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Supper Club -Tuesday, Oct 8

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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Supper Club -Tuesday, Oct 8

Post by purrfect-lady » Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:51 am

Good morning,

Still hunting and pecking with one finger on my phone. Yesterday was a rainey one so we drove into town. Didn’t do much but checked out everything. Nice to see more shops open than used to be, more empty buildings have new businesses in them now. We spent the afternoon in the trailer listening to the rain beat on the roof, Bill reading and me beading. Today should be drier. We’ll walk the beach again, and take a drive south to tiny beach town of Tokeland. Also check out Washaway Beach. You may have seen that on national news a year or two ago. The waves have taken out a whole community over the years, more than a quarter-mile of land has washed away. They work hard there every year to save what’s left. The son of one of my friends works on those crews. Always interesting if nothing else .

Becca, I know I got that pattern from a BLOCK magazine. I don’t remember what it is called but you are probably right-four small Snowball blocks sewn together to make a flower. I can’t remember what block called it. But I am thrilled that you still love it.

Irish, gallivanting is fun but tiring! Glad you have some time to rest now. But oh, was it a wonderful two weeks! Your little angel is such a cutie! Seems to always be smiling!

Jana how skinny are your skinnies? You gave us the measurements once I’ve kind of forgotten. 5 inches?

Tonight supper will be a slice of a pork tenderloin with leftover rice and salad. We go home tomorrow, Wednesday. And Thursday I plan to use the last of the pork loin in red beans, probably over boiled potatoes.

Have you got a plan yet?

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Re: Supper Club -Tuesday, Oct 8

Post by auntjana » Tue Oct 08, 2019 7:09 am

Good morning!

Mary - my skinnies measure about 14x24 finished. It is so nice to see businesses coming back, filling up spaces.

Today should be a quiet day. Finished the second gift last night, while watching my 9'ers win. They are one of the two undefeated teams left in the NFL. Now back to my stuff and cleaning up the fabric explosion in there. Sarah helped pick the fabrics and so many of my baskets are out on the sewing table. I will need to dig my way in! LOL!

Dinner - I have a chicken and stuffing cassarole recipe, so that will be dinner here.

After our back up take Ethan to school time is over, I will head down to the Batt Cave.


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Re: Supper Club -Tuesday, Oct 8

Post by FarmChick » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:56 am

O.K. I’m officially losing it!!! I posted the following yesterday, and I was so proud of myself for finally getting it to post. Today I discovered I posted it to SUNDAY instead of Monday. Sigh! As the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz would say, “If I only had a brain!”

“Just another manic Monday…” Seems like every day is Monday here. I thought when I retired that every day was Saturday! What happened??? Actually, hopefully, today should be walking Choc and Ava and maybe getting into my sewing room.

Tomorrow I’m going with DH when he goes to his Area Agency on Aging meeting, but I’ll be dropped off at a quilt show! It’s a small show put on by the guild there, but I enjoyed it last year. I saw a quilt made by my neighbor when I lived up there. Neither one of us quilted back in those days, so it was a fun surprise.

Tina—what a party! So glad you have leftovers so you don’t have to cook after all that clean up!

Becca—love that you make the bears! I mopped floors yesterday. Beans and cornbread are one of my favorite meals! We were 45 this morning—soup weather! We are in the 70s during the day. On the other hand, I make soup all year.

Jana—a skinnie is the perfect gift from you! Anyone can find wall space for one of your delightful creations! What design will you make? Your breakfasts always make me slobber!

Oh, Mary! I always envy your ocean walks!

DH is home for brunch, then he has wood customers coming, so I’ll be helping load them.

Dinner… probably soup of some sort!

Bon appétit!

So, I guess today is Monday only on Tuesday if every day is Monday. I’m really going to try hard to get my post on the right day.

Mary—what are you beading? So sorry about the rain, but it can be so pleasant and cozy inside listening to the rhythm of the rain on the roof. Of course, listening to the waves on the beach… heaven! I’ve heard of washaway beach.

