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friday january 22nd

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friday january 22nd

Post by grammiequilts » Fri Jan 22, 2021 4:16 am

good morning,,up and running today, Changing sheets and doing laundry, I bought new sheets for my bed and got a second set free so I need to wash them and clean out the linen closet to get rid of the pile of sheets that are thin and worn. I havent done this in a while. the rest of the laundry too. so that will be my day.
also putting the slip covers of the sofa in the sun room. that is a chore all by itself...I plan to sew. if I can,,,What are you doing today???
It is so great to hear that Kathy is doing well and seems to have found her rehab mojo...God is good.
Well everyone keep your bobbins full and your machines purring,XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOO

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Re: friday january 22nd

Post by FlorenceM » Fri Jan 22, 2021 5:13 am

Been helping hang drywall at kids house. We are about 3/4 done hanging drywall. I basically hold tools and steady board. When its time to mud & tape, I will be of good use as I know how to do that.
Nothing else going on. Still upset of the scam from contractor. Need prayers for healing.

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Re: friday january 22nd

Post by purrfect-lady » Fri Jan 22, 2021 5:45 am

Good morning,

FLO, I try to not know too much about things like mudding and taping, car stuff,, etc. If you know it, you're expected to do it! But you have fun!

JUDI -yay for getting the vaccine! My appt isn't until 3/17 but if one becomes available before that, I'll get in line. Your popcorn intrigues me.

CHRISS - Glad you had your old office to go to during the power outage, but hope you don't have to go again. Ever. Sorry you didn't like the Starucks. We never have - too strong for us! We prefer McDonald's, I feel slightly disloyal since the company began practically in our backyard. I think a lot of folks like it only because they think it's "cool". If we do go there we always just get Americana and add extra cream. What are you going to do this weekend?

I got my embroidered bird blocks together yesterday. Today, I'll piece the back (with bird fabric!) and it will take it's place in the quilting queue. Also, I have another 64x76 top from orphan blocks on the frame so I'll start (and maybe finish) quilting that. I have one more of those tops (there were 6 in all) made from all my orphan blocks/parts/pieces left to do. They will be donation quilts. I have 7 tops altogether to quilt and and 1 set of blocks (Norm & Nanette by Elizabeth Hartman) to put together. And a couple projects I'd like to start, but want to make some headway on UFO's first.

All for now! Will stop in again later!

mary z

Does my typing look any different this morning? I have my computer!! And it works! Yay!!

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Re: friday january 22nd

Post by auntjana » Fri Jan 22, 2021 6:07 am

Good morning!

I have a new desk sewing area completed! It is a hair under 10 feet long, and is my desk and a place for another to sew as well. There is a cubby space that my ironing station rolls in and out of as well. So, my old desk is going to either Sarah's house or Matt's house. I moved all the "stuff" from the old drawers to the new drawers. Old I had 3 crammed drawers, now I have 5, semi empty drawers! Our handyman will be back Monday to finish getting the island assembled and ready for the top. My computer still needs to be put back, but that's a Michael thing to do this morning.

Later this morning we will make a quick run to IKEA to get the cabinets. They are ready for us to drive and they load. I do not like having to walk through the entire store just to get over and back again to get the box of sticks to assemble. So we use the drive and load, or their website which tells you the aisle and bin number, then go in the exit door, straight to where the box is. I do have a need and hate that store for that reason.

I can sew on my new area and will finish Emma's dress today. Not much else going on here. Same ol" same ol', just blinked and have a new day.

Stay Safe!

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Re: friday january 22nd

Post by fabricgirl » Fri Jan 22, 2021 6:45 am

Good Morning Everyone,
Today I'm cleaning my room so while I chose to do that I will do some today and finish over the next couple of days :lol:

Congrats to everyone who are registered or received there vaccine im registered but no date have to wait but thats ok all good things come to those who wait.

Judi that popcorn for the tree sounds interesting.

Flo be carefull that drywall is very heavy.

Mary z congrats on getting your computer back.

Jana so happy you got your desk good luck with it.

Well thats all the news for today .
Everyone have a great day.

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Re: friday january 22nd

Post by toekeyotow » Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:27 am

Good Morning everyone: I have went ahead and opened a new Facebook account, boy is it ever hard remembering everyone's names that you were friends with. Some I only know the spelling of the first name so If we were friends and you would like to still be friends the way I put my name on this new account is Joan Berryhill I'm not wearing glasses in the photo and would like you to send me a friend request so I can see you again. Judi I saw that you have closed your accounts and will not be going back. This account I only plan on using it for F/B only nothing else will be attached to it. What a complete nightmare getting hacked. I'm still dealing with Amazon and I was hacked on Jan 7th. Facebook is no help at all I'm totally locked out of my account that I had my wallets attached to. There are 99+ people trying to use that account.

I haven't been quilting much as I make wallets all the time. They are doing well and bringing in some extra cash for more fabric. DH asks me when I'm gong to make another quilt, I just say someday, just not today.

It was so cold this morning when I took the dogs out to go potty it felt like 7 burrrr for me the worst thing about living in Indiana is January and February.

Hope everyone has a nice day. Joan

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Re: friday january 22nd

Post by WeSignificant » Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:36 am

Happy Friday!

2 patient's to see today. One Home Health and one hospice.

Working on a panel (Autumn Steam) trying to put on mitered borders. Last border is directional fabric so going slow. Not going to cut until I am sure. It's a train theme for Dad.

We are getting a bit of rain but a bigger storm I think comes in on Sunday and Monday. We really need it.

Joan was waiting to hear that you opened a new account before accepting friend request. I will go accept it now.

