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SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Nov 7th

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Nov 7th

Post by purrfect-lady » Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:03 am

Good morning,

On the news last night I saw a big storm moving from north central U.S. eastward. Who all here will be impacted by that? I know my DD and DSIL are in Norfolk for the week for his work (they can even take their cat!) and I hope roads will be clear when they drive back to Alexandria this weekend. I think it's around 100 miles. We've been in mid to upper 50's here, 60* in some places, with sunshiny afternoons. Not our usual November weather!

JANA - I'll be looking forward to seeing the piece on Aaron and his job! I think it's fun that we can simply both shop at Costco and see what the other is buying these days! lol! We got the orange snowshoes. They go by weight, not shoe size. And if you got your new centerpiece at Costco, we got the same one! and the matching garland to put on our two big windowsills downstairs. I can't figure Bill out - he was so excited about Christmas when we were first married - did half the cards, insisted on the biggest tree, was very particular about how the lights went on, then he turned into a bah-humbug kind of person, refused to help decorate the tree, and now he's all about buying new decorations! I never know how he's going to act during the holidays. I guess they do say it's good to keep some mystery in your marriage . . . 8-) Are you getting geared up for "our" football watch party on Sunday???

TINA - I'm like you - love all the lights and decorations, inside and out! I'd put lights on Scottie if I could! You really had a big evening running the grands around for their parents! Those are lucky parents to have you helping out so much! Happy birthday to Holly.

BECCA - So sorry to hear of another problem for Hadlee. I'm wondering how big the cyst is and if it will dissolve on it's own over time? Big prayers for both of them! And thrift shops are like the lottery - some days you win big and some days are a waste of time.

IRISH - my Sleepytime tea doesn't usually work for me either, but I like a hot drink and I sure don't want coffee in the middle of the night, and I don't need the extra sugar in cocoa. So it's the tea by default. Yes, somedays would be nice to not have to fight for my spot in the bed, or clean up all the hair, or be tripped by someone always underfoot. But then I think about how empty the house is even when Scottie is just gone to the groomer for a few hours. And I'm OK again. :D Yes, the forecasters on our coast are predicting a lot of 'weather' for your coast. Hope you don't have to go out in it! And as far as your suggestion that maybe it would be better for all if Vicki DID violate the protective order, we (and her family!) agree! They voiced that exact same thing.

CHICKIE - sounds like your Audobon meeting was a good one! I love eagles and hearing about them. Sorry there were jeans to mend. I really hate mending them and if you saw Bill's work pants, you'd sure believe me! Sorry about the rats in your life (and in mine! :lol: ) We'll both win - one day.

Yesterday I got the messes I made swapping out my dishes and glassware all cleaned up, trimmed and bound my Vintage Christmas quilt, and two pairs of potholders made from blocks from the V.C. book. I add a 1-1/2" border around each block to bring the finished 'holder up to 8". This morning, after my walk, I have a massage appt. It's been 6 weeks since my last one and I'm really feeling it. I've been looking forward to this appointment for weeks! I'll probably make another set of potholders today, too.

I'm still not sure what to call the dinner we ate last night that I found in the freezer. It had chicken, bow tie pasta, red sauce, cheese. And it was good! and as predicted, there is enough left for tonite, too.

Wishing you all a tasty supper!

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Nov 7th

Post by FarmChick » Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:58 am

[color=#408080Good morning! I’m getting here a little early. DH has an appointment this morning and won’t be back for awhile. I finished my yoga WORKout, have a cuppa Joe and am recovering here chatting with you all.

The bottom dropped out of the thermometer again last night accompanied by thunderstorms. It’s cold and gloomy today, and other than walking Ava and delivering the jeans, I plan to stay inside! I’ll be going in tomorrow for Mom care as well as on Saturday. Today DH asked me to stay home and wait for a freight shipment while he went to his appointment. It’s always something around here! Of course, that freight shipment means a trip to town to install a heat pump unit at a rental. It’s too heavy for DH, so I’m engaged to help—he needs a strong back and weak mind and I fill the bill.

Jana—how neat for Aaron’s work to be noted and reported upon! These guys work hard and are under appreciated! Our son the volunteer fire chief is also a first responder and is on call for highway accidents as well as fires. The other sons and some of the grandsons are also on the department.

I have a couple of potholders to put together today. Like Mary, I use the 6” blocks and add 1.5” strips around them. I hope to get several more cut out today. I’ll be going next week to get my insulbrite and will sandwich, quilt and bind in assembly line fashion for all of them.

As for dinner tonight… we have some Chinese left, and I think that will be on the menu. I’ll probably add salad and more veggies to round it out. Oh, and I have a container of rice that I can make into fried rice. It’s always yummy. We aren’t going to starve, and it will taste good on a cold evening. On the other hand… I might make some tortilla soup. I think I’ll probably opt for cleaning out the fridge first.

Bon appétit!

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Nov 7th

Post by auntjana » Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:57 am

Good morning!

Another thing I forgot to share, is that Aaron made the round of 40 applicants to hire on the fire department. The department is taking 30 into the Academy. I am not sure how I feel, a dangerous fire job or a dangerous "frogger" on the highway. He still has all the background checks to complete. Something that weights the application is if any current fire personnel know him and how he interacts with them. He does that all the time and is well loved and respected by those firefighters. The TV interview will help too.

