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Thursday May 21th

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Thursday May 21th

Post by TeresaK » Wed May 20, 2020 10:23 pm

Good Morning everyone.
First of all - Praise the Lord Shirley Mae that Gloria is about to go home this weekend. He is our Healing God!!!!!

Tis me checking in to let you know that other than the sciatica and groin pain on the left side that we are still figuring out how to get rid of, all is going well for me and Rob. Foot is great and his heart is going strong at 45%.
We are still doing our normal retired things around the house although we are trying to tackle the dust bunnies that have shown their evil heads even more so now because of the last 4 days of massive winds. It is a tiring job but someone has to do it LOL. Someone mentioned tackling Mt. St. Washmore? We have decide to see the new Washing machine. We missed the return date by 1 day. It is a top loader with an agitator and I get agitated every time I have to unwind clothes. UGH! Again life will go on.

I have been able to get together with my WW friends at the Meadowbrook Park in Tehachapi for about an hour or so a week. Wearing masks when necessary and enjoying our lunches and fellowship. It is such a great feeling to laugh with friends. This month we had two birthdays. Debbie's and mine :)

I have been able to zoom with Spencer (11 now). Great conversations. All my families are doing well. My sister, Susan - Midwife has to really get all garbed up when she is their to assist in (lots) Mom's giving birth. Many back to back and many hours. She will be happy to not have to do this down the road. My sister, a different Debbie didn't get Covid 19 but she did get 2 strains of the flu at the same time. She was in really rough shape and was glad to have great neighbors dropping off food and making sure she did not take a turn for the worst. She is doing well. My Mom, 87 just had Gall bladder surgery and is also doing well.

I am still making masks for friends and I ask if others need a mask when we go shopping. It is not mandatory here but some places MAKE it mandatory. Otherwise I make them for the Cancer Center and the Hospital in Tehachapi. I now have 4 quilts. 1 Big, Stunning quilt from Linda Wayda. I have plenty to keep me busy when the body lets me. Lots of breaks. I couldn't do any sewing over the last 4 days. Pain to bad. Today was rough until I crawled to my friend, Tawney (Acupuncturist). Lots of needles. Pain 9, now a 4 YEA!!!

Rob says we should have a sunny, NO WIND day tomorrow. THANK the Good Lord!!!! The winds have been massively strong and definitely has an affect on moods, especially DH's.

I have been reading up on everyone's daily happenings when I can. The Boy Scouts put flowers on the Vets graves. We have no family here. Used Car, New baby, Grocery shopping. Rob does a great job and we pick up small items in town to support the locals. Dam and to much rain. Please send some back! Masks that make you hot. I itch from mine and my nose runs. The other day I drank my drink the wrong way and went into Home Depot coughing. She was going to kick me out until I told her I choked on my drink. WOW you should have seen people move away from me. Can't blame them. Sickness and healing needed. I do keep a list of the major ones but always you all in my thoughts and prayers. Little things like Chriss sending me a Happy Friends Day that meant the world to me and I received the text when our WW group was meeting. We never knew it was National Friends Day. THANK YOU Chriss!! Waiting for Mother's Day and Lotto packages to arrive, slow mail and so on. Life does continue and every day above ground, no matter what is a good day. When I feel pain I think of those around me feeling so much worse from this virus, losses, illnesses and more. Keeps me centered.
Whatever you do today, make it count and go to bed happy with no regrets :)
Love and Hugs to you all, Teresa

P.S Today is National Strawberries and Cream, and Red Cross Day!!!! I have my Strawberries! Do you have yours?????
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Re: Thursday May 21th

Post by FlorenceM » Thu May 21, 2020 4:24 am

Morning Teresa & all to follow
Today I have fic appt, check up with plastic surgeon. Then I will hop on zero turn mower & mow about 3 acres. Then will get push mower for between bushes. Starting tomorrow looking at 5 days if rain again.

Time to run.

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Re: Thursday May 21th

Post by purrfect-lady » Thu May 21, 2020 4:39 am

Good morning,

TERESA - nice to see you and to hear things are going your way and all your family is doing OK. I'm assuming your spring travel plans were postponed. Our fall trip to the east coast is also on hold.

