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Supper Club. Sat, Oct 5

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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Supper Club. Sat, Oct 5

Post by purrfect-lady » Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:03 am

Good morning,

Internet sketchy so this will be short. We moved campgrounds yesterday and now in Montesano, WA. Picked up my batting order at Warm factory in Elma, 12 miles from here. Visiting Bill’s sister today. Tomorrow we’re moving again to the coast for 3 nights. Home Wed.

Interesting turn of events w/ Vicki. Someone gave her a phone. She’s been making harassing/threatening calls (10 in 2 days so far) to our home phone which is forwarded to bill’s cell. Daughter says she is calling other people, too, most around 5am. Crisis team went to her house in response to daughter’s call but V refused to let them in. They were going to discuss options w/ family. Not sure what’s happening next.

I’ve been working on my wool applique project in quiet moments. I’m loving this new craft,

Supper will be last of turkey -leftover tetrazzini and salad.

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Re: Supper Club. Sat, Oct 5

Post by Becca » Sat Oct 05, 2019 9:36 am

Hello everyone,cloudy here & in 60s.Quite a change.

Maryz The Vicky saga never ends.Surely one day someone will take action.Enjoy your Sister visit.is the pattern on the quilt you gave me from Supper Club Called the snowball? Someone asked me & I thought that was it.

Chickie Always Glad to have you join us.We know your schedule is very hectic & busy.Glad they treated you special memorializing Tinker Bell.They do wrap around our Hearts.
Hope your Mom day goes smooth.

Irish Your week has been a whirlwind.Glad you got baby love time & Kathy too all in same week.

I got my laundry done & plan to take walk then sew & stuff bears.
I’m making Green Beans,Sautéed Chicken Breast.We Still have pound cake. Becca

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Re: Supper Club. Sat, Oct 5

Post by FarmChick » Sat Oct 05, 2019 12:29 pm

Good afternoon! We had rain here this morning while I was in sitting with Mom. It cleared up as I was leaving to come home, but there was a lot of water running in the ditches in the country and along the curbs in town.

Mary—have a great time! I have a bolt of Warm ‘n Natural that I ordered. I also have a bolt of JoAnn’s batting that came with the tubs of fabric I got this summer. So…. Vicki hasn’t destroyed the new phone… yet! Sorry he is harassing you and Mr. Bill. It will be interesting to see what plays out if anything with the Crisis Team. Enjoy your wool! It makes my hands itch too much anymore to work with it. Funny, because we used to wear a lot of wool skirts and jackets.

Becca—your dinner sounds delicious! Enjoy your bears and your walk! I need a walk, but I will have to put on my black rubber boots to get it in.

Irish—your schedule sounds as hectic as mine but much more fun! Enjoy!!!

I think I’ll go haunt my sewing room for a bit. Haven’t been there in awhile, so it will take some time to figure out what I was doing when I left.

Dinner tonight… pizza (DH) and salad (me). I had some squash soup with Mom today that came from Sam’s. It was very tasty, and perfect for the season and a chilly, rainy day.

Bon appétit!

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