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Supper Club - Sat, Jan 16

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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Supper Club - Sat, Jan 16

Post by purrfect-lady » Sat Jan 16, 2021 5:21 am

Good morning

I was able to stay in bed until 445 this morning! And I made myself stay up until 9 PM last night. I’m gradually working my way back to Pacific time. Yesterday I finished putting my sewing room back together. And then I got a quilt quilted and binding put on, then washed and dried it. It is a comfort quote for Kathy. As soon as Tina‘s label comes in the mail I will attach it to the Quilt and ship it off to our friend and hope it brings a smile to her face. Our backyard is drying up quickly. We should be able to park the trailer either today or tomorrow. Then I will finish emptying and cleaning it.

Tina, 11 PM is too late for me! I knock off for the day around 3:30 pm.

Jana, thank you for that recipe! I am definitely going to try it. I have always liked the bread bowls in restaurants. We used to pay our grandsons for doing chores too.

Becca, So what would the difference in care be Between hospice and palliative care? I know, if you need any supplies, equipment, or medications hospice supplies at all for free. But to be on hospice you must relinquish your care to their medical personnel, including doctor. At least that is how it worked with my brother Jim.
I know you have given us your cranberry salad recipe before but I can’t find it. Would you mind sharing it again? It must be good because you have it quite a bit and we love cranberries

Lori, it’s nice to have a week in the winter where you can “take a break”. We usually get Several days Of good weather, too, but it’s generally in February. Often in the 60’s. We have about five dry days ahead of us now. But 30% chance of light snow is in the forecast for late next week. Last time we came home from Texas, also earlier than planned, we had a similar forecast of “possible light snow” and ended up with almost 20 inches! Biggest snowfall here since 1950! So we are staying alert!

I am still working out supper. We have leftover pork and I found a recipe in one of our RV travel magazines for Brunswick stew that calls for shredded pork and I’m thinking of making that. But it might entail a run to the grocery store. And if I’m going to the grocery store, I’m going to do the whole list, not just a couple ingredients. But I really don’t feel like going shopping. So if that doesn’t happen, it might be sweet and sour meatballs over rice

What’s your choice for supper tonight? Have you got a second choice?

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Re: Supper Club - Sat, Jan 16

Post by Becca » Sat Jan 16, 2021 7:27 am

Hello everyone snowing here today Supposed to be light Everything is white now maybe an inch
I am doing laundry got meds done
DGS FaceTimed yesterday That give us extra time this morning
Yesterday I found out we have already sent a check for the Bill they sent us Lady said they never got it so now it’s deal with the Bank I have no clue what happened if they got it or not
Maryz Pallative Care only visits once a month but since Covid it’s only a phone call They don’t supply anything except they can call in a prescription for you
I have had no dealing with hospice so don’t know their procedure
Cranberry Salad
1lb cranberries
1 orange
1 cup sugar
Grind & let stand over night
2 boxes of cherry or strawberry jello
11/2 cup hot water
Juice from small can pineapple
Mix & let cool & start to jell
Add 1 cup chop celery
1 cup walnuts or pecans
2 or 3 chopped apples
Drained can of pineapple
Add cranberry mixture

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Becca
I’m doing pulled chicken Will add a veggie
CA may want his banned chowder

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Re: Supper Club - Sat, Jan 16

Post by zfatcat » Sat Jan 16, 2021 11:22 am

Maryz, living the crazy life staying up to 9pm. lol I think getting the furry ones back on track would be difficult. When the time changes, we change what time we feed the furry kids. That way it's always the same time in their furry little brains.

Tina, laundry at 11pm is a bit late for chores. You should be down with your feet up relaxing.

Becca, enjoy your extra time today.

They boys have been walked. Shane stopped by for a bit. He was at the butcher by our house. They have friends from CO out for the weekend. They weather is perfect. Going to be in the 80's. So Jack and Wrigley will get baths today. It's supposed to drop back down to 60 by Wednesday.

We'll be grilling burgers for dinner tonight.

Have a lovely day.
Lori 8-)

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Re: Supper Club - Sat, Jan 16

Post by auntjana » Sat Jan 16, 2021 2:33 pm

Good afternoon!

Have a football game on, and decided that my kitchen cabinets needed a good cleaning on their outsides. It is a struggle for me with my knees, but I have all but two bottom cabinets done. The island is half done as well. Found a great cleaning product - Bona Cabinet Cleaner. I think I got it at Lowes. Awhile ago for me. Spray on, count to five, wipe down and voile, shiny clean cabinets! If there are stuck on food buggers, you do have to scrub a bit harder. Removes all the fingerprints from where you open the doors without using the knobs too. I have lots of little fingers that leave me their prints!

The last time, specifically last year, I started Spring cleaning early and look what happened! I am starting earlier this year, wonder, maybe I shouldn't, could mess up everything again! LOL!

Dinner will be chef salads and maybe tomorrow will be chicken enchiladas.

Not much else going on here in these parts. Been a quiet day for Aaron too. His shift ends in a hour. Last night, he and the girls came over. He needed to cut some wood for desk legs and the little girls needed dinner. Greeted me with, Grandma, do you know how to make waffles? So waffles it was. I only have 2 waffle irons.

Mary - furbabies are just like real ones. When it came feeding schedules when mine were little, I started slipping their feeding times a few minutes every few days, ahead of daylight changes. Worked well.

Lori - lovenly I would say, you brat! Getting to go to the beach and warm weather too! Enjoy it! I am jealous.

Well, time to finish the last cabinets.


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Re: Supper Club - Sat, Jan 16

Post by gershwin64 » Sat Jan 16, 2021 5:10 pm

Hi everyone!
I had a plan yesterday, I was gonna get all my laundry finished yesterday and then this morning vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms then the rest of the day sew bindings and quilt. Well after I finished the laundry last night I soaked in the tub because my legs were bothering me. That was another reason I didn't mind doing the laundry, it kept me moving to help my legs. I finally went to sleep at midnight but was awake just before 6. We vacuumed and then ran a couple errands and that was it for me, the wind started blowing and we had a brown out and my eyes have been bothering me to the point that I can't sew. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day.
Mary, you're hoping to dry out and I'm hoping to have moisture, we're desperate!
Becca, I'm saving your recipe thank you. I hope they give CA good care, I don't know how they can over the phone 🤷‍♀️
Lori, 80's, already! I hope we don't get that warm for months 🤞
Jana, maybe you should put off your Spring cleaning....... you know....... just in case 🤞
I made quiche for supper LOL I like it! Dad was...... it's ok........ Frankie was...... don't ever make this again 😂🤣😂🤣 I've made it before but it was when Frankie had something else to eat and Dad wasn't eating here that time. Oh well, I have leftovers, all for me ❤

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