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Supper Club - Monday, January 18

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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Supper Club - Monday, January 18

Post by purrfect-lady » Mon Jan 18, 2021 5:10 am

Good morning

We are 40° here but dry. I will take it! we got a lot done yesterday. it was dry enough to move the trailer into its shelter. We emptied and cleaned it, and I Brought in two big boxes of stuff we seem to never use. Then Vicki‘s son came down from Seattle and took her out for coffee so we could take our tractor over to her house and bring back six large plastic pallets that were ours. She has had them for probably 15 years, Used to stack wood on them, and we need them now for something here. We texted Jeremy when we were done and he brought her back again. He said she never noticed they were gone.

Today’s plan is to finish off the trailer, wash the bedding, remake the bed and start cleaning the mess in the house we’ve made. I hope to treat myself to a few minutes in the sewing room.

Joan, thank you for the heads up about your Facebook hack. I was able to unfriend you, but it seemed unfriendly to do it.

Lori, my boys can sway me with those big eyes when they park themselves in front of me and stare. I am weak and I admit it.

Tina, stretches I use for hip and back pain are to lay on my back arms straight out like airplane wings. And I bring my knee up to my opposite shoulder and hold 5 sec, Release five seconds, and repeat.

Becca, same thing. This is one stretch I used for my sciatica. There are others but I either can’t remember them or I don’t know how to describe them.

Jana, we used to have a hanging Tiffany-type light over our dining room table. The dining and living rooms are actually all one big room. After dinner one night, when the kids were all still home, we moved to the living room and were all watching TV and suddenly that lamp fell down and crashed in the middle of the table! Right where we had been eating 30 minutes ago!

The Brunswick stew I made last night was pretty good. But we have about a gallon of it left! So it is going into the freezer, divided into two more meals. Tonight will be homemade pizza.

What is going on your plate tonight?

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Re: Supper Club - Monday, January 18

Post by auntjana » Mon Jan 18, 2021 9:20 am

Good morning!

The other day, Eggos were mentioned. We do them in this house, but only the buttermilk and chocolate. I use the chocolate ones as a special breakfast for Ethan - topped with a scoop of ice cream, sauce and whipped cream, not very often, but he loves it. I too, like Tina toast mine about 1 1/2 times.

Not much here, straightening up my mess in the Batt Cave, rearranging my books in the bookcase near my sewing area, moving some down to the LA area. All this getting ready for flooring. My sewing area is quite disrupted, so I will have a temporary table to sew on.

Dinner - unknown at the moment, depends on how long I am downstairs., on what will appear upstairs.

Mary - happy to hear the lake has disappeared and you got the RV into the shelter . Both Sarah's and Matt's are just a few steps from their side yard doors. So what's the next new quilt?

Time to get going,

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Re: Supper Club - Monday, January 18

Post by Becca » Mon Jan 18, 2021 9:22 am

Hello everyone sunny here but cold after snow last night It was just a tad
Maryz I goggled & found a pT online I watched his exercises & did them I think they may help me I am sure going to try Thanks for your help
Glad you got the pallets back
I am working on dish towels Hand embroidery They were so big I cut into & hemmed them

Quilting at Church was canceled until next week
After checking with bank I found out the hospital already got check first of November & was billing again for same bill
You have to be on guard with medical
Have a great day
We are having our pulled BBQ chicken cole slaw & garden peas. Becca

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Re: Supper Club - Monday, January 18

Post by gershwin64 » Mon Jan 18, 2021 10:30 am

Good morning!
No kids today, it's not a holiday for them but Easton's teacher had to take her mom for a dr's appointment so no zoom, just posted work and he wanted to stay home. Sooooo I've been emptying my closet 😭 I can not believe how much fabric I have accumulated! I am bad bad bad! I need to sew sew sew! I know I won't be joining swaps this year except the Christmas swap I host every year. I have got to get down to a reasonable amount. Plus get all the swaps I have put together.....I see donations in my future for bunches of lap size quilts!
Mary, glad you got your pallets back and no backlash. Thanks, I'll try doing that for my sciatica.
Becca, medical billing can be so frustrating and then we're the ones that have to jump through hoops to prove to them the bills were paid...... makes me wonder how it can be an accident on their part......🤷‍♀️
Jana, are you getting the laminate wood flooring too?
I've laid out pork chops for supper, I'll have to see what I'm making with them.....
I guess my break is over, back to the closet...

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Re: Supper Club - Monday, January 18

Post by zfatcat » Mon Jan 18, 2021 2:15 pm

Tina, hahaha....what's reasonable? I keep saying that and keep buy fabric. lol I used to just buy it cause I liked it. Now it has to have a purpose. I have a couple totes in the garage ready to go to guild as donations once we can meet in person again.

Becca, good thing you caught that. Glad the church sew was canceled so you didn't miss out.

Jana, I didn't know Eggo's came in different flavors. I think the last time I bought them was when we had small children in the house. A really long time ago.

Mary, glad you got your pallets back. I sure hope Vicki doesn't go crazy when she realizes they are gone, like her mind. You're just a pushover for a cute furry face.

Not much going on today. Just some cleaning around the house.

We'll have the bbq chicken and mashed potatoes tonight. I order Pizza last night instead of cooking.

Have a lovely day.
Lori 8-)

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