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SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, Sept 10

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, Sept 10

Post by purrfect-lady » Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:48 am

Good morning,

Can you believe it - Sept is already 1/3 gone! Becca's and my half-birthdays will be here before you know it!! (that's Sept 22 and 23 for those of you keeping track. ;) )

Bill said Ernie was possibly, maybe, a teensy, tiny little bit improved yesterday. Or else they caught him in a good moment. He's going to be transferred to an extended care facility near our house very soon. Will be a relief not to have to make that 90-mile round trip twice a week!

My Alaskan SIL was discharged from Fairbanks Hospital yesterday after 6 weeks. Her Alz is so advanced that she couldn't remember how to talk on the phone last week. There is no money for a facility, yet they don't qualify for Medicaid. So she has gone to my niece's tiny little house. It took a team of several people on 3 shifts to care for Marge in the hospital. Now my niece has to do it 24/7 while babysitting her little grandson before and after school and trying to hold down a job managing 7 rental properties. This won't be good. Marge has her days and nights flipped so there will be no sleeping in niece, Laurie's house from now on.

Yesterday I made a small wall-hanging out of the stitched part of a pillow I cross-stitched for my mom more than 35 years ago. Now to find wall space in my sewing room for it. It's about 15" square and will hang on the diagonal. I also got a good start on that cross-stitched quilt label. Today - maybe clean that linen closet that is nagging at me. And the catch-all drawer in the main bathroom needs a good purge. But Bill gave me an early Christmas present yesterday that I want to play with - Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage II. He forgot he ordered it (he is definitely NOT a last-minute shopper!) and when it arrived yesterday we opened up this 'mystery box'. Surprise!! I love it!

JANA - thank you for your kind words. Sometimes we lose patience and then I feel so guilty. Sometimes we get so frustrated. Well, I'm thinking this next Bridezilla wedding might not be too big a production if they only have 10 weeks to pull it together . . . But we'll sit back and enjoy the antics with you! Recipes! Several years ago I spent months carefully hand-writing all our favorite family recipes out for all my kids. I chose a special box and cards that reflected each one's personality. Later, I realized I'd lost one of my most treasured recipes and when I asked the kids if I could get a copy of it from them, not one of them had saved the box or even the recipes. :(

IRISH - sounds like you might need that summer furniture out a little longer! Lucky you! I'm starting to bring in all my yard art. In a few weeks, the cushions and quilts will come in off the covered deck. Winter, she is a-comin'! Thank you for the Shoo Fly Cake recipe! I made it yesterday and Bill pronounced it a keeper. I tried to text you a photo of it, but it wouldn't 'go'. But know it was tasty! Funny molasses story - when my kids were little, we stirred a few teaspoons of molasses into a glass of milk and called it Bunny Milk for the bunny on the Brer Rabbit Molasses label. Well, some years ago Brer Rabbit decided to take the bunny off the label. This seemed outrageous to me and to my friend, Carol. So we started a writing campaign, told them about "bunny milk", and said they were Brer RABBIT, for gosh sakes! They not only brought the bunny back, but he's big and prominent on the label now! You're welcome.

BECCA - I think I'm busy, but your days exhaust me! Your house must be the most sparkly in all of NC! I wouldn't mind if you came and visited me! You might have to make it a looong visit, but that's OK. I have LOTS of chores - er, I mean opportunities for entertainment . . . :D We should invite Jana, too. She seems to like "opportunities for entertainment", too! The more the merrier, right?

MARY ROSE - oh no!! You had to make a trip to the LQS! I should have been there with you - you know - for support. I could have helped you. Helped you spend! lol! Keeping faith that all your medical tests and exams come out A-OK.

Supper last night was soup, but it ended up being chicken enchilada soup. I didn't know that was a ''thing", yet I found I had 3 recipes for it! :lol: Now I have only one. Bill really liked it. Not sure if we're going to have leftovers of that or pork chops and mashed potatoes tonite. I'm kind of tired of Mexican.

And what can I get for you?

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, Sept 10

Post by FarmChick » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:58 am

Good Morning! We are still going for 90 and maybe higher today. The humidity almost matches, and it’s hard walking to take care of the dogs. I have Choc and Ava both today.

Irish—I love molasses! I also love sorghum, but it’s now impossible to get real, pure sorghum any more. It’s become a fond memory—Grandma used to get it in a tin bucket with a bail-type handle. I would rather eat molasses or sorghum than than syrup.

