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Supper Club, Thurs Jan 21

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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Supper Club, Thurs Jan 21

Post by purrfect-lady » Thu Jan 21, 2021 6:57 am

Good morning!

Today is supposed to be computer day! Hooray! Yesterday it was in Twin Falls and this morning it’s in Portland. Only 150 miles to go!

I put away the last of the excess junk we hauled around in our trailer for 7000 miles ( and for the most part, never used 😜). Tina’s label arrived so I sewed that onto Kathy’s comfort quilt and mailed it off to her. She should receive it Saturday. Then I got about a third of my embroidered blocks together. Today I hope to finish that quilt top.

Lori, I mis-typed and said Embroidered state flowers. I meant to say embroidered birds though the flowers are on the blocks too. However I did to the state flowers 46 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. When he got married I put them together and gave him the quilt for a wedding gift. And my sister just finally finished her state flowers and I put them together for her last September. Do you make tamales yourself or do you buy them? I know tamale-making is a real “thing“ and I have never tried it though I have a Mexican friend here who makes them.

Becca, glad to hear your back is doing some better. And that you got those errands done. Seven!!? Yes, you would’ve lost me somewhere along the way.😆

Jana, sorry you can’t have flooring under your long arm. But could you put an area rug under it? Standing on cement must be awful. And no matter how much we try, it seems our quilt layers always touch the floor At some point. ( we have carpet) so I always like a rug underneath.

I I think tonight‘s supper will be stirfry veggies over rice. I might throw some sliced kielbasa in there as well. I guess I will call that a fusion dinner.

What do you think you might be having?

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Re: Supper Club, Thurs Jan 21

Post by Becca » Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:27 am

Hello everyone cloudy here
I had a busy morning Stripped beds did laundry & made a pot of spaghetti sauce

Maryz I know that quilt with birds & flowers will be beautiful Of course I love both Do hope that computer makes it today
Thank you for doing Kathy’s quilt I know that will make her feel loved She needs a boost & I think the group here has helped

I must run clean up the mess in Kitchen
We will have spaghetti & salad Becca

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Re: Supper Club, Thurs Jan 21

Post by Irishgram » Thu Jan 21, 2021 10:05 am

Good early afternoon from a very sunny but chilly, SW. Pa....Looking out, it almost looks like spring then you go to another window and there's snow?????Oh well, it is still winter.....Today being Thursday and every other is bingo so I thought I'd be getting that call from my sister but she surprised me....No bingo until February which is good...One of the fellows, our main worker and his wife are both in the hospital with Covid and I have a feeling, the rest of the workers just don't want to work.....You know how it is, let someone else do it and then they wonder why it falls through......My sister always said, if the men can't handle it, let the women take over and run it right!

Mary, every time you mention your embroidered quilt, I think of the one I have on the shelf in the closet, ready to be quilted...It's been done for years and I've though about hand quilting then I re-think and really would like to send it out but it still occupies the shelf...I have 3 others that are almost finished that will need quilted as well...I really do need to find someone around here that will quilt them or you might find them in your mail, some day.....The other day when I wrote about meeting Kathy at the airport, it would be a miracle if it happened....She said, if she could fly home the same time I'd be coming home from Florida or if we both could be flying out on the same day, it would save trips back and forth...You all know how I just love, love to drive through Pittsburgh to the airport, especially during rush hour, NOT! We do have a smaller airport about 10-15 miles from me but Southwest doesn't fly there...I've used it to fly to Ft. Myers, they use the no frill planes...I think my friend, Cindy, used it last week and 1 way to Ft. Myers was $28.00...Great if you're not taking luggage...Night take it in March when I go to Naples.....

Becca, glad your back is feeling better.....Could be a warning, kiddo, take it easy, you do too much!
Jana, sorry you can't have flooring under your LA but maybe something....With the amount of quilting you do, you really do need something to stand on besides concrete....

I've gotten my sewing/computer room moved around...I was beginning to think I might never get all those wires connected the right way but it's working! I love to change rooms around and do it often...Jim always said, he was so glad the pipes in the bathroom were permanent and I couldn't move them....(Given time, I'll bet I could)......I think, this afternoon, after I write out a couple bills, I'm going to cut out some hot pads...Saw a cute heart shaped pad and thought they would be nice for the neighbors for Valentine's day......Of course, this might mean a quick trip to JoAnn's, gosh darn.......

The pasta didn't make it for dinner last night....I was so engrossed in the Inauguration time got away from me so I had a French style bread pizza....So, tonight is pasta, for sure......I did make cinnamon rolls so have yummy afters.......

You all have a great rest of the day.....

Happy eating............

Eagle Update! We have a PIP....Just a tiny, tiny hole but that little one will be working hard to meet Mom and Dad......

