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Supper club Monday, October 7

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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Supper club Monday, October 7

Post by purrfect-lady » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:03 am

Good morning

We had a long walk on the beach yesterday afternoon. It’s a long, wide sandy beach. Nice for walking. Scotty got to be iff leash and chase the waves and seagulls and bits of dried kelp blowing in the breeze. We spent the late afternoon reading around the campfire. After supper we walked back to the beach and sat on a bench in the sea grass and watched the sunset over the water.

No more calls yesterday or this morning from Vicki. I feel kind of hurt, don’t you?

Today, we will probably drive into Westport and poke around. All the shops were open yesterday which is unusual for October. They are usually closed for the season. There used to be a cute little quilt shop here but the two women who owned it (both former engineers who retired here from Seattle ) were so crabby to their customers that people stopped coming to their shop and drove to Aberdeen instead, about 25 miles inland. So the two women got even crabbier and finally had to close the shop down. They moved back to Seattle where they felt people were more friendly. Bummer for me!

Tina, Is Preston three now? That must’ve been a big party! Especially for a school night. I bet he was excited!

Becca, I keep thinking you must be done with your yardwork by now. Yet you always find something else to do. We have friends who are in Raleigh visiting their kids and grandkids right now. They said temperatures have cooled into the 70s. Hope you are cooling too. What else do you plan to make for the Fundraiser?

Jana, I would love orange French toast and croissants or anything! And I think a skinny is a very perfect gift for you to give someone. What will it be like?

Supper For us tonight will be something with leftover tenderloin. Pork fried rice or barbecue pork sandwiches ? Kind of depends on the weather. We cook inside or outside, depending on weather.

Happy suppertime!

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Re: Supper club Monday, October 7

Post by auntjana » Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:30 am

Good morning!

The day is looking very nice, just a tad bit cold. We have a few errands to run this morning, then I can sew in the Batt Cave.

One skinnie done - it is a snow beanie and mittens. I did it in blues and white. I have fabric pulled to make another skinnie, 3 christmas light bulbs on a wire. Or, as Sarah suggested, a stripped pieced Christmas stocking. I designed this pattern about 40 years ago, long before El did hers. My sewing area is covered in fabrics! What a mess!

Dinnner - Michael still has a bit of soup and I will scrounge the refrig. Last night I cooked, as Aaron, Kate and the little girls came over.


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Re: Supper club Monday, October 7

Post by Irishgram » Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:11 am

Good afternoon from a very soggy, chilly, SW. Pa...I have a feeling Mr. Sun is in hiding and we might not see him for a couple of days....

Mary, your walking on the beach and just reading by the camp fire sounds heavenly...What a shame about that quilt shop..But don't you wonder how anyone could be nasty while running such a shop...That would be my dream...But, there are weird people out there....

Becca, In reading your posts, I'd also think you had to be done with all your outside work by now...But, when you have property, sometimes that work is never done....Thinking about the twins and hoping all is well.....

I am back and this time, I think it's to stay for awhile, or until someone decides I need to go somewhere, lol. (I keep my "bug out" bag packed and ready for anything)....But, it's been a hectic 2 weeks, seems like more, but just 2...Kathy made it back to Reno late last night so all is good...AND our Lena is now a toddler! Dan and I left early Sat. morning, went to Carlisle for breakfast and then the fun began...Traveled to a small animal reserve park, Lake Tobias, and it was absolutely perfect...They had all the animals except elephants and rhinos, and even a petting zoo with lots and lots of goats...Lena had fun but the "big kids" had lots of fun too....We then came back to the house for cupcakes and more presents...After being covered in icing, it was bath time and off to bed...Sunday, breakfast and more presents and then we started for home...Coming home, Kathy drove Dan's new car and at one time, thought she was on the race track but she loved it and I'm thinking there might be a new Tesla in her future.....But, we got back to my house, she picked up Casey's car and headed for the airport...Casey was coming in from LA, so Kathy parked her car in Short Term and for once I didn't have to make the trip, yippee.....
Now to maybe get back to normal, whatever that is.....I am so determined to sew today...I had gotten the cutest Halloween panel for my sister and want to get it done...Her late DH had an antique red truck and this panel has that truck, loaded with pumpkins....
Other than playing with my machine, I have nothing on my schedule for the day....For dinner, I'm thinking of cooking the rest of the tomatoes and making soup.....Tomorrow, I have an eye appointment and might have to stop for some groceries...

You all have a great day.....

Happy eating............

We have posted lots of pictures of Lena on FB if anyone wants to take a peek......

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Re: Supper club Monday, October 7

Post by Becca » Mon Oct 07, 2019 11:22 am

Hello,Been busy here.After trip to Town for phone.DG,Care veered in Subway for sliders & CA Cookies.Then Lunch & walked.

Maryz Yard work here is on going.You can always be busy if you want except Winter.I am doing a baby quilt yet.I did placemats & ornaments.
The crabby Quilt shop owners must have had other issues.Working with fabric should be enjoyed.Can you tell me the name of quilt pattern on my Quilt Supper club gave me? a friend asked & I told her snowball I thought.

Jana Sarah’s Meal sounds good to me but Grama is better.lol

Irish As I Told Maryz There is Always work here if you will do it.Comes from having property & with CA not able to do anything plus Marty & Levi used to help too.
Oh that little cutie.What fun you had.You will have to PM me to tell me who to look for on Facebook.

Well no cooking due to Subway.We had leftovers but they can wait.Happy Eating.

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