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Wednesday, January 20

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Re: Wednesday, January 20

Post by Quiltmom » Wed Jan 20, 2021 7:54 am

Good morning all! Very cold windy day here. Got about 2 inches of snow last night. I forgot and left my car out so now I have to clean it off before I go to town. They came and filled my propane tank this morning so i can still be nice and toasty. I keep it set on 73 degrees. I refuse to sit in this house and freeze especially since propane is only $1.29/gal. for me since I have a contract.

Glad Kathy is feeling better. Need to get a cheer package out to her soon.

Will be watching alot of cable and movies today. Definitely not watching any of the inauguration. Did watch when President Trump and Melania left the White House and got on Air Force 1. It brought tears to my eyes since I am a Trump supporter. Got my fingers crossed for the next 4 years. Last night on TV someone said that Republicans need to be reprogrammed. Not a good sign for unity.

Hope everyone has a good day and stays safe.


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Re: Wednesday, January 20

Post by womster » Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:26 am

Good morning!

I guess I forgot to hit enter yesterday – drat.

Suzette – I can’t wait to see pictures of the wedding quilt! Have fun hand sewing the binding. That is my favorite part.

Lois – we sometimes have that same issue. Being as we live in a small town, there is sometimes a lot of ‘catching up’ to do at the post office.

Maryz – I hope the label is what is waiting for you at the UPS store. Isn’t it nice to have the trailer all cleaned and ready for the next adventure? I am in awe of the circuitous trip your laptop is making. What a picture it paints – your little laptop trying to jump on a plane. There is a thread on Reddit dedicated to cats taking their owners hostage. Most people usually ask for snacks. Let us know if we can help!

Izzy – congrats on the newest addition.

Judi – have a wonderful visit with your friend. Poor Ken – when is the extraction? I will be praying. