lion's share of that. Yum! Tonite will be grilled chicken and maybe fried potatoes and green beans.

Have you got a plan yet?

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Sept 11

Post by auntjana » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:46 am

Good morning!

Mary - I had the passing thought that the reason Vicki's kids won't step up is they don't want to be "the bad guy" in this whole drama. Afraid to get blamed by Vicki, here in this world or the one after. They just want to say to her, see, we didn't do it. My two cents. Hope that everything works out.

No new Aaron stories today. I am sure they are out there. No Ethan stories either. Ethan still has no idea on the trip to Disneyland. Ethan did have loads of fun riding the roller coasters at Lagoon the other day. He doesn't like the jerky coasters, just the big smooth ones. Sarah ordered special bags that go over your shoulder/chest that are Disneyland approved, to carry a water bottle and snack in. It wil also hold a autograph book for Ethan to carry in the park to gather all the characters signatures. They go on October 20th for a week, right during the time all the villians in Disney are out.

Dinner - nothing has come to the front burner yet, but we won't starve.

I will work on the November wall hanging. I want to have December and January done this month, then take a break on these until January. Then start up again, finishing up the rest of the year's worth. That translates to the last 5.

Oh yes, no cows were hurt in the Flintstone escapade.


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Sept 11

Post by gershwin64 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:58 am

Good morning!
Yes a very grim anniversary, such a horrid thing to have happened, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Mary, I really hope that APS take Vicky and put her where she can be taken care of, nobody should live that way! I hope all goes smoothly with Ernie. I'm gonna go check out FGV II!

Jana, the Disneyland trip sounds super fun and the perfect time to go! It seems like you should have more than a years worth of skinnies? Maybe you did others that weren't for the months?

I'm having major issues with my legs yesterday and today, the pain is getting to me, I tried ibuprofen but it didn't touch it so I guess I'll take my prescription pain pill, I only take them on days like this because they can be addictive. I get a 30 day supply and it usually lasts me 6+ months, I'm very cautious.
I went to a new Dr yesterday, he believes I never had Bell's Palsy but I do have something going on nerve wise for sure and he's thinking maybe a blood clot upstairs so scans and ultrasounds have been ordered, just waiting for the all mighty insurance company to approve them.

Jazmyne is here not feeling good and Preston has a cough this morning. Kevin will be here in town today and tomorrow for his annual driver safety classes for his job and he'll be staying the night instead of driving back and forth, lucky mom here! 😉
I'm trying to think of what's going to be for supper but need to go check the freezer out.

We had a horrible scare Monday night! We took the kids to eat out because we were in town visiting Frankie's aunt at an assisted living place; I was pleasantly surprised that it's a very nice place. Anyway Holly had a meeting to we took the kids out to eat, Holly showed up right when we were finishing so she ordered her food to go and while I went to pay her, Frankie and the kids were up by the doors getting gumballs out of the machine. Easton leaned on one of the doors and it opened enough for Preston to run out and Frankie ran after him but Frankie tripped and fell and Preston ran out in the street and Thank God turned at the last second to the drivers side of the parked car there before getting run over. If he hadn't of turned right then he would've been killed, it's our main street and it was busy traffic. 35pmh cars would've killed him instantly as little as he is. Needless to say we were all shook up, Frankie was hurt and couldn't even talk for a couple of hours! We just couldn't get the image/thought out of our heads! We seriously came writhin just inches of losing Preston! Frankie is sore and bruised on his leg, knee and hands but he says he'll be ok.

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Sept 11

Post by Becca » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:57 am

Hello everyone,sunny here & hot.Had busy morning buying groceries,Library run,drug store,& stopped at Farm for apples & sweet potatoes.

Maryz I Sure hope you get action very soon about Vicky.Maybe this will be the answer.Getting someone settled in a Nursing Facility isn’t easy.Best wishes for Uncle Ernie & Bill Too.
I could go on forever on my Home Ec experiences.And none are good.We made a dress for our fashion show.Mine was made on wrong side of Fabric.My Aunt missed a day of work,ripped it apart & remade it.I always hated that dress.Dont Remember making a pie.Learned that at Home.We Still like sugar sticks.

Jana Ethan will love Disney World.

