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Supper club, Sunday, January 23

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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Supper club, Sunday, January 23

Post by purrfect-lady » Sun Jan 23, 2022 4:38 am

Good morning

We are parked in the desert on BLM land. Will be here for the next four nights. Just waiting till Bill‘s dental appointments, Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s windy here. And we say we are in Yuma but technically we are in California cuz we are parked over the border.

Quite windy - 15-20 mph - so sitting out isnt too pleasant. Would like to go into town - lots of thrift and craft stores here but with Covid that isn’t a good idea

If it’s not too windy we plan to cook bacon and eggs and hashbrowns for supper out on the griddle on the outdoor stove. If the wind keeps up that won’t work. The wind keeps blowing off the stove out

If that happens we might make a pizza inside

What’s your plan

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Re: Supper club, Sunday, January 23

Post by QuiltGram8 » Sun Jan 23, 2022 5:03 am

Good morning to all. Sunday is always a relaxing day here. For our meal today, I better check out my freezer. I have lots of choices. I just need to put on the thinking cap. I have chops, chicken, and leftovers, too. ????
I will decide later. Too early right now. Time for coffee ☕☕☕. 🤗
Enjoy your relaxing stay near Yuma. That's where our grandson is stationed.
HUGS, 💕 Vel

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Re: Supper club, Sunday, January 23

Post by Quilter7 » Sun Jan 23, 2022 6:33 am

Good Morning!
I had a wonderful time at Road to California! After the AccuQuilt camera person posted I did receive an e-Mail however she made an error in it. She told me she had forgotten to turn on her microphone! I am still in the video. I appear at about the 7-minute mark and again later, but only for a minute. If you watch it you will see many of Road to California quilts as they talk about them.


My DH missed me, but he did clean the house and yard. We are not getting the winds like Ontario gets them.

I think we will either go out to dinner or we will have pasta and meat sauce, but plans change when it is this early in the morning.


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Re: Supper club, Sunday, January 23

Post by Becca » Sun Jan 23, 2022 6:58 am

Hello everyone sunny here now after a cold start
It will be Church soon
Maryz Enjoy the desert
Lori I am check out the video later
Velda It’s a relaxing day here too
We have leftovers which I love Becca
Everyone Enjoy your day

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Re: Supper club, Sunday, January 23

Post by zfatcat » Sun Jan 23, 2022 9:19 am

Carol, I watched the video. It was Accuquilt, but I there were no people at the show.
Just quilts. I did see lots of pretty quilts. Did you post a picture of the quilt you entered?

Mary, I do not like the wind. It's supposed to blow for a few days. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

Becca, the video is from Carol.

I entered a challenge, and got the fabric yesterday. I have ideas floating around in my head about what to make.

Maybe angel hair pasta and a veggie for dinner, but like Carol said it's early and things can change.

Have a lovely day.
Lori 8-)

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Re: Supper club, Sunday, January 23

Post by auntjana » Sun Jan 23, 2022 10:08 am

Good morning!

Lesson is packed up in my bag and I am ready, so I keeping telling myself! I worry so much that I will mess it all up. There's no seam ripper for teaching boo boos! I just need to remember they are all my friends!

Dinner - our normal brunch will be late in the afternoon since we eat after church and church starts later now for the rest of the year. Hashbrowns and eggs and maybe a goodie later this evening.

Mary - Yuma is a nice place to visit, only 8n the winter! Hope Bill's dds appointments go well. Michael just changed the last clock in this house to the correct time. I couldn't reach that clock at the time change. So I told him to leave it, we will be going the other way in not to far future! Did he listen? Nope.

Carol - watched the video, well actually skipped into where the quilts and your was. Still love yours - such a unique setting! It definitely belongs in the show and others too!

Becca - hopefully your snow is gone and you can do your errands tomorrow.

Lori -- have fun with the challenge and think out of the box!

Well, it's time to hitch up the wagon and head over the church.


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Re: Supper club, Sunday, January 23

Post by gershwin64 » Sun Jan 23, 2022 12:45 pm

Hi everyone!
It's been a busy morning for me, vacuumed, doing laundry, made Crepes Chantilly ❤
Holly brought a cake over for her Dad, his favorite is German chocolate, she hates coconut so it was a half and half cake and I put the German chocolate in a dish with a cover so he can have some when he wants. She took the plain chocolate half home. LOL
It's his birthday today.
Mary, wind, yucky.... my least favorite weather no matter the temp. I hope it dies down for your so you can cook outside.
Velda, enjoy your relaxing day.
Carol, I'll check out the video in a few. I bet you had so much fun! That's nice to come home to a clean house and yard and to be missed ❤❤
Becca, I love leftovers too, the best!
Lori, a challenge huh..... we'll have to be seeing what you come up with ya know 😉
Jana, such great news about Micheal being off the extra O2 at night! So thankful ❤
LOL I just noticed a clock that the battery needs replacing, ugh we just had it down dusting it and setting the time.... it seems like yesterday. I left mine in my sewing room on daylight savings time, it's too high up for me to reach but I'm ok with that. It makes me early everywhere I go 🤣😂
Well Si Senor closes at 3 today so Frankie can't go there so he asked if I'll just make him steak tacos for his birthday so that'll be supper. We might go to Si Senor tomorrow night.

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