CINDY - glad your weekend is coming up. I sure hope you took an extra day or two to tack on to your time at the lake. How is Don doing? Smart idea to put the Christmas stuff where you can get to it more easily. Tell Vicky hi from us. What is your mask lined with? The feedback I got on flannel is it's hot and hard to breathe through. I used muslin in most of my masks. There was no formal "class" on our car, just 45 minutes to go through all the technical stuff cars have nowadays - Blue tooth, secret buttons that open hatch and make the seats lay down. Makes my eyes glaze over.

SHERRY - I do sporadically take flowers to my parents', grandparents, in-laws, and husbands' graves. But I usually go on different days - like their birthdays, Christmas, or my wedding anniversaries, Mothers Day, or because my lilacs are in bloom and they were my mom's favorite flower. As it happens my first husbands death anniv IS on Memorial Day.

MARY Q -just how big is this garden box? And what will you be planting in it? Did you get soil? We have neighbors across the road who bought stock water troughs to plant in. Expensive, but works great!

JUDI - how's the back yard looking now? You should put your name on your benches for times such as this when they float away to someone else's yard.

VAL - hope the drive to your new office wasn't too bad. And the baby is so sweet!! Yes, get that generation picture! Five! Rare!

FLO - happy mowing! Thanfully that's one thing I don't have to do. Bill mows with the tractor and brush hog. But I get to do the rest of the yard work.

CHRISS - I'm assuming your new neighbors haven't moved in yet due to the quarantine? Lots of stuff has been delayed. Our Olympia friends were redoing their kitchen and just got the demolition part finished when the stay home orders were handed down. How is work going? How is Jerry doing?

Yesterday I got my second Spring Swap blocks together and my sewing room picked up. Today we're off to Costco and then to Safeway. Dealing with wiping everything down and putting it all away will take up the morning. Then I plan to make a frozen peanut butter pie to have on hand for the weekend when my DBIL will be here. I don't think I'll be turning on my machine today.

Time for coffee! Stay well!

mary z

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Re: Thursday May 21th

Post by grammiequilts » Thu May 21, 2020 4:43 am

Good morning,,,Today MAY be new fridge day...I say MAY because we didnt get the usual day before call...so I am up dressed and hair combed in anticipation on a new fridge. praying it comes...I am tired of walking around coolers on my kitchen floor which now needs a good mopping. Ken took the day off....to help. I hope its nor wasted. He loves his job and I know it makes him happy.
I didnt get into the sewing room yesterday but I will today...I have about 60 masks made and 40 more to go...I also have elastic as one of the orders came. I tried to cancell another order and they wont cancel so I might be swimming in elastic before long.. its feast or famine around her,
We are doing well with the flood waters...My house is elvated above the lower yard...about 15ft higher...out basement is shallow and the flooded river doesnt even reach my basement floor. the lower yard fills with water and we have a lake...this usuallt only happens once a year maybe,,,this is our 3rd flood this spring. the swift current (making the river too dangerous to swim) takes out any thing that is down in the lower yard and sends it as a gift to my neighbors....we are all used to it but this has been particularly bad, Im not sure we will get our benches back.this time...wont know till the water recedes. Ken and the neigh bors laugh about it, but this year it isnt too funny anymore....I hate to think what the mosquitis will be like with al this standing water and warmer weather,,,
Ken has finished the 2 endtables for the living room and when I suggested we buy porch furniture,,,he decided to make them so this summer I will get a porch swing and 2 adarondak chairs,,,all with a Margaritaville theme. I will search for cushions and decor...we will buy a palm tree...for sure...(artificial) well I need cooffe..coffee and I hear Ken up and moving...have a wonderful day XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOO

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Re: Thursday May 21th

Post by billizzy » Thu May 21, 2020 4:54 am

Good morning all.

Sherry I’m loading up goats for ya now🐐🐐😂

Finished quilt for DDIL. I will post pictures today. Hopefully 🤣
Now finish tshirt quilt and will be caught up.
I ordered some background fabric for my ugrr blocks so once in will finish those up.
I only had fat quarters and needed more.

Rain stopped, Judy hope you all are far fro those dams,

Lyn that baby is too sweet.

Nothing else new here. Finishing up this school year. One more week then done.

