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thursday january 21

Daily discussions.
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thursday january 21

Post by grammiequilts » Thu Jan 21, 2021 4:32 am

Good morning,,it is dark and cold here. A busy day for sure, I will head out to get my covid vaccine. then I need to do laundry and plan supper, My oldest son is 54 today....he was my sweetest baby. always smiling,,,now he is a grumpy old man,( we tease him about being so serious) we will go over to his house and give him a hug for his birthday and visit a bit, we usually go to dinner with them but our governor hasn't opened the restuarants yet,,
i didn't sew yesterday but I sat and watched a movie and made a few more crocheted popcorns...by next Chrsitmas I hope to have enough for a tree,
well I need coffee and maybe some toast,,,have a great day, XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

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Re: thursday january 21

Post by fabricgirl » Thu Jan 21, 2021 4:55 am

Good Morning Judi and all who follow,

Today is a ugly day so thats what will be doing .
Judi I haven't been sewing like I use to I would Love to go to a fabric store and look to see what they got in but I won't do it because you have to wear a mask and then doing that you really can't take time and just look so I don't go.
Congratulations on getting your shot also tell your son Happy Birthday.

Well thats all the news here.
I hope you all have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: thursday january 21

Post by Becca » Thu Jan 21, 2021 5:02 am

Good morning everyone We have light rain
I stripped beds and laundry will be done
Yesterday I got all my errands done I was beat when I got home Made lunch the made cranberry salad We like to have it on hand because it has fruit in it
Got books at library so I can read some
You call ahead and they have them on a table at door for you
Judi Happy Birthday to your Son Hope Kens teeth are better than they said
Hope everyone has a wonderful day
Prayers for Kathy Rosebud & all in need & our Country. Becca

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Re: thursday january 21

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Thu Jan 21, 2021 5:53 am

Good morning, it's going to be a marvelous day today.

Our power went out Tuesday morning about 6am. I had just gotten ready to step in the shower and off went the lights. Power came on yesterday at about 3pm. 32 hours. It was caused by what is called Mono winds. Wind speeds here were 45 mph. trees and power poles were knocked down and landed on cars and roofs. and blocked roads.

We borrowed my dads generators but that doesn't mean we had heat or much in the way of lights. We ran the fridge and my cpap machine.

Tuesday I went in the office to work, I set up in the conference room socially distanced and only saw a handfull of people. It wasn't bad but I sure want to still work from home. I thought I would treat myself and stop for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. so not what it used to be. I don't think I will go back

Sue, a hunters star quilt will be beautiful, I like that pattern. what colors are the kids school colors, wondering what colors will be on the flags. If you had 20 grandchildren you would have to hang a lot of flags.

Flo, hope the contractor stuff gets settled. Was he a local person? seems like a bad reputation would make him move.

Suzette, I bet you are thrilled to get that wedding quilt back, did you finish the binding? bet it's beautiful.

Judi, happy 5th birthday to Ryker. Sure seems like you were reporting the birth just yesterday. Prayers for Kens oral surgery.

Maryz, some of the fires were caused by burn piles. People burn leaves and two days later the wind storm happens and burn piles get stirred and the embers under the ashes fly and so it goes. We also had lots of power lines down. Funny, our power was only out 32 hours and I think the electric company did a great job getting it turned on considering our and other counties were dark. Others think they did a crummy job because it took 32 hours. There are still some who are without power. I hope I never get that negative, it must be miserable to have such a negative outlook.

Lori, How are you doing? did you survive the wind? and this weekend we are supposed to get snow. Just two days ago it was 70 degrees and we had the house opened up. I think the seasons are history and we will one day tell our great grandchildren about spring and fall and such. I love the vintage tin quilt. Some day I would like to do it.

Maryq, yesterday sure wasn't your day. hope today is much better.

Sharona, I feel bad for your friend with young daughters. I can't even imagine what that family must be feeling. Hope they have family members that will help. Joy does come in the morning, I love that song. How is the back today? What are you studying in bible study? I found an app that I loaded onto my tablet and listen to the bible most all day while I work. I'm trying to become the sponge.

Judi, happy birthday to your son. happy popcorn making. and yay for getting your vaccine.

Lois, Mask wearing is a pain but it's better than a complete shutdown. Funny, just before I read your post I was thinking I have way too much fabric and need to use it up. You could shop here.

Becca, yay for having the errands done, what a blessing that must be. Jerry makes a cranberry relish kind of thing. it has jello, nuts and oranges in it and lots of sugar. so not on my diet. I missed what was going on with MaryRose, she is a sweet lady.

Thanks to everyone who reached out to Kathy, she was in such low spirits and you all helped to de-funk her. She has a much better outlook now and you have played a big part in that. I know she appreciates it and feels loved and cared about. She's not home yet, keep those cards and calls coming.

Not much else going on here, wishing you a positive happy day.


