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SUPPER CLUB - Friday, JULY 1st

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Friday, JULY 1st

Post by purrfect-lady » Fri Jul 01, 2022 6:38 am

Hi there!

It's July! Oh my! How time does fly!

Yesterday was 75*. Perfect! Today is more of the same. But come July 4th, the weather is going to turn on us, and be cool and possibly rainy. Oh well. Better for the possible fires that always seem to happen from fireworks. We're invited Tex & Annette over for campfire and BBQ, though we may move into the house and play games instead.

Yesterday my Chip came home from the spa. Yay for that! And when we picked him up, we dropped off Stitch for his turn. I keep maintenance agreements on both machines and get them cleaned often. I flinch when paying for the 3 yr maintenance agreements but they sure pay for themselves. I spent the afternoon cutting fabric for my 4" stars. I have more to cut today, but I'm winding down. Then I'll start cutting the white background. It's also laundry day but I think there will only be 2 loads. I slipped one load in a few days ago to surprise myself when today came along. Surprise!

TINA - I guess when we make plans and God laughs, it means we get surprises through our day! Who doesn't love surprises!

JANA - Congratulations to Sarah on her new job! To be honest, I thought she quit the sod company a year or two ago. I must have misunderstood because she has obviously been working for them at least this past year. I hope your own yard renovation is done before she leaves that company. And as for getting all my Christmas stuff done, I have to have it done by the end of this month. Both my sisters live in CO, 3 miles apart. Teese, is flying out, sans DH, so older sister, June, will transport her packages back in her RV for her. But after Teese and Gene fly home, June and Al will go camping with us for about a week and the 4 of us will open our Christmas things then. We celebrate Christmas whenever we're together. Teese can be trusted to wait until Christmas to open hers. And Teese's quilt, the Irish Chain, is only half-quilted. So we're not there yet!

BECCA - I hope CA's appetite returns. When my dad was sick, Mom tried to entice him with custards and tapioca and pretty much anything sweet. I hear ya on corn! I love it, too. We raised about 10 acres of it on the farm when I was a kid and sold it, ala road side stand. When I was 7, I could eat up to 6 ears at one sitting (but usually held it to just 2). Yum! Mom would put the water on to boil and then send us out to pick the corn.

VELDA - that recipe of Jana's looks like it's very forgiving and you could sub in most anything. Perhaps yogurt or more sour cream.

CAROL - we're having chicken tonite, too. It may be teriyaki with rice like you had last night. Haven't decided yet . . . I think the Covid virus has mutated so many times that our vaccines often don't prevent it but sure make it an easier case. But your thought that perhaps it works better in women is worth consideration. Bill had it in Texas and we were confined to our 29 ft trailer. Together. And I never got it. Nor did I do a lot of excessive cleaning and sanitizing because I figured it was useless living in such close quarters with him.

So, as I told Carol, I have chicken thawing for tonite. WE were going to have it last night, but then I remembered we had leftover pizza to eat up. Jana's recipe looks pretty good but I don't have all the ingredients on hand so it will probably be grilled tonite. I'll marinate it either in teriyaki sauce or in my own citrus/garlic concoction. And we'll still have the orzo or rice on the side with salad.

What are you concocting for tonite?

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Friday, JULY 1st

Post by Irishgram » Fri Jul 01, 2022 10:21 am

Good afternoon from partly sunny, slightly rainy but warm, SW. Pa....

Mary, as always, you are busy, busy, busy...I've been telling everyone about the boondockers and almost have everyone talked into camping, almost....I have been wondering how your neighbor, Vickie, is taking to having new people around? AND I did mention to Kathy about a trip to your area and hopefully, it happens.....

AND speaking of Kathy, I'm going to be asking for prayers...As I had written, she and Tim have been on a "trip of a lifetime" but that has turned into the biggest nightmare of all....They were to fly to Germany and then onto Venice but the flight was delayed, then cancelled but there luggage was already onboard and eventually flown to unknown places and lost...They ended up in Germany and while sitting in the airport waiting for their luggage were escorted out because you're not allowed to wait in the airport...They were then put on a plane to Venice (after their ship had sailed) and then found a hotel (still in the same clothes and without sleep for 72 hours)...During the night, Tim said he wasn't feeling right, tingling in his fingers and feet and the next morning, couldn't walk....They got him into a hospital, after 3 tests, tested possitive for covid and also diagnosed with Barre Guillium (not sure if it should be the other way around) and was rushed to another hospital and put in ICU...All this time, Kathy hasn't been allowed to see him, his phone has died and no one speaks English...She called me, said, she had been told to leave the hospital, was sitting on the front steps (in the same clothes), crying, trying to figure out what to do....Made her way back to the hotel and then was told they sent him to another hospital and when she tried to take him tooth paste etc. cost $100.00 to get there because of a taxi war....I've talked to her every day, she hasn't been able to see him but was told, they started treatment and he is responding and is able to eat without help but can't brush his teeth or walk more than 5 steps...She's just thankful, they diagnosed and started treatment so quickly before it progressed more...They did tell her, it could take weeks, if not months of therapy before he is, hopefully back to somewhat normal...She has been in touch with everyone, Embassy, Consulate, Air Force and the only people who have helped is her booking agent....She said, she's never encountered people who have been so nasty and rude and she hopes if these people come to our country, we treat them better than they've treated them.....
As soon as he's able to fly, thank goodness for travel insurance, they will be flown home.....For 3 years she's been planning this trip and now, she just wants to have Tim well again and back home.....So, if you have a spare prayer, we'd certainly appreciate it.......

Have tried to catch up but haven't really felt like posting......And not too much cooking going on in this household, thank goodness for those bags of chips, lol......

Thanks for letting me use your shoulders...You all have a great rest of the day......

Happy eating..............

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Friday, JULY 1st

Post by QuiltGram8 » Fri Jul 01, 2022 10:43 am

Hi friends. We are traveling today. Still 2 more hours to our destination. Spending the Holiday with some friends.
Wind mills for miles And miles. Spinning in a gently breeze. 79 degrees and cloudy. Beautiful day for travel. Had only one bad traffic hang up.
Backed up for miles, creeping along. DH could see flashing arrows ahead, so we figured merging traffic for road construction, but we finally approached the area, there was nothing!
Must have been a stalled vehicle getting a tow or something?? Mystery!!
Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!
HUGS, 💕 Vel

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Friday, JULY 1st

Post by auntjana » Fri Jul 01, 2022 11:10 am

Good afternoon!

On my phone , so spelling doesn't count!

Irish - many many years ago, Michael 's grandfather had Guien Barre syndrome too. He did recover and was able to walk again. Many prayers for both Tim and Kathy.

Ethan is here and the little girls will be shortly. I will be busy!

Dinner will be out! After chasing and playing, I will be wore out.

My haircut is very good and makes me normal again - Lol!


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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Friday, JULY 1st

Post by Quilter7 » Fri Jul 01, 2022 5:55 pm

Good Afternoon,

Mary - I know you are glad to have your Chip home. Hope he came home better than new and is humming along today.

Irish - Prayers for Kathy and Tim. Hope he completely recovers.

Vel - Hope those miles skip by quickly. Enjoy the visit with friends.

Jana - Enjoy your dinner out. Only a few more days until you have a full house.

Tonight, we decided to have a grilled chicken sandwich. I have it marinating for a few minutes.


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