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SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Aug 4th

General discussion of the quilting world, and topics that don't fit in other categories.
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SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Aug 4th

Post by purrfect-lady » Wed Aug 04, 2021 6:43 am

Good morning,

Busy times here. Sometimes I'm actually hiding out in the bathroom to get a minute alone to text or post. :lol: Yesterday everyone went down for naps mid-afternoon. So I got supper prepped and thought, "ahhh, now I can sew for an hour." And suddenly there was Bill at my shoulder! short nap! And the busy afternoon was on!

I did get Pinky pix posted and Also about 10 min to cut sashing strips for my Sew-along blocks. My sister, Tina, and I went to the Goodwill and I bought some books, a picture for my new bathroom, a purse, and a blue Hawaiian sundress but turns out to be a little too small. Goodwill has closed their fitting rooms, so I didn't get to try it on, pre-purchase. Rats. Maybe I can alter it, return it, or give it to someone who can wear it. $7.

TINA I hope EAston is feeling better today. Did you make orange chix last night? If so, what did you think? I have a fairly decent recipe for it, though we like Costco's better. Though it could use a tad more orange sauce. We're all invited to our friend, Tex's house, for happy hour and appetizers and we think, but aren't sure yet, if that is for tonite. Waiting for confirming text from Tex. So that will be our supper with leftovers if anyone is hungry afterward.

What's for supper at your house?

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Aug 4th

Post by auntjana » Wed Aug 04, 2021 8:58 am

Hi y'all!

Michael is mowing and I finished the kitchen. I will be moving Yoohoodi's base and laying out the magnet tape under the edge of the sofa. Both front and back, as I have floated the sofa away from the walls. There are phone wires under it, so I don't want Yoohoodi going there. Then I can let more training happen.

Dinner was very yummy. I don't know what has happened to white corn tortillas but lately as I make enchiladas with them, they totally fall apart. So instead of nice shaped enchiladas, we spoon them out of the pan. Still taste good. So we have that for tonight's dinner.

The Highlander is all good for the winter and on. New tires and a alignment. Now she needs a bath. So does my Solara. We have a very good car wash just down the street. The excitement for the day! LOL! I will be sewing in a little while too. Later, as I come up for the day, I will mop the Batt Cave floor.

We need to call a company that checks for radon. It's a problem here in Utah and we have some cracks in the floor in the Batt Cave, so we need to check for it, mitigate it and then I can do the new flooring. Not a hard fix. Sarah has had her basement done before they finished it. Just 9ne more thing on a list.

Mary - if the dress doesn't work out, you have Hawaiian quilt fabric! A GD4 in Halloween fabrics will be fun! Good name too.

Time to scoot,

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Aug 4th

Post by QuiltGram8 » Wed Aug 04, 2021 10:40 am

Hi, all dinner pals. Today is exciting. Boat is sold. Air Force Pilot from Scott's AFB from St Louis came and gave DH full asking price. He got a lot of fishing and boating gear with it. He got a great deal, and for us it was bitter sweet, but great to have it done. Going now to check on a car. Guy who wants our Fifth Wheel wants truck too, so we gotta find a car. Lots to think about. Lots of figures going through our heads.
Going out again tonight to eat on our way to Music night. It's called "Gunny Sack Review".
Great fun night.
HUGS, 💕 Vel

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Re: SUPPER CLUB - Wed, Aug 4th

Post by gershwin64 » Wed Aug 04, 2021 1:17 pm

Hi everyone!
Easton is doing some better but still not totally over it. I'm doing the BRAT diet on him to help. He's starving though LOL
Mary, I pictured Bill over your shoulder, I laughed! It was a BOO moment for you in my eyes 😂🤣
We ended up going to Si Senor last night and having tacos so I'll make the orange chicken and rice for tonight.
Jana, I love my robot here really helps out around here. The boys tracked dry mud in on their shoes this morning and Mr. Gears cleaned it all right up.
Vel, yay for selling the boat! I sure hope the guy buys your 5er and truck! My daughter has a Traverse and she really loves it and the gas milage it gets!
I'm working on blocks today but mostly just watching the boys. I put the Olympics on for them to watch in between playing with cars and trucks on the floor.

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