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Re: thursday january 21

Post by purrfect-lady » Thu Jan 21, 2021 6:21 am

Good morning

I slept later than usual. We have owls and I’ve told you before how intolerable Scotty finds owls. An owl would hoot, Scotty would bark, foxy would jump, and we would wake up. After five minutes everyone would settle down and pretty soon we would do it all again. Yawn!!

Judi, happy birthday to your son! Glad you got to celebrate with him. And I forgot to wish Riker a happy birthday too. Are you sure he’s already five? I think I’m going to need some ID for him. Glad you are getting your vaccine. Restaurants here are not open for dine-in either. But we can do curbside and some have outdoor seating in tents. One restaurant we heard pays $5000 a month for their big tent but I don’t get that. What’s the difference between sitting inside and sitting in a tent unless you are the only ones in the tent

Becca, Yum! More of your cranberry salad. I expect our library is also curbside pick up. That is how Autumn is running hers in Texas. I have books like I have fabric. In other words, I don’t need to Go anywhere to get more. But I download audio books from the library all the time.

Lois, I think we would all love to go into almost any store ( but mostly LQS’s) and browse leisurely. And we will again. It’s just not worth it to me right now. I don’t like wearing a mask either but I wear one anyway. They have become a fashion accessory.

Chriss, glad you had access to generators. I have to admit, I enjoy power outages. They are almost like camping but in our house. A few years ago they buried our lines along the road so we rarely are without power anymore for more than a half hour. Was just the first time you actually went into work since you started working at home?

Sue, I like the hunters star too. My sister-in-law, Terry, finished one last summer and we quilted it for her. It’s for her grandson whose name is Hunter. Does each grandchild get their own flag pole in your yard??

Mary Q, how are you feeling today? You need to be careful. We just don’t bounce like we used to. I think the universe was definitely sending you a message yesterday to stay home and in your house.

SHARONA, I feel so badly for your friend and her family. Sending prayers but the situation will be so difficult. You may have missed the part on this forum where when you hit submit on your post, you need to check and see if it truly posted. If someone else posted an entry while you were typing it will hold up yours to give you the option of addressing that person too. Once I had to hit submit four times.

Lori, did you get wind like Chriss and Valerie?

Suzette, what’s going on in your sewing room today?

Kathy’s comfort quilt is on its way. Expected delivery date is Saturday, January 23rd.

My computer has been on the move this week. Yesterday morning it was in Twin Falls, Idaho. This morning it is in Troutdale, Oregon., A suburb of Portland which is about 150 miles away. We could run down and pick it up and be back by lunch! But I think we will wait for the truck. Today is supposedly it’s delivery day so we’ll see. A Dell representative Add cajones to call DH yesterday about their customer service. Bill had quite a bit to share.

Yesterday I started putting my embroidered state bird blocks together. I was looking at a quilt like this on Etsy and they had a price of $1895!! 🙀 Methinks it was a tad overpriced! But just in case anyone wants to buy an embroidered quilt.... 😬

Hope your day is awesome!

Mary z

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Re: thursday january 21

Post by auntjana » Thu Jan 21, 2021 6:58 am

Good morning!

I was up quite early this morning, say around 1:30. That little voice kept telling me to double check that IKEA cabinet, that I need and is out of stock. Well, the one that is out of stock is not the one I wanted, and the ones I need are in stock! So at that early hour, I ordered to be picked up tomorrow morning my needed cabinets. Paid for them too! The cabinets have the same name, just a different drawer arrangement. So happy and excited and glad I listen! My island and desk area are torn up at the moment, and my handyman will be here to work more on them.

Not much more here. Sewing upstairs on my dining room table.

Stay Safe,

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Re: thursday january 21

Post by QuiltGram8 » Thu Jan 21, 2021 7:05 am

Good morning everyone. I wish all of you a happy day.
We got our first vaccine on Tuesday. 28 days until the second dose. No side effects. All is good.
I finished all the ties on my quilt. After lunch I will cut binding strips and begin the process and prepare my binding.
Then when finished, I have to make the label.
After that I will begin something else. Not sure where my ideas will take me.
Hugs to all.

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Re: thursday january 21

Post by Quiltmom » Thu Jan 21, 2021 8:11 am

Good morning all! Another day for getting more organizing done. Little by little it is coming along. Today going through several Cross stitch mags I have and taking out the patterns I want before giving them to my friend. I don't save complete mags like some people do. Got my Bible study done so now will go to town to get a few groceries and a newspaper. Got my new license sticker yesterday so will get that on my car.

Judi - So glad you got your shot. I am not scheduled until first part of February according to the Ohio schedule. I haven't been sewing much lately either except for some cross stitching. My mood just kind of left for awhile. Tell your son Happy Birthday!

Becca - Glad you were able to get some books to read. I have so many books that I have bought over the years that I will never get them all read. Right now working on 2 books by Brain Kilmeade one is about the Alamo and one is about Andrew Jackson. I am a history junkie. Enjoy your ready. It is so relaxing.

