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SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Dec 8

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Dec 8

Post by purrfect-lady » Thu Dec 08, 2022 4:07 am

Good morning!

Happy today! We are 70 degrees this morning. This week has been great weather for sitting outside. Though we do have some yellow jackets bothering us so we put out bee traps, which are helping some. Our happy hour entertainment is to try to swat the bees that seem to prefer our sweetness to the trap bait. 🐝🐝🐝

Yesterday was cleaning/reorganizing. It happens a lot when you live in a small space. After that we put up our little tree and I decorated it with white lights, and small blue and silver balls. Then I finished piecing the blocks to my embroidery project (but the embroidery will go on for many more months), and then got out my fabrics for my Little Ghost quilt. I plan to start cutting/sewing on that today. It's a sweet project and should be a lot of fun.

TINA - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🎂 I know you'll have a fun day because it's SS opening day! Did you ever decide what to have for supper last night? Have you ever asked your dad - maybe he likes Cheerios for supper? lol! We had to laugh (secretly, of course) about 5:30 yesterday. After feeding my sis and dbil for two nights, we were wondering if they would reciprocate. My sister started describing what she planned to cook - hamburger steaks, fried potatoes, and more. She gave great yummy-sounding details and I was getting excited - no cooking tonite for me, I thought! And then she said, "...and I'm going to put the rest in the freezer for another night." :lol:

JANA - I quit making New Year's resolutions years ago. The most I do now is to try to remember to take my vitamins at least 4 days a week. :lol:

CAROL - You had a great day at Disneyland! I've never seen the Columbia River boat ride. You'd think it would have caught my eye since I live in Columbia River country! I like the Haunted Mansion. At Christmas it was really fun. Can you imagine how many people Disney has to employ to transform the park(s) for the holidays? I wonder what Walt would think of his mouse idea now! My chiropractors are a father/son team. The son and his wife love Disney so much they named their baby Walter and call him Wally.

I was just checking our freezer and found some cheese tortellinis in there, so we're having that and salad for our supper.

Have you checked your freezer or pantry for tonite?

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Dec 8

Post by auntjana » Thu Dec 08, 2022 7:19 am

Good morning!

Very quick-

Tina- Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day and it's Secret Santa opening too!

Disneyland- did you know that Walt Disney was a model railroader. Disneyland is the ultimate model railroad, according to Michael.

See ya later

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Dec 8

Post by Quilter7 » Thu Dec 08, 2022 8:00 am

Good Morning!

Tina - Have a very happy birthday!! Eat lots of ice cream and cake.

Maryz - Sounds like you got lots done yesterday without a dinner invitation from your sister. Glad you had soup.

Jana - You are keeping busy with your grands. Hope Kari gets the new job.

Yesterday I started doing cards. My goal is to mail on December 10th and I think I will be later. It will take me a few days to sign and write notes. I do have one side of binding finished. Hope to finish second side today.

Last night’s dinner turned into pasta and meat sauce, so tonight will be chicken. I need to go grocery shopping today. There isn’t many prepared frozen meals in freezer right now.

Dinner will be chicken tonight.


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Dec 8

Post by gershwin64 » Thu Dec 08, 2022 9:39 am

Good morning everyone!
Happy Secret Santa opening day and a Happy Birthday to me! Ha ha ha ha!
Thank you for my birthday wishes!!
Mary, you had my mouth watering with all that yummy food I thought you were gonna get to eat too last night! Then I chuckled when I got to the freezer part 🤣😂 I think turn around is a fair play here 🤣😂
Be careful with those wasps! They have bad names here! One stung me 5 times one day getting the mail, it was soooooo fast! I cried real tears it hurt so bad!
I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and opened a can of chicken noodle soup last night. Dad doesn't eat cereal, neither does Frankie LOL I'd be ecstatic with it for supper most nights.
Carol, I truly love Disneyland! I'm glad you had a fun time! I will be having angel food cake and neapolitan ice cream tonight, yummy!
Jana, yep I love opening day on my birthday! I didn't know that about Walt Disney and Disneyland, very cool! I've always wanted to see a birdseye view of it to see how it's laid out.
Holly is making me carne asada tacos for supper, not sure what else. Plus we're having angel food cake and neapolitan ice cream!
Thank you all for my happy birthday wishes, it really makes my day special ❤❤

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Thursday, Dec 8

Post by zfatcat » Thu Dec 08, 2022 3:15 pm

Happy birthday Tina. I bet you are having a wonderful day.
Lori 8-)

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