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SUPPER CLUB - Saturday, Oct 19

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 6:01 am
by purrfect-lady
Good morning,

We've got pouring rain this morning. A series of systems coming in off the Pacific. Two more days and then we will have a week of sunshine! Yay for Ol' Sol!!

The court date went well yesterday. We weren't late, it was quick, and it went our way. We got a little nervous though when the young woman in the case before us started arguing with the judge, kept interrupting her, talking over her, and in general, making the judge angry. Finally the judge told her, "the person who wears the black robe in here gets to talk now and I'm telling you to go sit in the back row and wait!" The girl even argued that! We thought, "Great! get the judge in a good mood for us!" But we were in and out in 15 minutes. A temporary anti-harassment order was granted and will be served by a deputy on Monday. We're thinking Vicki will most likely not open the door for him, though, in which case we have to find another person to deliver it. An uninvolved person over 18 yrs old. It has to be handed to her. The next hearing is set for Nov 1. This is NOT an easy process. Nor is it cheap. So far we've spent $183 on this. We hadn't realized there would be costs.

IRISH - have a fun weekend with sis. anyone else going? I really hope the bear doesn't decide you look like a tasty morsel! Do you know where Tim & Kathy are going in Oregon? Like Washington, the Cascades divide the state. It's much drier on the east side. So hopefully they aren't seeing the rains like we are..

CHICKIE - that stone that Doyle made for Tinkerbell brought tears to my eyes. You are right - a real labor of love. I do like rotties - though there is the slobber factor . . . . But if a burgler is out making choices, he's going to move past the house with the rottie in the window! I am SOO sorry you have 2 weeks of 'duty' coming up. Especially over Thanksgiving and your DGD's concert. Maybe you could pay your friend you have coffee with to come sit with mom occasionally . . . . Or maybe you could come down with a mysterious case of the flu? You wouldn't want to expose Mom to the flu, now would you? I'm glad you like your nickname! Did I give it to you? I thought you were always called that! lol!

BECCA - happy to hear of the twins' progress! 78 days so far! Wow! Seems they were just born! They are now coming up on 34-35 weeks gestation. The lungs are the last to develop when still in utero so it's not surprising they still need some respiratory support. Will keep praying!

JANA - I'm glad for Sarah that she is getting her pick-up back. It was a shock for me when we went from our high-ridin' 4WD Explorer to a Camry back in '04. I didn't like being eye to eye with the hubs of the semi-wheels! Or listening to the road noise under the tires! I STILL miss that Explorer! Only ONE spider in 8 years?? My gosh! We co-habitate with them in the winter. I really can't stand killing anything so I will relocate them outside if I can. But if I find them in our bedroom, they aren't so lucky!

I still have some chicken in mushroom stroganoff sauce and some boiled potatoes so I put it all together, add some peas to it, and we'll have chicken stew tonite for supper. Plus a nice salad. Sue and Kenn will be here on Monday and I'm thinking of making swiss steak with twice-baked potatoes for them. I'm not sure if they plan a second night so I'll be ready with homemade pizza if they do. It just occurred to me they might be here to see the deputy trying to serve Vicki! The RV parking pad is on the part of our property she thinks is hers and only about 50 feet from her house . . . See - if you come to dinner at our house, we also provide entertainment!

How is your supper story going to end?

Re: SUPPER CLUB - Saturday, Oct 19

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:25 am
by auntjana
Good morning!

Mary - Ken is a non involved person with the action, maybe he can serve the papers? Praying Vicki will answer her door - best for all!

We are getting Mary's rain, but aling the way, it is turning to snow. They are saying about 2 inches on my yard tonight. It is very nippy right now.

Kate is coming over to make tortilla soup for Bridezilla's bridal shower this afternoon. I am teaching Kate the recipe, it is a original of mine. Kate is not thrilled to be going to the shower, it turned into a huge amount of people invited - Kate's words - half the state of Utah! Only a month longer and all this drama will be traded for something new.

Our dinner - ideas are floating around in my head, but nothing has landed yet. We win't starve.


Re: SUPPER CLUB - Saturday, Oct 19

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:39 am
by purrfect-lady
JANA, GREAT idea!! Ken or even Sue! Thanks! They've been here before and I believe met Vicki some years back.

Re: SUPPER CLUB - Saturday, Oct 19

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 3:05 pm
by gershwin64
Hi everyone!
I agree, maybe Ken and Sue! I don't think they'll like us volunteering them 🤣
I just gave all 3 of my furrkids a flea and tick bath and I'm exhausted! Gotta go clean up after that and then give me a nice warm relaxing bath.....I don't believe I need the flea and tick part 😉🤣
I'm thinking cereal for supper but Frankie might want something else, he's been working on his truck for most of the day, changing out the power steering pump and whatever else. We've had a nice cool day today, a little breezy but better than the wind and dirt yesterday for sure!
I gotta scoot or I'll fall asleep before I get things cleaned up and my bath!