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thursday january 21

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Re: thursday january 21

Post by purrfect-lady » Thu Jan 21, 2021 3:58 pm

Hooray!! I'm typing at you from my COMPUTER!! Now that didn't take so long, did it? 10 days for the repair and 6 weeks to return it. But at least I have it and it seem to be working purrfectly!

I got my embroidered state bird blocks top all together today. Tomorrow I'll piece the backing and then it will go into the #7 slot in the quilting queue. :lol:

And now it's happy hour time and I don't want to be late! Talk to you all tomorrow!

Mary z

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Re: thursday january 21

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Thu Jan 21, 2021 5:00 pm

Isn't this just a stellar day?

I just got off the phone with Kathy, she has her laptop and needs to have someone there help her get it going with wifi. But she can't wait to log on and catch up.

she is sounding so much better. She asked me to thank you all for your cards and phone calls. she said it makes her feel so much better to know how she is cared about. She said in the beginning she was ready to just give up but know knows how many friends she has.

And here's the funny. She told me she wants to get up and shake her butt. Seems she's been sitting a long time and wants to move more. So I asked her if she is wearing a hospital gown or something else. She said a hospital gown. So I told her to be careful shaking her butt because it might be seen. She said sometimes it is. I told her I was going to tell.

Maryz, yay for getting your computer. was there ever a reason for why it took so long? Funny, the whole time our power was out I was thinking it was like camping. Big Lots had one of those quilt cabinets you talked about in their ad.

Jana, always good to listen to that small voice, you never know what direction it will take you. glad you got the cabinets

Velda, yay for your shots and yay for the quilt getting tied.

Sherry, Seems the fires here have been bad the last few years. WE haven't had rain. things are dry and all it takes is one escaped burn pile or one cigarette tossed out the window. People don't think. Bet it's fun looking through those magazines. I just re-went through my quilt magazines. Sent a couple to Kathy.

Maryq, you sure go through a lot of coffee and TP. I also pull the patterns I like from quilt magazines. I do have about 10 magazines that are intact. And, as soon as my subscriptions run out I am not going to renew. Hope you found the stuff you were looking for for your Kathy box. Jerry mailed her a box today. Yeah, it was weird going in to work, but I am glad it was an option. Hope I don't have to back any time soon.

Sharona, we are looking into whole house generator. I really want one that can handle our well. I want to be able to flush and shower, not necessarily at the same time. Starbucks coffee used to have a nice strong flavor, my last two cups have been weak. I'd rather have McDonalds coffee.

Almost dinner time. my job is to set the table. you all have a great night.

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Re: thursday january 21

Post by grammiequilts » Thu Jan 21, 2021 6:03 pm

vaccine#1 down no pain no sore arm and no reactions...yeah! next shot feb11th it was fine.
MaryQ the popcorn crochet pattern is on youtube video is by a lady who's site is called rainbows and butterflies. I modified mine and did less round so the popcorns would be a little smaller...so mine will be different sizes.

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