Good to hear that Kathy is progressing. Hoping she can come home soon and get therapy at home. Praying she does not shake that booty to much and fall over!

I registered for Vaccine but all places sent to me have been way to far to drive. I have Kaiser and they are being pretty restrictive. I sent a note to my Dr. and he said he would check but haven't heard anything else. Still contemplating Dad. Really scared of the side effects.

DGS made an easy Banana Cream pie yesterday for his friends birthday. Waiting for him to get up and see how it went. I was looking for small container of 2% milk (we use 1%) and accidently picked up a container of buttermilk. Didn't notice it until DGS asked why the pudding was so thick. After setting it seemed to look ok and I scraped the bowl! Tasted ok. DGS to DH if he was good, he make another one for him but he would have to be real good! Wonder where he got that saying from?

Chriss we are having lots of power outages here too but so far mine has stayed on. We have a generator that will power the house except for washer and dryer. They will work but you can tell they don't like it. So as long as we can get gas, we are okay.

Think I will get to pinning some more borders while I can. Need to leave in a couple of hours to start seeing patients.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: friday january 22nd

Post by maryq » Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:41 am

Good Morning Girls

As I type this, My little Eli in Alaska is in surgery for a broken arm.... so please say a little prayer for my buddy... Yes, he broke his OTHER arm on Sunday, but didn't complain or say anything until yesterday. I swear we need to wrap that kid in bubble wrap.... in fact I think I am going to send him some in the mail.. he'll have fun popping the bubbles.

Judi... what a deal on sheets! They are getting pretty expensive! I need to watch for a deal on flannel sheets, when I put mine on last time... the bottom sheets had a big hole in it! After I clean up a little mess on my dining room table... I'm hoping to sew today too!

Flo.... My goodness you are talented... sew and quilt and mud dry wall? Actually, I've done a little dry wall patching and I have to say it was kind of fun. Are we nuts?

Maryz .... YEAH... finally you have computer in hand... After all that mess, they should give you the darn thing for free! I'm with you.. not a Starbucks fan either... My Son in Law says my coffee is more like tea... thin you know. Your Bird quilt is awesome!!! I really need to get my State Flowers trimmed up and laid out... oh but gosh I have that DP to finish and my June Bride on the machine and..... well you know how that goes!

Jana... Oh how I would love to come and play in your Batt Cave.. It sounds like the perfect place to play and create! Color me happy-for-you envious. :D

Lois.... Tell you what... I'll come help you clean your sewing room, but then you have to come help me with mine. I still think that would be a lot of fun.... travel around the US cleaning sewing rooms? I did invent a new magnet pin-picker-up though... hot glued magnets to the bottom of those swiffer thingees that is flat on bottom.. Works great and saves bending over!

Chriss.... I checked with my post office guy yesterday... You can send regular batteries in the mail.. It's lithium batteries that they have to know about.. Lithium ones have to be packaged differently, but regulars are okay. So good to hear that Kathy is feeling so much better and is ready to "shake her bootie". IF I get butt in gear this morning, I'll be sending her a box today or if not, Monday.

Yup, I did get out yesterday.. made an expensive trip to WM... Treated myself to a new CD player.. I used to have one that held 100 CD's and I'd just play that thing all day. It broke years ago and I've been getting my music on Pandora. But I found a box FULL of my old CD's out in the garage, so I'm in the process of sorting through them... keeping the ones I like and getting rid of the rest. Will be happy to share with any body.... If you're a Shania Twain fan... I have a couple for you. :lol: :lol: Some day I'll transfer just the songs I like to a flash drive... I use that in my car for music.

Time to get dressed and get in gear.... Started quilting my June Bride and hope to finish today so I can on binding. Will post a picture later

Have a wonderful day every one

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Re: friday january 22nd

Post by womster » Fri Jan 22, 2021 8:23 am

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Judi – have fun cleaning out the linen closet and reorganizing it. I find that a satisfying chore to do. I do hope you get some time to sew.

Flo – I’m so sorry about your rotten contractor. I will be praying for your healing.

Maryz – wow – I almost didn’t recognize you because your typing is so different! Did you have a welcome home party for your laptop? I love that you have bird fabric as a backing. Oh and I forgot to answer you a couple of days ago – the grandson with the elevated liver enzymes is the step-son of my oldest son who has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Jana – congrats on the new sewing area. It’s nice that Ikea has a system whereby you can pick up your order rather than having to circumnavigate the globe.

Lois – enjoy cleaning your room, and for spreading it out over the next couple of days. I’m in a virtual line for the vaccine – I hope I get it before summer.

Joan – so nice to see you! Since I’ve heard of your horror stories and others getting hacked on FB, I set up the strongest security they have. Of course, it probably means I won’t be able to login again…! What a pain – I’m sorry you had to go through all of that grief. I will go check out your FB page. Hopefully you can see us without your glasses.

Valerie – I also have Kaiser. They send out the same email probably twice a week, but nothing changes. I would think you'd be at the top of the list because of your job. Buttermilk pudding – hmmm. A banana cream pie sounds so good.

Maryq – oh poor little Eli! I’ve prayed for him. It sounds like you had a very successful trip to WM yesterday. How fun to rediscover the CDs. I’ve sent lithium batteries – if they are installed in the device (like a cell phone), it’s ok. But since they seem to change the rules weekly, I always let them know.

Today I am headed out to my sewing hole to quilt a Christmas quilt on the frame and start a comfort quilt for the pastor’s wife. My cousin (who had breast cancer five years ago and then got a new type of breast cancer) is having a double mastectomy Monday – we would be grateful for prayers for her. That’s all I can think of for now – have a glorious day! xoxo Sharona

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