Chriss - So glad your power is back on. Hope it stays on for you. They talk on the news here about all the wind and fires you have out there in California. Will keep you in my prayers.

Vel - Glad you were able to get your vaccine. Mine isn't scheduled until next month here in Ohio.

Well, better get going to the store. With this stay home order I have been staying in bed and watching TV longer in the morning. Hope everyone has a good and safe day.


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Re: thursday january 21

Post by maryq » Thu Jan 21, 2021 8:25 am

Good Morning Girls

Well, lets see how I do with typing this morning... no band aid on finger but it still is pretty sore.

Judi... tell me again where you got the pattern again for the popcorn chain? It would be a great TV watching project for me after I finish all my embroidery things. Happy B'day to your Grumpy old Man! You must have been a teenager when he was born! :lol: :lol:

Lois.. Don't you kind of wonder when we will be able to go out in public with out masks? I think you're right... wearing a mask sure cuts down on the time you can wander around shopping for fabric.. now it's "get in and get out" and 1/2 the fun of going to the fabric store is the leisurely looking around.

Becca... Great Idea to check out books from the library... One of things I thought I might volunteer for when I retired was to work at our local library, but with Covid... not so much. I've heard that you can rent books digitally too, like download them to a Kindle. It's a little over my head to do that, but it's a fun idea.

Chriss... 32 hours without electricity??? OMG... Glad you were able to get the generator for help.. at least for lights and breathing! Did it feel weird to go into work?

Maryz.... .You are so right.... I for one do not bounce back like I used to.... after I fell I looked around to make sure nobody saw me, though I could have used somebody to pull me up! :lol: Sounds like your computer is almost home. So hope it works when it gets there!!! I'd be curious to see if the person selling that quilt at $1895, really gets that much. And I'd be curious what kind of fabric they used... how well it will hold up.

Jana..... Oh the funny things we think of in the middle of the night... Seriously... to go online at 1:00am and find exactly what you were needing all along!

Velda... So glad to hear so many of us are able to get the Covid shot... I'm trying to figure out when I can get mine, but close as I can tell, they haven't gotten to just plain old Sr. citizens here yet.

Sherry..... I do the same thing with quilting magazines.... I just pull out the patterns I think I'd make and put them in a page protectors in a note book... needless to say I have several notebooks full of patterns.

Promised myself that I would get out today... Want to pick up a few little things to send to Kathy... and though I don't need a lot of groceries, I'm getting low on coffee and you know what a disaster that would be to run out!

Happy Wednesday!

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Re: thursday january 21

Post by womster » Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:34 am

Good morning!

Judi – popcorns? I’m impressed with forward-thinkers like yourself getting ready for next Christmas. How wonderful that you’re getting the shot today. HB to your son!

Lois – I do hope we’re out of this pandemic sooner rather than later so we can get back to ‘normal. Hope your uglies go by quickly.

Becca – ooh a cranberry salad sounds yummy! I finally made the switch for most books over to Kindle – I’ve gone through all the library books I care to read at our very small local library. I do miss having an actual book to read but I’m glad there’s an alternative. I hope you get to rest today.

Chriss – what a bummer about the power. I am glad your dad had a generator you could borrow. I finally convinced DH to get a whole house generator (like 9200 watts so smallish). It will keep everything running, but we have to choose to either run the dryer, the oven or the heat (or a/c) if the power is out for > 3 hours). It’s such a blessing, even when we have to go through the testing every other month. We had to write every step down because we’re old. I’m so glad you don’t carry the negative Nelly gene! Back is still barking, but not spasming as much so yay. My son in Ohio gets Derescho winds – I wonder if that’s the same thing? Probably not. So was the coffee different at Starbucks than what it used to be? Sorry it struck out. We are studying the Minor Prophets.

Maryz – those ding dang owls! They’re a hoot, aren’t they (groan). Oh my I hope Bill let them have it with both barrels. Too bad we aren’t the betting sort – I wonder what the odd-makers would put the delivery today at. WOW that was a bit ambitious for the quilt, or, maybe you need to up your insurance to cover the new quilt. Thanks for the hint on posting.

Jana – glad the IKEA cabinet order has been straightened out.

Vel – congrats on the first part of your vaccine! I keep forgetting to make labels for my quilts.

Sherry – how wonderful to be organizing. I got through the back pantry and all the freezers and then ran out of steam. I hope to be back to it in February. Hope your grocery shopping is fun – it’s nice to get out of the house for something.

Maryq – glad you’re Band-Aid free. Those rotary cuts hurt. Have fun with wherever you get out to.

Today, Emily (our plumber) will be here to replace the kitchen sink in the basement. I need to go corral some dust bunnies before she arrives. I still need to get to my sewing hole – I think I will go out just to smell some fabric. Have a wonderful Wendesday! Xoxo Sharona

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