Jana—I saw skinnies in the Annie’s catalog and thought of you and wondered if you had those patterns. So cute! My fabric is exploding across my room, too. I started cutting for blocks to go with a panel for my newest granddaughter in law. The panel is a white tail buck in the field with frost or light snow on the grasses. It’s a beautiful panel, and she will love it.

I have no idea what dinner will be for DH. I have soup—white bean and kale are the main ingredients. I just threw a bunch of stuff in the pot yesterday—onion, tomatoes, carrots, celery, garlic, seasonings, as well as the kale and beans. I’m really enjoying it! I still have to come up with something for DH. We are going to Chanute for his meeting and a quilt show for me. I may get him to stop for something for his dinner. Tomorrow we will be getting Chinese takeout, so I don’t want to have to cook much.

Off to walk Choc and Ava with the Hooligans!
Bon appétit!

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Re: Supper Club -Tuesday, Oct 8

Post by Becca » Tue Oct 08, 2019 9:48 am

Hello everyone,cloudy here but we are still staying warm at night.Sure hope the nights cool soon.
TINA Has anyone heard from her?How her test came out & how she is doing.Thanks.Have missed her & thinking of her.

Maryz I Too wondered what you were beading.Walking on beach is relaxing.Sad people lost their property but that’s waterfront for you.Never wanted to be near water,I thought of a flower too on my quilt because the block forms a flower.Anyway I love it.

Jana Sure your gift will be loved.

Chickie You are still running running.Enjoy the quilt show.I love looking at quilts.

Irish I found your page & I think the right one of DGD too.The Little one is such a cutie pie.

I’m still working on getting phone set up. Complete.They tell you they do it but it’s never right.They always leave off Numbers you need.Got laundry done & lunch made.Have ingredients out for sugar cookies.Then off to sew.Have any of you made a children’s book out of cloth.I have one here to do & was wondering what you used inside pages.I thought of batting but seems to be too thick.
Pot pie here for CA & salad & burger for me. Becca

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Re: Supper Club -Tuesday, Oct 8

Post by auntjana » Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:43 am

Becca -

I have done what we call Quiet Books -- things to do on each page to help little ones stay quiet during Church. The pages were just a heavy weight muslin, nothing between the pages. Mine were done as a rectangle, so each rectangle made 4 pages, when sewn together.

Pages had things like a Ark, out of felt, with several animals to go inside, a clock with plastic hands that moved, a tree with felt apples to attach, a flower pot with felt flowers to button on the stems. There are so many ideas to use. They can be a ton of work too!

My kids only saw/played with their quiet book on Sundays during Church.


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Re: Supper Club -Tuesday, Oct 8

Post by rosebud3 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:40 pm

Hi all, I've been MIA because all my spare time has been spent working on my elf's Christmas gift. Although the work has been a bit slow, it is still moving at a steady pace.

Maryz-You asked about my retirement a few days back. Retirement from Home Depot is "at will". I have a 401-K, but I had to make a substantial withdrawal from it when Randy was sick, and the amount needed to supplement Social Security if I retire early isn't sustainable for long term security.

Supper tonight is slow-cooked pot roast.


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Re: Supper Club -Tuesday, Oct 8

Post by gershwin64 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:05 pm

Hi everyone!
Sorry, I've been swamped again, I cleaned my house to to bottom, I started Fall break Saturday and it'll end Monday.
Mary, Vicki news doesn't sound very good, maybe you should block her number?
Becca, I did get all my tests results back and they didn't show anything. He's sending me to a neurologist, I have an appointment for November 21st.
I am feeling some better. I haven't had the room moving/tilting for about a week now. I only get dizzy if I'm tired and/or bend over. I haven't had the constant shakes but I do get them when I get tired. I drove for the first time today, just to Holly's and back.
Jazmyne is staying the night. She's gonna assist me on my live video for a pampered chef party tomorrow....my lovely assistant 😊
Chickie, you've been so busy!
Jana, I hope you post a pic of the skinny, I've loved all the ones you've made!
MaryRose, I wish there was a way for you to retire sooner.
Hugs to you all!

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