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Thank you

Tips, Suggestions, and General Discussions about quilting by machine.
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Thank you

Post by Jasinta » Sat Jul 28, 2007 5:34 am

I want to thank the ladies that gave me book suggestions about quilting a large in sections. I received the book have been reading it over and over again, and am beginning to feel confident that I can do it!

One books has several suggestions of how to do it. So i've been wanting to piece El's doublering quilt, and so I've been practicing that block by making my youngest daughter throw pillows. I will finish them today and will post pictures. When I got to the end I discovered that I forgot one step "squaring them up" so you will see my mistake, but I am so excited at how easy it was to sew and put together.
I also don't think paying a long arm quilter $100 for quilting a top is asking too much, there's a lot of work involved!!!
Thank you

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Re: Thank you

Post by calicopuzzle » Sat Jul 28, 2007 6:19 am

If you can find a long arm quilter to quilt a quilt top for you for $100, I would be very surprised. There are gals up here in the Northwoods that charge twice and alot more to do a quilt. Many do very nice work, but then you get what you pay for also. Some aren't as good as others. There are alot of options of what to do and how....that is why we just suggest to each other instead of calling the quilt police.

The old adage "practice makes a happy camper" is true.

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