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SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Oct 17

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Oct 17

Post by purrfect-lady » Thu Oct 17, 2019 4:49 am

Good morning,

Mr. Dog is waking everyone up early this morning. And one of us is growling about it! Grrrr . . . . I think my next pet will be a goldfish.

Yesterday I did a bit of shopping. I'm trying to get my Christmas stuff together for Autumn so my SIL can deliver it for me next month. And for my sister in CO whose birthday is in Nov so I usually mail Christmas and bd all in one package. Then, after shopping/wrapping, we went to supper with our DGS, Drew. He told us he heard a lot of loud pops at 0300 yesterday morning. He thought shots, then realized a house 5 houses down his block had caught fire. He ran for his cat carriers in case he had to evacuate and woke his cousin, who lives with him. No evacuation for them, but it was sad for his neighbor. No cause is known yet.

Other bad news is that our LQS is closing Dec 31. The owner is 70 and wants to retire and travel but says that everyone buys fabric on line now and that's the main reason shops are closing everywhere. This is the fourth one in 3 years to close it's doors in my area. There will be just one shop left in Tacoma, Shibori Dragon, now. And Joann's. :cry:

Today we're taking the truck into Tacoma to be serviced so we'll be going to the county courthouse there to file for that Civil Restraining Order. I'm SOO not looking forward to this. And then on Saturday we're all gathering to spread Ernie's ashes along with his wife's. Not looking forward to that either! If I have time later this afternoon, I might pull out the blocks from the Christmas in July swap and start laying them out on my 'design floor'. Or I might take a nap!

CHICKIE - we just might take that DGD of yours for our Drew! Though he says he's not moving from this area, so she'd have to be mobile. :D The picture you paint of your wood ducks sounds so bucolic!

JANA - Aaron gets an early start on those impaired drivers! Our ruler plate clamps onto our machine, too. and then it's removed from regular stitching. But when I was removing it my hand accidentally hit the needle down and now we have a purrfect pinhole in the plate! lol! But all ended well. So, are the penguins for January? Do you have Feb already or are you taking a break from them? So, what's your middle name?

LORI - that's a big group! Though Cindy's in Texas is about 650. I don't belong to any groups. I think there is one quilt guild here in G.H. though when the LQS closes I'm not sure what will happen to it. One thing I notice about distracted drivers, too, is they vary their speed a lot.

BECCA - got your message! Thx! And you really have had a few busy days! Your house my be sparkling by now! Mark & Denise arrive tomorrow, don't they?

TINA - I'm not sure what a Frito pie is, but I have to say if it has Fritos in it, I'm on board! Yum! Another good watch dog but also a good family dog is a Rottweiler. My kids have had 3 of them and they are really very sweet dogs but people are afraid of them because they look so fierce. They are SMART!

I'm thinking there's no restaurant in our future for tonite. We do have leftover spaghetti in the fridge but it's 6 days old. Kind of past my limit . . . Bill has restaurant leftovers also, so he may want those. If so, I'll have a poached egg. Otherwise, it's on to new food, which will be baked chicken or pork chops, potatoes of some sort, and fried cabbage and onions. And sliced cucumber and tomato

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Oct 17

Post by auntjana » Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:45 am

Good morning!

Mary - I hate losing a LQS, they are getting to be few and far in between. My middle name is Marie, after my Dad's Portugese name, his was Jose Maria. When the family arrived from Portugal to Hawaii, the immigration person, changed his name to Joseph Melvin. My first name, Jo Ann was also after his name too. I have been called Jana by all my family since I was about 9. My first niece couldn't say Jo Ann and it came out Jana, and stuck.

Not much here. Michael had to run to the hardware store yesterday as our PVC glue had gone bad. He picked up some parts he needed as well, came home and forgot the glue! So we had to go out again for glue. Hopefully this project will be done today. The Batt Cave is missing me. And the mess needs attention too.

I have some pork that could be used like a chop, or turned into sweet and sour pork over rice. We will see.


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Oct 17

Post by Becca » Thu Oct 17, 2019 9:23 am

Hello everyone,nice here after a chilly start.Got walk in early.
Maryz Yes Mark & Denise come tomorrow.She is bringing her Dads favorite BBQ.I hope he feels up to eating it.Yes it’s been busy here .I started the Afghan last nite.Hope I get it finished.I have 2 more dolls half done but had to stop to clean up for D & M.The guest room is my sewing room.Do hope someone will buy the quilt shop.
Sorry about the dreaded chores you have to do.

Jana That’s funny how people’s names get changed.Most of the time by a child not being able to say it correctly.

I have plenty to do but not sure what to tackle.May just knit.we are having Pork chops,roasted potatoes.Salad. Becca

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Oct 17

Post by gershwin64 » Thu Oct 17, 2019 10:52 am

Good morning all!
Mary, sounds like some sobering things going on in your life....a nap would be good. Frito pie is just chili over fritos mostly and cheese. The recipe said to bake it all together but I just build it on plates so the fritos stayed crunchy. It was yummy! Dad really enjoyed it.
Rottweilers are great dogs too! My older brother has 2, 1 was their daughter's puppy from a litter and the other is a rescue from our closed Kmart. Roxie was abandoned for at least 3 months there, John saw her and tried for almost 2 months to coax her to going home with him and when he told Tracy then she started going every day with food and visiting her. The animal shelter tried numerous times to catch her but couldn't, finally Tracy got her where she wasn't so afraid and went one day and called animal control and between them both they caught her and took her to the shelter for the 3 day hold. Nobody claimed her so John and Tracy adopted her, got a certificate for free vet check up, shots and spraying. Poor Roxie was very sick but after about 6 months with my brother and his wife she was gaining weight and getting her health back! I think Kevin prefers the doberman because they're not so bulky. Plus his friend is opening a kennel and will have a litter ready and started being trained in April. He says he's going to redo his back yard fence and that will give him time.
Jana, love the story about your names, very cool! Don't you love just love it when you go to the store for a specific thing and come home with all sorts of things except what you actually went for? Lol funny.
Becca, sounds like you're all ready for them to get there! Enjoy! I think I've missed updates on the babies, how are they?
We have a concert to go to this evening, wonder if I could talk Frankie into stopping in town for supper before? Hmmmmm..... 😉

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Oct 17

Post by auntjana » Thu Oct 17, 2019 1:44 pm

My daughter learned well how to be sneaky! She has most of Ethan's things packed and the first rouse is that they are stopping in Beaver to a place called the creamery - for a ice cream or milkshake. Ethan loves both - then they are spending the night in Vegas - at a place with a pool - Ethan loves to swim, so that is the second rouse - someplace warm to go swimming. On Sunday, they will arrive in Disneyland, so he may know by the time they leave Vegas, or not until they pull into the hotel parking lot at Disneyland.

In the back of Sandee's Rav4, there is a cover, that all the suitcases are hidden from view - it will be packed the night before they leave.

I have pulled rouses like this many times on all of my kids, that is how she learned! LOL!


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Oct 17

Post by zfatcat » Thu Oct 17, 2019 2:21 pm

Jama, Ethan is going to be so happy.
Hope they take lots of pictures to share.
Lori 8-)

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