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SUPPER CLUB - Wed, May 20th

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 6:30 am
by purrfect-lady
Good morning!

61* and cloudy today. Rain tomorrow - then slightly improving for the weekend. Crossing fingers. My DBIL and his SIL are coming from CO to pick up our old RV shelter and they will be here Sat and stay at least one night with us, possibly two. They love campfires and are looking forward to spending the evening around one so we're watching the weather closely. We may have to retreat to the party garage and bring in the fake campfire. lol!

Well, I told you once my beloved DH gets an idea in his head, it's full speed ahead. We now have a new SUV in our garage. New to us, anyway. It's 4 yrs old but looks brand new and is a cherry red, my first choice color. Bill named it "Perry" after his Uncle Ernie whose first name was Perry. Buying a car is a different experience that it was when we bought our Camry 16 yrs ago. After 4 hours and signing a whole ream of papers I called a halt. It was getting close to Scottie's suppertime, after all! Bill goes back today with the down payment (they let us take it home) and to go through the electronic stuff on it. I can skip all that. It's a nice car but the best part is now the "hunt" is over and now maybe my sweetie will think about and talk about other subjects. :lol: Needless to say, I didn't get much sewing done yesterday. So maybe today.

JANA- glad your order has shipped - at least partly. Yesterday I finally received the last of my four outstanding orders - some MM fabric to back my Mickey/Minnie Mouse Love quilt. But my iron is still floating around out there somewhere in post office land. Scary about the fires. They are predicting a bad fire season here, too, and already have had some fires, even on the west side of the mountains. and it think it's going to get worse and worse each year.

BECCA - your flowers must really be putting on a show for you! Lots of color and daisies bloom for a long time, don't they? Into the summer? I've always wanted a bed of shasta daisies, but never settled on a spot to put them. We are so shady here. Those little chores Marty is doing for you make such a difference! Nice to finally have your blind repaired, I bet. And I'm sure he likes doing things for you. Win/win! OH, if Bill wanted a new car every year, our lives would be a constant battle. This is only the second new CAR we've purchased since we've been married. We had our Explorer 13 years and the Camry 16. And he's had 3 pick-ups, 8 yrs, 10 yrs, and so far, 5 yrs each. I hope we're good now for many more years. What kind of car do you drive?

Needless to day, I never got to my taco pizza yesterday. By the time we got home we were both tired so we built a fire, opened a bottle of wine, and toasted our day while some frozen chili heated on top of the stove, But tonite - Ole`! Taco pizza, it is!

What's cookin' in your kitchen tonite?

Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, May 20th

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 7:17 am
by auntjana
Good morning!

Mary- Ok give! What kind of SUV? There are so many. Yea, on the red! I love red and wanted the Highlander to be red, but it was Michael's turn to pick the color. He wanted marshmallow white. We are still learning all the electronics on my Highlander - one will pop up - get out the manual to see what it is! We are changing the chip for the map feature on the Highlander, needs to be updated.

We did a quick grocery pickup order last night. There was a same day slot open, so we took it. Good now for a couple of weeks or more.

Michael is working today. Making money, and no where yet to spend it. I will figure how to do that! LOL

Dinner - tortilla - had a request for that.

I will be sewing today, uglies are caught up. Printed out 2 more blocks for my cat quilt.

We are fretting a bit about church, we so want to go back, but trusting others to be safe is giving us wonder how to do that. We will figure it out. My city of about 45,000 has only had 66 cases and none he been in my Ward.

I have so many orders coming, I need a spreadsheet to keep track!

Stay safe,

Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, May 20th

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 10:19 am
by zfatcat
Mary, no FIL doesn't have any restrictions with diet. Wow...a new SUV. What kind? I drive a Chevy Tahoe. I love it. It's my 3rd one. So what's on a Taco pizza?

Jana, just a tortilla for dinner?

Well I got busy yesterday and never came back to post. I took the boys to the park for our walk. First time in over 2 months. So nice they finally opened up the parking again. All the playgrounds and gathering spots were fenced off. I started clearing out the bedroom for FIL. This is going to take some time. I have to figure out where to put everything. More of the same today. I did cut out some blocks for a block lotto for guild. So I'll sew those up today.

Well for dinner I'm going to grill up some chicken thighs and make mashed potatoes w/gravy. And maybe zucchini.

Have a lovely day.

Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, May 20th

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 10:29 am
by auntjana
Tortilla soup. - oops!

Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, May 20th

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 10:48 am
by purrfect-lady
Jana, I was going to ask you what you were going to have with your tortilla. LOL. Looks like you answered that question

Our car is a 2016 Lexus. It was such a good price, low mileage, zero % financing, And included good warranty. Had everything we wanted so we went for it. And technical stuff not too difficult to Operate. Our friends have been nagging us to sell them our Camry for their grandkids. Hope they still want it!

Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, May 20th

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 11:21 am
by auntjana
Very nice! That is the same year as the Highlander and we looked at one of those Lexus ones at that time. We too have people wanting our Tacoma - which we gave to Aaron, for his use - we still pay the insurance and registration and my Solara, which Michael is very attached too. I doubt it will ever leave here.

Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, May 20th

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 11:26 am
by auntjana
I am getting old - keep forgetting to tell Lori - I saw a Airstream place in SLC as we went north the other day - thought that since she is looking for one, that things are sometimes less expensive here in Utah - especially items like that. So maybe the next time you are up, you could look into that place. It looked like a manufacturing building - not just a dealership.

Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, May 20th

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 12:01 pm
by zfatcat
Thanks Jana. I've driven by that one. Things are on hold for now. We need to get FIL here and figure things out. It might take a bit. I told DH maybe we could rent one and take it to the beach for a week. The campsite is only about 1 hour away. Glad you are having more than a tortilla for dinner. lol

Mary, that's a nice ride. Lexus is a great vehicle. It will keep going a long time. I'm a Bow tie til I die kinda gal. That's a Chevy. Bill, Jonathan, Shane, Jami, and myself all have Chevy's. We could do a commercial. lol

Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, May 20th

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 1:19 pm
by Becca
Hello everyone been partly drizzle some cleaning times too I got my walk in
Headed to Town early because Beth write that my bread was ready Got a few items at grocery store Then got home stripped 3 beds did laundry Then dressed beds & cleaned 3 bathrooms Everything sanitized again This gets old

Maryz We have a 2008 Ford Escape SUV First time we have ever owned a car that old but unless it dies it will be our last We always kept new ones or at least every year or 2 we traded Never bought used ones only he did buy 1 used truck once
Daisy’s do need sun
Prayers for Albert & Gene

Lori You are a Jewel I know how much I had to do when Mom come to live with us And she took our bedroom because she couldn’t do stairs It’s an adjustment but so worth it Glad your park opened up Friday is day here to open up everything unless they change Of course with lots of rules
We have only had 3 cases here in our County

Jana Sure hope the fires stay away from you Those are scary
We used to have them here but after someone moved they ceased

I got cranberry walnut bread And she had a loaf of Quinoa honey sorghum & oats she was going to toss because it was 1 day old I brought it home too So I have lots of good eating
CA wants burritos I’m having beef hash with creamed potatoes We have lots of goodies
It was SO good to have Marty visit We have really missed our family Bethany said her kids have been wanting to come visit
And his things he did for us was wonderful