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SUPPER CLUB - Sunday, Nov 10th

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Sunday, Nov 10th

Post by purrfect-lady » Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:54 am

Good morning,

We're drippy here this morning but it should clear and warm to mid-50's later today. Good thing as the MLS cup is being played here today. Soccer fever has taken over the Seattle area. I'm not a fan (though my DD is over the top for all our local sports), but since Seattle is playing we might watch. Seahawks don't play until tomorrow night when they plan to trounce Jana's team, The Forty-eighters. ;)

Yesterday was all about sewing. I made 3 more sets of potholders - all applique'd foxes for our friends who all have Arctic Fox RV's. We're having a Christmas party next month and I plan to give these to all the gals. I have to sandwich them today, but the hard part is done. I want to make maybe 1 or 2 more pairs and then I will wrap up my pot holder project. I also want to make a small table topper for a friend's birthday. I have to have that finished by Nov 21.

BECCA - So what all does in-home palliative care entail? Nurse visits? Bathing? medications? Some thrift shopping trips are real scores. Some times not so much. I hit one store in Kenai, Alaska where I got a total of about 17 yards of various good quality fabrics for about $1/yd. Then I'll go a year and never find anything. Once I found 6 yds of beautiful 30's fabric (4 different prints) for $5.

JANA - I thought your nephew was going to be at your house for the game, but that mug rug will break up all that orange - you know, give the eye somewhere to rest. :lol: It's going to hurt just a little bit to see my Richard Sherman in SF colors. But I still love him. Love Tanner's quilt! I see some wildlife prints in there, too, don't I?

By the time we got to supper last night all Bill wanted was poached eggs. So tonight will be the raviolis in pesto sauce. and tomorrow night might be tacos . . .

How's it looking in your kitchen?

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Sunday, Nov 10th

Post by auntjana » Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:54 am

Good morning!

Mary - orange? You have my teams mixed up. You will be seeing lots of red and gold tomorrow night. The orange and black colors are my Giants. I have a bunch of nephews and nieces, most are in the SLC area. About 20 nieces and nephews and that isn't counting all of their spouses, children and a few of those nieces and nephews are grandparents too. It makes for a big tribe!

Dinner - reverse dinner tonight - hash browns and eggs.

I got my Nativity finished last night and posted a picture. Yes, you do see a few bears and deers in Tanner' s quilt. He just plain loves animals! And machinery, tools and anything he can do with his hands. If Matt sets down a scrap of wood from a project, Tanner has scooped it up and is off to build something with it, even if Matt still needs it!

Sarah was over yesterday. She needed to check the final design of the electrical with Michael. He made a few suggestions on the runs of the wire, but she pretty much had it right. Sarah needed a part that goes in the metal boxes to hold the romex, wire, in place. She dashed to the Ace hardware here in town and asked a clerk where that piece would be. She told him exactly what it was, so he went to a spot in the store, looked and said, we don't carry them, so you need to go to Lowes. Sarah knew they were looking in the wrong area, so then told him, point me to the electrical boxes. Yep, she went straight to what she needed and taught the clerk about electical parts! To say the least, she was very pleased with herself.

Church is awhile later this morning.


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Sunday, Nov 10th

Post by Irishgram » Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:36 am

Good morning from a very cold and a little sunny, SW. Pa....Another good day to stay inside...How many more days until Spring????

Mary, your day yesterday, sounds like heaven and you've accomplished quite a bit in that sewing department, haven't you? I didn't make it here, was busy finishing up the "winter" windows and doing "house" stuff....The thrift stores around here, mostly have clothes and when I stop in, I have to watch I don't bring home something that I had donated, lol....But, I sure do love to hear about your thrift adventures and some day, want to go shopping with you.....

Jana, What a handsome fellow your Tanner is....And so talented but it's to be expected with you being his Grandma.....Love that the boys are following you in the quilting department...They'll treasure those 1st quilts forever.....

Not much happening here today....I have a fellow/handyman stopping in to look at a few jobs...Trying to get everything taken care of and hopefully, don't have to bother the kids...Of course, Kathy is telling me to wait, she and Tim will be here next month and he'll take care of things....If they're coming for a vacation, they're not going to spend it doing my odd jobs.....
Also, will be working on my Xstitching and who knows, maybe a nap....Did have a good sports weekend, so far...Both, Notre Dame and the Penguins won.....

