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SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Nov 8th

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Nov 8th

Post by purrfect-lady » Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:11 am

Good morning,

39* this morning. I think we're going to blow leaves again today. Our colors this year are fabulous, something the PNW is definitely not known for. Not sure what's different about this year but we are really getting a show of color, plus the leaves are hanging on longer. The trees are usually bare by Halloween.

Yesterday I decided to give the November lotto block a try. It looks complicated but turns out it's deceptively easy. So I made four and mailed them off. It's always fun to play. Then we were invited to "share a table" with friends when they went Mexican last night, so this we did. It was a nice evening and we have restaurant leftovers for either lunch today or dinner tonite.

Today I'm going to frame a woolie snowman I did from a gift from my SS of last year. Then back to my pot holders. I'm making a pair for all the women in our 'circle' to give out at our Christmas party next month. I have at least 3 more pairs to go. Several of us have Arctic Fox RVs so I'm making fox potholders for those folks. I remember when I was little I always called them hot polders. And even now, once in a while, that's how it comes out! :lol:

JANA - you are right - it's Monday for The Big Game! I knew that, but forgot for a crazy moment. I learned early on this season that if I don't wear my Seahawk earrings, they don't win. When I do, WOW! Big scores! Just so you know - I have THREE pairs of Seahawk earrings! two ears, one nose, one belly button and I'm going to even have Bill wearing them! With this strategy we can't lose! Good news on Aaron's possible future plans. We'll stay tuned for more updates as they happen!

CHICKIE - I think you are at Mom's today. All day? How many pot holders have you done so far? I know you're waiting for your Insulbrite to finish them off. I think I have 11 finished (5 pairs and a single), but want to do 3 more pairs at least. Are you warming up at all?

BECCA - Only a week to go to the big fundraiser, right? Is Brodee having his procedure done today or tomorrow? Will both parent follow Brodee or is one staying with Hadlee? Gosh! They must feel stretched so thin! I bet Denise is happy to have them - and we all know they will be well fed! That was nice of Alex to give you the option to have TG or not. But I understand that it's a very big, overwhelming deal, to have the crowd at your house. Would love if you could come here - we're just having Scottie and Foxy. :D

TINA - we know only too well how Kevin and Maria feel, losing Rosie. But a new dog will help fill that hole. So what did you end up doing for the birthdays?

Well, since we didn't stay home last night we still have our leftover Italian casserole made from leftover first-overs. But now we also have leftover Mexican food from the restaurant - chili relleno, chicken tamale, rice & beans. Choices!

What will be your choice tonite?

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Nov 8th

Post by auntjana » Fri Nov 08, 2019 7:13 am

Good morning!

Mary - Michael finally went to the mailbox yesterday and brought me home my surprise! I love it, even though I might throw darts at it on Monday! We don't do good luck charms here, just a well prepared team! You are the best! Thank you!

Tanner will be here in a bit. I have all the squares cut and ready. His fabrics are dogs - all kinds!

Yesterday, my cohort in crime, Sarah, needed a run to Sam's club for half gallon size ziplock freezer bags. They are wonderful and Sam's carries them. So I saw a great Christmas outdoor decoration I want. Told Scrooge and the first words out, were, where will store it, not a no, a good thing! It may come home to live here later today.

Dinner was yummy last night. Aaron and the girls stopped by, just as I started cooking, so fed them too. Something simple tonight, banned noodle cassarole. It will be good for leftovers too this weekend.

Sarah finally has the heating system straightened out at her house. You would roast in the bedrooms and freeze in the public area on the other end of the house. All the ducts handling the air were too big to move it correctly. Finally after 5 years, she got a company to fix the problem. She and Michael knew what needed to be done, all this time, but getting a HVAC company to do it was another matter. Sarah finally found one and even though they are finishing today, the first part already solved the roasting freezing!

Well, need to get dressed, and feed Michael.


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Nov 8th

Post by Becca » Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:55 am

Hello everyone,sunny here but cold is coming.
Maryz The Benefit is November 16 next Saturday.Both Levi & Taylor are With Brodee.Taylors Mother stays with Hadlee.Poor little thing didn’t do good with her MRI yesterday.Had reactions,had to go back on CPac.Sugar levels hi.She was some better this morning.I know Taylor & Levi feel quite overwhelmed.So Glad Denise & Mark are there at Hospital with them.Yes Alex is always the organizer on Thanksgiving.Hes a sweet one.

Got CAs flu shot this morning.What an ordeal just because of their incompetence.How we long for our other Dr back!!!!She was SO efficient & her nurse was also.

Jana Sure Glad Sarah is all fixed & ready for Winter.

I am behind due to Trip to Town.Run into a dear friend in Drug store & we talked.Her DH has Alzheimer’s.Sad.She has to dress,feed him & everything.
CA was worn out after shot ordeal so he wanted to get home.He had wanted to eat out but too give out.We will have leftovers.Beans n onions & cornbread. Becca

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Nov 8th

Post by Irishgram » Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:40 am

Good afternoon from a cold, kind of dreary, SW. Pa...It's the kind of weather, you just close the door and the drapes and stay inside.....

Mary, glad to hear you're having a "gorgeous" fall season...Our's is now gone but not forgotten...We've gone straight from Fall to winter, especially the temps...BUT, no snow yet which is good....I am not about to let Ruby play on those snow covered roads....Now sure what's happening around here on Thanksgiving and like you, it might be BabyGirl and me, which is fine....With our "Thanksgiving maker, Cindy, gone, it just won't be the same....Kevin did tell me last night, the girls have promised to do their best...They've gone through all her cookbooks and saved all they could find that Cindy had used..Often think, for Cindy being an only child and never allowed to be in the kitchen while growing up, she certainly good cook up a storm....Really do miss my daily phone calls and her saying, "just checking in" and then "have a good rest of the day"...

Tina, I know you're having warm weather, could you send some east, please......

Becca, hate to hear about the inconveniences...I often wonder if the medical people know how much of a problem they create....Will sure double up on the prayers for our little miracles....

Jana, Love hearing your "experiences" with your new decorations....I also think Jim was worried about storing stuff and now I know what he meant....When I think of all the Christmas stuff I have in the shed, stuff that I probably won't be using, :shock: .....This year, hopefully, I'm hoping for one of our McHugh Christmases and then I'm also hoping everyone will help themselves to most of my stuff....."Mac & cheese/noodle" casserole was one of Jim's favorites, might just have to make a little (don't tell Mary).....

Yesterday, other than being cold, was a super fun day....Even wearing my lucky socks, I came away empty handed at bingo, then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, sat for at least 2 hours and then I went to Kevin's to get my Emma fix...Oh my is she something and to see Kevin with her is amazing...He is excited about retiring and did tell Emma's mom and day, he'll watch her every Thursday night and in an emergency....He has a lot of plans in the works, completely redoing the house and trips on his Harley....He seemed so relaxed and excited about "not working".....
Today, I'm doing windows...It seems I just did the summer, frilly stuff and now I'm doing the heavy winter stuff....
And for dinner, I'm finally making my summer squash casserole and mixed up a loaf of cinnamon bread...My kitchen smells so good and I'll be set for a couple of days, :D

You all have a great day....

Happy eating...........

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Nov 8th

Post by gershwin64 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 4:49 pm

Hi! Just a quick speed through, grabbing a class of water and a breath! Parties were moved to tonight and I lost count of how many are coming.....11 I think.
You all have a great evening! I'll come back later and read, sorry I'm so rushed.

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