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Supper club. Friday, October 4

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Supper club. Friday, October 4

Post by purrfect-lady » Fri Oct 04, 2019 5:36 am

Good morning

Yesterday turned into a pretty nice day. We got our campfire going about 4 PM then a short but heavy rain storm came by so we all huddled under the awning of our trailer until it passed. Then we had a beautiful evening around the fire after that until about 7:30 PM when everybody called it in evening.

To top the night off, Seahawks won! By The skin of their teeth and one point. We watched second half on the game.

We are packing up this morning and Have about a three hour drive to our next Campground. Bob & Betsy decided to come with us for one night on their way back to Oregon. Tex&Annette are going home. No doubt about it, the next campground will be rainy. This is close to where Bill grew up and it’s always raining There.

Becca, do Mark & Denise arrive today? Save something for them to do!

Jana, $5000 seems a pretty pricey ticket. We rode the Whit Pass RR for free because we happened to be there on a special holiday. I can’t remember what the Silverton was back in 1988. But both were certainly worth it.

Chickie texted me last night. She stayed with mom all day yesterday and today is moms bath day so she will be going back. Best I can tell, she is putting in about 25 hours a week with mom.

When we make camp today, we need to unhitch and drive about 15 miles to the Warm factory to pick up two bolts of batting, one for me and one for another person at home Not sure what our supper will be tonight. We still have leftover turkey and I was thinking of making something like turkey tetrazzini. We will probably share with Bob & Betsy.

What’s happening in your kitchen tonight?

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Re: Supper club. Friday, October 4

Post by Becca » Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:18 am

Hello everyone,sunny here.
Got some more spent flowers cut off.And Trying to get the paper work for Month complete.

Maryz Denise & Mark aren’t coming this week.They are attending the Funeral because we can’t go.They live 1 hr away from there & we are 31/2 hrs away,So Glad They can go.Her Son is like a Brother to CA.They grew up together.
There is still plenty to do mostly weed eat.Mine isn’t fixed or I could do some.
Glad your team won.Warm & Natural Batting is my favorite kind.Makes a smoother finish I think.

Chickie Sure hope you get a break soon.Thinking of you.

CA is having a rough week so his eating leaves much to be desired.Our Denise has a Birthday tomorrow.

We are having burger for CA & Banned Salad. For me. Becca

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Re: Supper club. Friday, October 4

Post by Irishgram » Fri Oct 04, 2019 12:48 pm

Good late afternoon from a cooler, partly dreary, SW. Pa....I guess we're going to have Fall now with the hopes that winter stays away for a long time..(Maybe until June).....

Mary, I love to read about your camping and all the places you visit...I might not be there in person but in reading, makes me feel I'm right there at the camp fire.....Enjoy your trip.....
Chickie, thinking about you, so much......
Becca, you are like that whirlwind, always in motion...When I look outside and see what still has to be done in my yard, I just shudder...I have a feeling, some of it won't get done and at this point, I'm not worrying about it....Sorry to hear your DH is having a bad time, but I'm sure, your nursing is a big comfort.....

Right now, I'm in between "trips"...We have been on the go all week..Today is Lena's birthday and Kathy went to Carlisle on Wed. to have extra time with Lena and her parents...I spent all day yesterday with my sister, then today had lunch with the gals, stopped at Kohl's to get Lena a couple books and then tonight, picking my sister up for dinner at her son's..Then bright and early tomorrow, Dan will pick me up for our trip to Carlisle for the birthday party and we'll stay over and then Sunday, gotta get Kathy to the airport...Next week I'm not answering the phone, might not even get dressed the whole week, lol....

I've heard our dinner will be meat loaf but not sure what else....But at this point, it could be crackers and a glass of water and it would be OK.....

You all have a great rest of the day............

Happy eating..................

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Re: Supper club. Friday, October 4

Post by FarmChick » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:09 pm

Good late evening here… it’s 8:00, so definitely after supper for everyone probably.

It’s been a busy week here. Thursday was an all day session with Mom while my sister and BIL went to Kansas City for the day/evening. Today was bath day and sitting while my sister and BIL went to lunch and errands. Tomorrow will be much of the same (sans bath) after I meet my friend for our weekly coffee.

Thank you all for your kind words about Tinker Bell. She is pain free now and happily romping with all our pets that went before her across the Rainbow Bridge. We’ve sure had heavy hearts and leaky eyes around our house.

Yes, Tinker Bell was my favorite. So is Odie. So is Boomer. They are each my favorite for different reasons because each has their own unique and lovable personality. My dogs wrap themselves in my heart.

We haven’t been starving. I made a meatloaf Wednesday night and took some to Mom for her lunch on Thursday. Tuesday was Audubon meeting and we had a quick picnic in the arboretum next to the meeting room. We picked up a taco for me and burgers for DH. Monday evening our DGS and his wife (Ava’s mommy and daddy) had us for burgers on their grill. I took brownies and baked beans. Meagan gave me a vase of 4 white roses in Tinker Bell’s memory. She had a bag of treats for Odie and Boomer.

Last evening I picked up pizza for DH and a Taco Mayo salad for me on the way home for a late dinner. DH had pizza tonight, and I had a big artichoke and the last piece of the Stromboli I’d made earlier.

Since I probably won’t get here early tomorrow, we’ll be having pizza for DH and salad for me tomorrow evening. I’m really sorry my attendance at the table is so erratic. Between my crazy schedule and our internet’s intermittence, it’s almost a lost cause. Bear with me!

Bon appétit!

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