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SUPPER CLUB - Sunday, Oct 20th

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Sunday, Oct 20th

Post by purrfect-lady » Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:03 am

Good morning!

We are 45* and dry this morning. So far. Supposed to be rainy off and on today and then stormy again tomorrow. And then a week of sunshine! Gotta pay our dues in advance for that, I guess.

Today is uglies, laundry, and hopefully it will all be done by 1:30 when the Hawks play. I'll probably still be folding by then, but the Maytag couple don't live too far from Mr. TV so it'll be convenient. I have all the hand stitching done on my two needlekeepers for Emily and for myself and now it's time for the beading so I can do that in front of the game, too.

TINA - are fleas and ticks a very big problem in your area? We treat our house with boric acid. It's the active ingredient in the Oh-So-Expensive Fleabuster powder but only costs about $6 for a big container at the farm & garden store here. We sprinkle it all around the house, under sofa cushions, etc. it isn't harmful to people or pets but it kills fleas, ticks, ants, and other pests. You have to leave it on the floors for 2 weeks, though, to break the reproductive cycle - gotta get those baby pests. But it really works great! and lasts for years. And it HAS to be easier than giving flea baths!

IRISH - you are still off fighting the bears and playing cribbage and who knows what all else so we won't be looking for you until tomorrow!

JANA - Did you go to the bridal shower? Must be a big party - I've never had real food ( soup) at a shower before, only cake, nuts, mints, etc. But I haven't been to a shower of any kind in decades. Does Ethan arrive at D-land today?

Supper tonite is still a mystery. I don't want leftovers or a big mess. I'll be making a big supper tomorrow night for Kenn & Sue. (Swiss steak) and there will be leftovers from that, I'm sure. Poached eggs, perhaps? And bacon? Or it could be grilled cheese and tomato soup or simply PB&J's. We'll see what we feel like having about 12 hours from now.

Do you know yet what you feel like having?

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Sunday, Oct 20th

Post by auntjana » Sun Oct 20, 2019 6:14 am

Good morning!

Mary - your rain, turned to snow as it arrived overnight. Thanks for that! LOL!

Ethan update - he is having a great adventure. Still no idea about Disneyland. He went swimming last night in Vegas and Sarah sent me a picture of Ethan stretched out in a recliner in their room. They are still on a adventure! Both Sarah and Sandee are big on pictures and will take some as they roll into Disneyland today, when Ethan sees the first leg of this adventure. Seaworld in San Diego is the end of the week, along with QIAD.

The gluten free food was very yummy. Sandee loved it. Sandee, like my Sarah, loves to cook. But now, that has been curtailed with her allergies. I taught them both to cook.

Dinner here will be baked chicken. Kate brought the leftover soup to share with us for dinner last night. We had plenty, as others brought soup to the party as well. No, we were not invited. That side of the in-law tree are very body size concenious and we are all fat - they can't be seen with a fat person. In fact, Kate's mom, is having more plastic surgery, before the wedding, so she will be "sexy" in the wedding pictures. I am sorry to say, but that side are a bit shallow in my opinion. That is why I am happy that they live in St George and I have more contact with Gracie and Lila, that maybe those attitudes can be averted. Kate is the sensible one from that group.

Just hiding under the quilt, still dark outside and cold, waiting for the furnace to turn on,


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Sunday, Oct 20th

Post by Becca » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:13 am

Hello everyone ,sunny warm & beautiful after a rainy day yesterday.
Denise & Mark Just Left.They got my Irishes all planted they brought.Also cleaned all the fans & light fixtures.So it’s brighter here.lol we had a great visit & she got a bear & doll for her Grandchild she hopes for one day.She has 1 little Avery but her DS doesn’t have any.

Last Friday here I got a surprise package from One of our sweet dear friends here for the Benefit.She made adorable Stockings to sell.I was so appreciative & Know Levi & Taylor are Too.There is one great group of Ladies on this forum.Thanks again M....

I made cowboy beans for them to go with the BBQ & Cole slaw,sweet potatoe fries & brownies & she brought chocolate chip cookies & macadamia nut cookies .

Jana Im Sure Ethan is having a blast.I too have never heard of soup at a Shower.Ive had sandwiches,salads,fruit trays.ham biscuits.Lots but never soup.
Maryz I do hope Vicky accepts the document.You Both have Sure been patient beyond a reasonable time & deserve to live in peace.Enjoy Kenn & Sue.

Have a great day everyone. Becca

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