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SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Oct 18

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Oct 18

Post by purrfect-lady » Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:03 am

Good morning!

Another day in rainy paradise. An interesting week, weatherwise. And actually, every other-wise as well!! I have chiropractor this morning and then Bill and I have a court hearing this afternoon back in Tacoma. In between times, I have some serious messes going on around here that need my attention. I did have a few minutes to get out my Christmas swap blocks yesterday, and get them ironed and squared up. Maybe there will be time to lay them out and admire . . .

JANA - Marie is one of my favorite names! My mom and my younger sis are both Maries plus it's my older sister's middle name. But my younger sister went by her middle name, Therese. But I couldn't say that so it came out "Teesie". and the family still calls her that or "Teese". She hates it and has her 'circle' in Colorado where she now lives call her "Terri". My older sis is June Marie by goes by Tina. And MY name is really Virginia! Names!!

BECCA - today's the day! I hope CA is up to enjoying the visit. I read the update on the twins. Cribs! A big, joyful step!

TINA - I would probably love your Frito pie, but like you would want my chips crisp. That's so nice that Roxie was tamed and adopted! My nephew has a rottie named Roxie, too.

LORI - are you getting any of these rainy systems blowing in off the Pacific or are you too far south?

Last night we ended up having BLT's. Only "someone who shall not be named" ate all the bread and didn't put it on the list! So I had to take some hamburger buns out of the freezer and use those. We spent $300 at Costco yesterday and have to go bread today. Sigh. I've got chicken thawing for tonight. I think we'll have chicken stroganoff.

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Oct 18

Post by FarmChick » Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:53 am

Good morning! It’s sunny here. We were 48 when I donned my yoga pants and a fleece top with my hat and the Hooligans and I walked to Choc’s. I’m on Choc duty until Sunday afternoon sometime. I’ll also be back on for Monday and Tuesday. We drive over after dark for the night walks. We should make it to 70 or maybe a little warmer, so walking later will be perfect.

I found out yesterday that my sister and BIL will be gone from Nov. 19 to Dec. 1. Guess where I will be for the duration. My happy home life is not going to be so happy. Ugh!

Names—Until I met MaryZ, I’d never had a nickname. I always wanted one, so I’m happy.

We call it Frito chili pie. It’s a standard at the school lunches, or it used to be. I like mine with cheese, chopped onions and dill pickles. I also like Spaghetti Red which is spaghetti topped with chili, Parmesan cheese, chopped onions and served with dill pickles and saltines. (Now I’m really hungry!)

I had Mom’s bath duty and break for BIL and Sister yesterday, so I left yesterday morning before I could eat my brunch. My sister had lunch for Mom but not me, so I stopped and picked up a salad at Taco Mayo. I didn’t get on my way home until 4:30, and I’d left all my mess in the kitchen from making biscuits, bacon and gravy yesterday morning. I had to make biscuits because I was out of bread for toast. I needed to stop at the optometrist and pick up my contact lenses. It’s across the street from Braum’s, and I’d run out of bread. I found my loaf of bread, and it was right above the containers of DH’s favorite ice cream. It was next to the bananas, too, and they looked perfect. Then a container of chocolate frozen yogurt jumped into my cart, and I got out of there! As I was going for the highway, the meat market was on the right. My Millie truck is related to Irish’s car, and it wheeled right in to the meat market. I got a slab of smoked BBQ ribs (heat and eat!), some butterfly pork chops (to be chops and fried apples), and a Cajun marinated chicken breast for me. I won’t be running out of food for awhile!

The ribs and ice cream were a huge hit last night.

When I got home, DH had been busy. He found a large piece of sandstone and had chipped out Tinkerbell’s name for a headstone. It was such a sweet labor of love. Of course, I cried again. We set it on her grave that’s just to the west of the house and not too far from the pond.

Tina—my brother and sister-in-law (DH’s family) have always had Rottweilers. Some of them have been REALLY huge! They live on a busy road (fenced yard), but when they were working all the time, you never knew when someone was going to break in for goods to sell for drugs. The Rottweiler would definitely stopped them in their tracks!

I’m hoping to get to spend some time in my sewing room today. I’m working on a deer panel quilt that will probably go to a granddaughter-in-law. Since I’m going to be losing 2 weeks in November, I’m not sure what anyone will get for Christmas this year, if anything. I keep losing almost 3 days of sewing a week as well. My sewing time totally derailed.