Oh, Mary—I’m so sorry for your niece! I can’t imagine how difficult for her that things have become. She will be in the psych ward before it’s over if she isn’t careful. I hope she can find help.

I must get the FG Vintage II book! I heard it was out but I hadn’t pre-ordered it. Of course, I don’t have FGV one finished, but there is always hope!

How awful that no one had saved the recipes or boxes! That’s criminal! I was in the process of typing Anna Mae’s recipes and was going to make the kids recipe books of their mom’s recipes. All was lost, unfortunately.

Jana—congrats on another firefighter! All the boys and grandsons here are volunteer firefighters. Also have first responder and captain, EMT and Paramedic.

Mom is about the same. She got a hospital bed delivered from hospice yesterday, and she’s very happy with it. I will be at my sister’s early (o-dark thirty) to spend all day with Mom while they are out of town. She will ask all day long if I’ve heard from them and when will they be back. She is never thrilled when I’m on the job.

I’ve been making pie filing for the freezer and am now stocked up. DH brought in two over full 5-gallon buckets of pears and apples, so I worked them up. I also made a birthday brownie for one of the DGD’s 21st birthday. I am definitely getting back to my baby quilt today!!! I’m ready for the binding. When I finish that, I’ll make burp cloths and bibs to match.

Dinner here—we have some leftover pizza or hamburgers. I also have salad. We won’t starve!
Bon appétit!

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, Sept 10

Post by auntjana » Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:12 am

Good morning!

Not much going on here. Aaron called. He was out on a 6 car accident. He was leading the pack of rescue vehicles, a couple of troopers, heavy rescue firetrucks and ambluances. The freeway is under construction and there are no emergency shoulders, just the three lanes of traffic. No place for Aaron's team to get to the accident. Cars saw them coming, so moved over as tight as they could, except one car that was not paying attention. She just sat there, playing on her phone. Aaron jumps out of his rig and runs up to her car, banging on the window and finally got her attention. The troopers behind Aaron are rolling on the floor laughing hard. Another driver saw the problem of the rescue team and then ran ahead of Aaron, getting cars to move and even fold in mirrors to get every inch of space. The team finally got to the accident and had to cut out three people from the cars and rush several to the hospital. Never a dull moment!

Dinner - last night's sesame chicken was tasty. Next time I will use chicken thighs, as breast meat tended to dry out. Tonight, I have no idea, but we need milk, which is a run to Costco and who knows what will jump into the basket.

Next on the cleaning list is my sofa. The rug is still slightly damp, so that may wait for a bit.

Time to leave,

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, Sept 10

Post by Becca » Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:35 am

Hello everyone,hot here again.
I’m happy to get out of Kitchen.Been in There 3 hrs & that’s too long for me.Freezing Tomato’s,Made apple pie & sugar sticks,made black beans over rice.While folding laundry & facetimed with DGS in WA.
Sugar sticks is pie crust in stick form with brown sugar,butter & cinnamon on them.I used to do them for my kids & DGKids.
Oh we love molasses or sorghum.But didn’t care for shofly pie.
Maryz I think I would have cried over the recipes.My DB (oldest) Living Made a notebook for each of us of my Mom & Dads recipes which I treasure.
What a joke on my house.Even though CA says it is sterile I just laugh. I do try hard because of his asthma and my allergies.Denise also has both.
Oh my Heart goes out to your niece.I would help if I was close.Thats sad.
So glad you found a close place for Uncle Ernie.

Chickie Im Sending you a BIG hug.Too bad Mom feels that way.I know you are a very caring loving nurse.And hope you cool down very soon.

Jana That was some accident & maybe a phone was the cause who knows.Something that needs to be left alone when traveling.

Rosebud.Praying you get a good report on blood work.

Irish Gotta love your week of running although it does get tiring sometimes.

I sill have sheets to fold & closet to do.Have a great day. Becca

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Tuesday, Sept 10

Post by rosebud3 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:58 pm

Hi girls, supper tonight will be chicken and green beans again.

Tomorrow is 2nd of my 3 appointments. I will go to work, then leave at lunchtime to make it on time for the CT scan. I got my fabric washed and dried before bedtime yesterday. Now I just need to get it pressed, then I will be ready to get blockblock layout confirmed and start sewing.


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