Not much here. Same boring stuff, different day. I am cutting up Tanner's fabric this morning and them finishing the embroidery handwork in my Nativity. I got out the Gnome tree skirt pattern and it seems a bit too short, so I will add a bit of length to make it fit my tree better. Humm, I wonder where Sarah learned to change up patterns.....LOL!

Mary - Michael is the same way as Bill. Grumps about all my Christmas decorations, then buys me more or had Stu on the ladder yesterday, making sure the Christmas lights are all straight and hung back up. Never can figure him out. He even wears a Christmas hat, it reads, Bah Humbug!

Chickie - always busy! I have a huge stash of Insulbrite from when I taught a class on raggy potholders. You make them from homespun fabric, and cut diagonal lines, to the create chennile. I have tons in my drawer!

Becca - many prayers for those precious babies!

Well, time to scoot,
Oh, dinner - Michael wants meatless tacos - lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and green onions in a crunchy shell. I will see what is left in the frig for me.


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Nov 7th

Post by gershwin64 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:59 am

This is Matthew and Rosie. From the day they brought him home from the hospital she was always by his side. She was an abandoned and abused dog that a lady found out in the desert and she was so starved and skinny and sick. The lady took her in and got her healthy and spayed and Maria asked Kevin if he wanted her. She took right to Kevin like they'd been together forever. They were worried when Matthew was due to come along that Rosie wouldn't be good with him because of her earlier life. But Kevin and Maria showed her so much love and healed her heart and soul completely for the years they had her before Matthew. Matthew came into that house and that was all Rosie needed, she was his protector, babysitter, play pal and guardian. They had 2 wonderful years together before she had to cross the rainbow bridge. These are just a few of the many pics where Rosie is always right there.
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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Nov 7th

Post by gershwin64 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:21 am

Good morning!
Mary, we were 80 Tuesday! Back down to 60 today LOL
Frankie has never really been into all the Christmas stuff, he'll decorate outside kind of begrudgingly and he says I have too much inside but he does miss it if I don't decorate. I think some men are just fickle LOL our son on the other hand has my Christmas gene! 💖🎄
I'm glad your dinner was good even if you don't know what it was 😂🤣 it's a little cool and windy today so maybe I'll get some holiday house prep going.
Chickie, you sure are in demand! I hope you get you time, you need some quiet time. Maybe you should get a son or grandson to help with that heat pump?
Jana, what size did you make of the tree skirt? I didn't get mine started last weekend but I'm hoping to this weekend and any tips would be appreciated! I've never had those kind of tacos, a coworker used to eat mashed potato tacos.... never tried those either LOL
Not much else going on here. Today is Holly and Easton's birthdays. Holly gave herself a great birthday present 6 years ago 💖
Frankie will be picking Easton up at school today because it's afterschool program day for Holly. Today is basketball tryouts for Jazmyne, I hope she makes it. We ended up taking her in last night too and looks like it'll be a repeat of us taking her tonight because she has to be there by 6 and Holly doesn't get here till 6. We try to help as much as possible, I didn't work full time when my kids were little so I did all the running and taking and we don't want the kids to do without because their mom works beyond full time.
Supper, hmmmm I'm not sure, I need to see what I have in the freezer. If Holly's husband doesn't have anything planned for her birthday supper than I'll make her favorite; round steak with brown gravy, buttered potatoes, green beans and a pecan pie.....i just need to find out.

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Nov 7th

Post by Becca » Thu Nov 07, 2019 10:06 am

Hello everyone,cloudy here & temp has dropped.Cold hits tomorrow.
Levi text to let us know Brodee is going today.Im So Glad Denise lives there so they can stay with her, and she cooks for them too.

Maryz CA has always been a humbug I call him.He always wanted it until past few years.
With his oxygen line it’s hard to have tree & put presents under it.Only place is corner.

Jana We have a DGS That has worked with Fire Dept for many years as Volunteer & EMT.He goes to all the calls because he drives the Truck.I don’t enjoy hearing about his experiences.
Glad Aaron is getting recognized.

Chickie The Lady with many hats.Oh jeans patching brings back memories.Gosh a Heat Pump is too heavy for you.I used to do things like that too now my back is paying.Take it easy.Sewing is less strenuous.lolol
Chickie I would have loved hearing about the 🦅.

Tina You are a busy lady.Happy Birthday toHolly & Easton.Your meal sounds good.Im laughing 😂 aboutMaryz & not knowing what it was she had.
Doggies can be great pals with kids but Itoo am afraid of them around little ones.
No one on here probably remembers but it was about 8 yrs ago a dog killed my great nieces baby at 3 months old.

Irish Hope you don’t get a lot of snow.They-are saying it-can be here in Mtns.Yesterday we got up to 70 but not today.

I got uglies done.Alex Called & talked a long time. Called about Thanksgiving.Wanting to know if I wanted them here or at his house.I told him we can’t do it.Crowd is too big & CA isn’t able.Of course he wants us at his House but I told him we can’t this year.

I’m cooking pinto beans & doing cornbread.Will put onions on top. Becca

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Nov 7th

Post by auntjana » Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:05 pm

Mary - just doubled checked the game of which my perfect 9'ers will play this other team, snicker, is Monday night, not Sunday.

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