As for dinner, I'm thinking chicken but of course that's subject to change.....All the left overs are gone so it's on to new food.....

You all have a great day......

Happy eating.................
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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Sunday, Nov 10th

Post by Becca » Sun Nov 10, 2019 10:15 am

Hello everyone,sunny here at 63 but tomorrow cold.

Maryz We don’t know a lot about Pallative Care.Other than nurse comes once a month.Helps with Med.Thats all we know But sure no baths.He does that himself & dresses.We May not want it but wanted to give it a try since Dr suggested.
Wow wow on all your thrift shop finds.

Jana Tanner is a fine looking young man & his quilt is perfect.I too saw the animals.Sounds like a wonderful boy.
Wow your Nativity is just outstanding.I love all of it.You did a great job even if it was a few years.I do have a blank wall.lol

Irish Do hope the handyman works out.We miss Marty but he does things when he comes.He will be here tomorrow.

Our weather is due for big change.It is burger day here.Baked sweet Potatoes.CA bought a fruit cake so he’s a happy man. Becca

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Sunday, Nov 10th

Post by FarmChick » Sun Nov 10, 2019 11:18 am

Good Sunday Afternoon! I need to be sewing, but I MUST get outside. We are going for almost 70 degrees today!!! Of course, since this is Kansas, you know what that means—tomorrow will be much different! Yes, tonight the temps are dropping to 31 with a wintry mix in the forecast. THAT I can do without!!! Tomorrow is only going to be 35 with wicked north winds and 50% chance of more precip. The low is to be 15. It’s definitely time to hibernate! Tuesday will only be 36 for the high, but the winds will be better and no precip in the forecast. It’s hard to believe with the temp at 66 now that it can deteriorate so fast. UGH! I think those bitter cold winds are the worst!

Yesterday at Mom’s, we got her bath and also a new perm accomplished. I think we wore her out, but she was ready to have us get the job done. It definitely takes the two of us to get her bath done, and it did the perm as well.

Jana—Tanner’s quilt is great! What a fun way to get the GKs interested in sewing! I think Natasha had the most fun with the design wall, too! Tanner is a cutie! He sure looks proud of his quilt, and I love his fabric choices too!

Becca—I’m thinking palliative care is making the patient comfortable and caring for his needs. They will help with his meds, I hope. I love a good fruit cake! I haven’t made any for several years, but now you have me thinking about them!

Irish—my mom always had honey-do lists when my (late) DH and I came from Missouri. Yes, how many days to spring!!! Winter is still 41 days away, but I think they were really lying on TV this morning when they said that.

Mary—My DGS was a very good soccer player. He was one of two freshmen on the varsity team when he was in high school. It’s not played in all the schools. I want to get back in to my pot holders. I’m going to stop and make a couple of sofa pillows from placemats for the DDILs. They are tapestry and have a pickup truck full of pumpkins and “happy Fall” on them. I know one will love hers, and I may just do the one. She has the antique pickup out in front of the barn that she fills with flowers, pumpkins or packages depending on the seasons.

Dinner tonight—sorry Mary, you don’t want to know. Part of the name is cat and comes from the river. There will be salad and veggies on the side and maybe some air fried little potatoes.

Bon appétit!

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Sunday, Nov 10th

Post by gershwin64 » Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:29 pm

Hi everyone!
Jazmyne stayed the night Friday and then her and Easton stayed last night. I'm a little worn out but we had fun. Jazmyne took all my embroidery threads and color grouped them and put them back up on their peg boards. She also put 3 bags of things away that I had scattered everywhere in my sewing room from doing the fidget quilt. My sewing room looks so much better! I even finished a project I've been working in for 5-6 months and that'll be out of there. I want to do some pot holders but need to get the insulbrite. I was going to see if I could finish my SS up today but I didn't sleep much last night and I'm so sleepy and my back is hurting. I'm gonna take a break and see how I feel this evening.
We're so warm today that I have 7 windows open, 4 ceiling fans going and both doors open.
Supper tonight is just leftovers.

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Sunday, Nov 10th

Post by rosebud3 » Sun Nov 10, 2019 2:28 pm

I am still working on my SS gift. Needed to take a break and rest my hands. When I sat down my baby girl (fur baby), Emily climbed up on my shoulder and stayed cuddling for about 45 minutes. Now that she is down, I will go fix a salad for supper, then back to the sewing room.


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