DH hasn’t arrived for brunch, so I think I’ll head for my sewing machine. I have to get it back to “normal” stitching. Yesterday morning, one of the hunters interrupted my yoga workout to sew up his pants he caught on barbed wire and made a mess. There is never a dull moment here!

Dinner tonight—ribs. I have a bit of mac ‘n cheese left for DH (the real stuff), and I’ll have a salad.

Bon appétit!

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Oct 18

Post by Becca » Fri Oct 18, 2019 9:41 am

Hello everyone,sunny here at 63.T was 43 when I walked this morning.
Maryz Yes They are here but I wanted to update on babies because of Tina asking about them.Sure hope your day is good.Your pantry is well stocked I’m sure after Costco visit.

Chickie My My Your time is all spoken for.But your pantry is well stocked like Maryz s.
Do hope you get some me time soon

Twins Update This was just put on.Brodee is now 3.15 oz & Hadlee is 3.2 oz.
Brodee has his tap today & she asked we pray there’s no infection.He also has a hernia.
Today they both go to Hi Flow for oxygen before they come off any breathing support.This is huge & she asked we pray their lungs are strong.And that they do well.Thanks for all your prayers and Support.They are very grateful.

We are having the BBQ CA loves. Becca .

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Oct 18

Post by auntjana » Fri Oct 18, 2019 9:44 am

Good morning!

I have been a busy little beaver today. Laundry is down to one liad, kitchen straightened, counters, stove done, master suite straightened, and trash is out to the street. Michael still needs to sweep and vacuum, his set of uglies. Our pest control guy, just sprayed my inside for spiders and is now doing the outside. Since we moved here, 8 years ago, we have had only one spider inside! So happy with that and no cobwebs on my very tall ceilings!

Sarah gets her truck back from the body shop this afternoon. She will be very happy to be up high again from the road, my Solara rides close to the ground, as it is a sporty type car.

Dinner - the pork didn't appear last night, so it will today.

Mary - you are very inventive on creating dinners! Hope all goes well at the courthouse today.

Chickie - so happy you like your nickname! They are fun. Cup and Pint have stuck here for Lila and Gracie.

Well, time to head to the Batt Cave. Ethan will be here in a bit. Short day for him at school. Then he has piano. He loves his piano lessons.


Becca - you snuck in- so happy to read of the twins progress. They are such fighters! Our Logan had that same hernia and surgery when he was a month old. He did wonderfully.

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Friday, Oct 18

Post by Irishgram » Fri Oct 18, 2019 11:19 am

Good early afternoon from a partly sunny, slightly warmer, SW. Pa...But, the weekend is to be super....

I just came on for a second to check up on everyone and then noticed, my post from the other day was gone...So, quick update., spent all day yesterday with my sister, starting with her arthritis doc at 8:00 in the AM, then breakfast, then a short visit with friends, on to bingo, then ate again, and then back home...I was so tired I didn't even get my Emma Rose in and fell asleep trying to read the paper....Today, we're off to my sister's camp to winterize, eat, play lots of cards and look for the bear....Leaving in about 10 minutes so gotta type fast....

Mary, isn't it funny, after spending all that money, you need something as simple as bread...Happens here often...Wondering if the rainy weather is going up the coast...Kathy and Tim are going to Oregon for a few days, camping I think....

Becca, wonderful news about the twins and of course bunches and bunches of prayers are on their way....

Jana, this is the big day for Ethan, isn't it?. I think I'm as excited as he is....

Chickie, glad to hear you have your vehicle trained as well as mine, lol...And as far as nicknames, I've been called D.J., even by my kids (among other things)....Years ago, at one of our Lioness meetings a gal from Hospice brought in a large dog, all dressed in big glasses, hat and a skirt...After coming in, the dog laid down and she went on with the meeting...She then asked if anyone knew what breed the dog was and no one guessed that it was a Rottie...She said, had she just brought her in, without her outfit, we might have been taken aback...She also said, this type of breed was found to be the best around her patients, was so gentle, knowing how to put their paws on the bed without touching any wires and would sense when the end was near and would want to stay with the patient.......Most dogs of this size get a bad rap which is really a shame.....

Well, now for sure, I'm off....We will be back late on Sunday unless that bear decides I'm dinner.....
We'll be stopping somewhere for dinner, thank goodness....

You all have a great day...

Happy eating...............

Behave yourselves while I'm away......

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