Tina Im Praying they can get to root of your problem.And Im Sure you are still shaking.How frightening that was I know.
Hope Frankie is ok.

I froze a few apples but have much more to go.And bathroom to clean.
We have rice & black beans leftovers.Maybe that or something else if he wants. Becca

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Sept 11

Post by Irishgram » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:09 am

Good afternoon from a very warm, sunny, summerlike, SW. Pa...Who said, summer was over, seems our's is just beginning, lol....But, then again, next week, we might have winter....

Mary, It is indeed a grim anniversary and I'm sure as Tina said, we all remember where we were and what we were doing...Those memories will never, ever be forgotten...
Oh my, your poor fur baby, tooth appointment, then having an appointment with the groomers! I'd be like him, let me alone, I like this look!
I'm glad Bill liked the cake but you know, a word of caution, lol....And as Jana said, I kind of agree about Vicki's kids..Let you be the "meanie" but it's not fair that they have you doing all the work, just not right....As we all age, me in particular, I've often thought, is that going to be me or will I keep my wits...Just thinking about leaving this house, which I love, but how much longer will I be able to take care of it and then what???I'll tell you gals, this getting old is not for whimps! But, maybe Dr. Hunk will do his magic and turn me into a new woman and then look out!

Tina, I do like you hear your stories but not today's tales...My heavens, thank goodness that guardian angel was on the ball...How fast things happen! Poor Frankie, hope the bumps and bruises heal quickly...AND you, my dear, you've really had a time, haven't you? Hoping and praying the doc gets to the bottom of the problems and it's an easy fix...My sister was given those "nasty" pain pills and she would only take 1/2 a dose because she was so worried...But, she's now pain med free, said she'll put up with the discomfort...But, she is funny, any time something would go wrong or maybe she wouldn't know an answer, she'd always say, "Well, you know I'm on drugs".....Feel free to use her excuse, lol.....

Jana, I've often wondered about the emergency vehicles getting through and there have been times, when I think they should have just driven right over some people/cars..Really makes you mad when there are people who actually think they need to be right there, in the way! I can imagine the excitement when Ethan finds out about the trip...I'm with him about the smooth, non jerky rides...Of course they can't be too high either or really too fast...Guess I need to stay in "kiddy land".....

Becca, I imagine you're having this warm weather in your neck of the woods...I just feel bad for the kids in school, some of our schools have no AC and the kids must be melting...But, then what did we do??? Hope your day is good.....

I spent yesterday with my sister...She needed a fill in for her card club so she twisted my arm, real hard...She also needed someone to pick her up and take her, lol...After cards, she asked if we could go for a ride and visit 1 of her son's who had just bought a farm and is doing a lot of remodeling....What a fun day...But, I did tell her, not to call me today, I'm not leaving the house....Not that I'm going to get anything accomplished but I just need to stay home...Might be a little too warm to weed whack but I'll find something.....As for dinner, this is "must-go" day so anything that looks edible is on the menu....

You all have a great day.............

Happy eating.............

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Sept 11

Post by rosebud3 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:43 am

Oh, Tina! what a heart wrenching experience. I know from some of my falls that Frankie must be extremely sore. Some falls make you feel like you were hit by a Mac truck. Sorry the young ones aren't feel good. Do you think all that happened scared Preston enough that he won't do that again? Continued prayers for correct diagnosis of all that is causing you so much pain.

Mary the scan went quickly today. Tomorrow I go back to the Oncologist office to review the results of the blood draw and CT scan. The appointment is for 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. Prayers that all goes well with Uncle Ernie's move. It is good to here he had a good day.

Jana it amazes me how inconsiderate people are, especially in emrgency situations. Aaron is very special person to do the job he does and be able to maintain a professional demeanor.

Becca sweet potatoes sound good. Maybe I will go pick some up at the store and fix one for supper tonight. Otherwise I think leftover tacos will fill my plate.


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Sept 11

Post by auntjana » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:01 pm

Guess what is on the tops if my mountains? You're right! SNOW! And it isn't even Conference weekend yet, the first weekend of October.

Tina - oh I know that scary feeling, since my Logan did the same thing. So glad he is safe. How is Frankie from the fall?


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