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Re: Supper Club, Thurs Jan 21

Post by FarmChick » Thu Jan 21, 2021 12:38 pm

Good afternoon! I haven’t made it to my sewing room yet today. It is DGS’s 30th birthday, and I decided to make him some of his favorite chocolate no-bake oatmeal cookies. As I was making them, I thought, “Decorate!” I took a disposable pie tin, buttered it and spread it with a generous layer of cookie. I got it cooled and then did a quick décor on it. We walked to Ava’s and left her daddy the cookie to find when he gets home from work. Ava had a fun walk! When I got home, I had kitchen to clean up, lunch to make for DH and a few more treats to pass around. Covid was back at his feed box, and he had brought most of the cows to the gate to beg for their range cubes. Tomorrow will be a feed store run for range cubes, sweet feed and sunflower seeds for the birds.

I also made a miso marinade for my black grouper that’s on the menu tonight. Rice and broccoli will accompany. DH has steak for backup if he doesn’t like the glazed product.

Mary—Kathy will love her quilt! Thank you to you and Tina!!!

Becca—spaghetti is always a favorite for me! DH doesn’t like tomato based sauces, so I don’t make it too often.

Irish—I’m tired of the winter here, and it’s just getting started! No snow here, but most mornings have an ice glaze over the pond. This morning was the exception at 36 degrees. It’s hard to get people who want to work around here, too. Our airports are all 3 hours or more away, and it takes longer to get to them than the flights are long. If the airports were closer, trips would be more fun. Have fun with your hot pads! I made a few with hearts here.

King Arthur had a yummy sounding cinnamon roll recipe in their catalog. I may have to try it out. It starts with a cooked flour mixture and is supposed to be fluffier. That means if I eat a bunch, I will be even more fluffier!!!

Dinner was mentioned above, so I’m thinking I’ll head to the sewing room or maybe a book which could turn into a nap when I put my feet up.

Bon appétit!

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Re: Supper Club, Thurs Jan 21

Post by auntjana » Thu Jan 21, 2021 12:45 pm

Good afternoon!

Well, the best laid plans. We thought we would be working on the island of the Batt Cave, but Sarah had the cabinet needed to do the desk area and I was able at 1:30 am, order the cabinets needed from IKEA. They were in stock! So I can replace Sarah's tomorrow and have the needed cabinet for the island. So the desk area is almost totally done! Just attaching the top to everything. We pick up the new cabinets tomorrow morning. So now, I have to empty the drawers from my old desk, put in to the new drawers and re-clear off the island workspace. I can sew on the newd3sk area to finish Emma's dress.

Over in my LA area, I use a tall swivel bar stool, so I am sitting down. My knees won't let me stand very long. I have a box to rest my feet on, so they are up off the floor. Just swivel my chair, get up, move it down to the next section I am working on. Repeat, often! But it works well. I also have a batting hammock, that attaches on my LA that holds my Batt up and off the floor. Also, my cement is sealed and that makes it easy to keep clean, no cement dust here in the Batt Cave. Dust is very evil to a model railroad. The floor looks shiny, like what you walk on in the big box stores, like Costco, Home Depot and Lowes.

We did find a flooring we both like. Reminds me of a wooden floor in a oldtime General Store. It is a medium , darkish brown, touch of gray, oak barnwood looking plank. The only problem is that it is backed with cork, which bothers Michael, as cork and water don't mix. With this being a basement, that could have a water leak, he wants to find one without the cork. But if not, we will use this one.

Mary - your computer and my new clothes are taking the same circuitous route! First my stuff was To be here on the 19th, and was in North Salt Lake. New delivery date is tomorrow. We have used Dell computers and service for many years with no hiccups. Michael says the difference is, we paid extra for in home service and they come here and my computer never leaves my house. Only ever had to use it once, with a laptop, all my other computers are working fine. Now with that said, knock on wood! LOL!

Becca - errand day! It wears you out,now that we need to make it all in one trip!

Irish- how's the broken bone? Are you in a boot of some sort?

Dinner - should cook something- ran out of leftovers. Polenta and sauce, with a salad, sounds good. Easy too. Sarah is enjoying her new instant pot. She is loving it. She even made yogurt in it the other day.

Well, time to scoot and get busy cleaning up the mess. My handyman is very good at keeping the area clean as he works. The island top had a hiccup, he mis-measured, so we will have everything ready and waiting, while the new piece of laminate is being shipped. Supposed to be here on the 28th.

Stay Safe!

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Re: Supper Club, Thurs Jan 21

Post by gershwin64 » Thu Jan 21, 2021 6:39 pm

I'm here! Sorry I missed yesterday. I did get 2 more UFO's finished and out of my sewing room. 🥳
Mary, the chicken was good, it wasn't in the regular TOH magazine, a white one came as a thank you for something. It's made with dry ranch dressing, graded parmesan cheese, bread crumbs.... I'll try to remember to post a pic when I get up off my hiney 😂🤣
Jana, what kind of stool do you use at your long arm? My LA sits on laminate wood flooring in a double wide house trailer 🤞
Becca, you sure keep busy! I need to do laundry here too....a never ending job.
Chickie, how did you decorate the birthday cookie?
Irish, I love rearranging furniture LOL well I used to all the time, not so much anymore. Frankie never knew how the house would look when he came home 😂🤣😂🤣 I told him at least I didn't change husbands every few days/ weeks/ months 😂🤣😂🤣
We had leftover chicken for supper, it was still yummy.

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