Happy stitching 🧵 hugs 🤗 prayers 🙏

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Re: Thursday May 21th

Post by Becca » Thu May 21, 2020 5:29 am

Good morning everyone still cloudy & rain off & on for another week
Teresa Glad your pain level went down Nice to hear from you
Sherry We always put flowers on our Parents graves on Christmas & Easter On my DB & DS too
Val What a precious baby Five generations is special
Judi Water is a scary thing to be respected Hope you get your Frig today
Flo That’s a lot to mow Too wet here It will wait
Izzy Glad school is al most over for you
Yesterday was a busy day Iglies here & will
Take care of some paper work Have a great day everyone Becca

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Re: Thursday May 21th

Post by auntjana » Thu May 21, 2020 5:49 am

Good morning!

The sun is trying to show his face through all the clouds. Another cool day here, which is nice. We did have to turn on the heat last night, a bit chilly for the end of May.

Another play day for me. Still working on my cat blocks. It is a BOM and I started late, so I have 5 to make to be caught up before the next block is available. Sarah saw the blocks I have done and decided that she wants this quilt. Well, she can borrow the pattern and raid stash. I am not doing two! LOL!

My new tablet is ready and waiting for Matt to come over and set it up. After the last fiasco with me thinking I could set it up and locking up my phone so badly, he will do it for me. My case/cover will be here Saturday.

Stay safe, stay dry!


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Re: Thursday May 21th

Post by maryq » Thu May 21, 2020 8:04 am

Good Morning Girls

Just waiting for my coffee to kick in... hoping that will give me a good jump start to get more done today. Managed to clean up sewing room a bit yesterday... but still so much more to do! UGH

Teresa... Good to see you poke your head in here! And good to see you and Rob are doing well. I LOVE my washing machine.. top load... but man you are so right.. things get twisted so bad! You should see the mess when I'm washing fabric pieces... It has a nice deep tub which I like, but since I'm short I can't reach the bottom of it! I keep an old back scratcher near by to grab stuff from the bottom... especially sox!

Flo.... If you have rain coming... so hope you get all the lawn mowed before it comes! And after the rain stops... it will be time to mow again!

Maryz… What kind of car did you get? You will love blue tooth connected to your phone. I can push a button on my steering wheel and say "Call Kevin" and it will call my son! OR I could say "Call Maryz" and it would call you! Now if I could say "wash kitchen floor" I'd be in heaven. My garden box is 2' x 4' and about18" deep.. IF I get butt in gear and go to town today I'll need to get the dirt. Then I'll go to the nursey by my house and pick up some tomato plants. Kevin won't be able to help me move it until Monday.

Judi... Gosh I hope your fridge comes today!!! SO hard to wait on delivery for things.. normally I'm pretty patient but man, walking around coolers does get OLD. Love the picture of your back yard on FB. You might need to stock it with some fish!

Izzy.... Yeah... ONE more week of school. How is it going with the kids not AT school? You are just going back to Delaware next right? It is sure going to be different for kids going back in the fall... I have a feeling they are going to be behind and it will take a while for them to get caught up.

Becca... You had an "ugly" day yesterday? I have so many uglies to do around here... but I'm just not in the mood... Am postponing them until Saturday.. and I'm afraid it's going to take 2 pots of coffee to get through them all.

Jana.... :lol: I sure wouldn't want to make two of the cat quilt either... as much as I love doing applique! I think I have about 3 Fatcat patterns traced, just waiting for me to put together the fabric for them. Have you seen "June Bride' 2 more blocks of that to download and I think I'm going to play with that.... .after I get more masks done.

Need to run to the PO this morning, so I better get going... It's kind of over cast here and gloomy. If I was smart I'd wash windows today... but I ain't that smart!

Wishing you all a GREAT Thursday

PS... UGRR swappers... can you give me a heads up where you are at?

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Re: Thursday May 21th

Post by rosebud3 » Thu May 21, 2020 7:37 pm

Well, I finally took the time to sit down at the computer for a bit. The last 5 days have been consumed with yard work. Weeds, weeds, and more weeds, but most of them are down now and ready to be hauled off. One of the men from my church is going to bring his trailer over in the morning, load it up with all the weeds and other debris that needs to go to the dump, and haul it off for me. I tell ya, I am one sore and tired puppy, but it feels good to see some headway for once. I should be able to finish up the last of it this weekend. Next week I will continue with my closet purging...

In case I don't get back in a day or two, everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend.


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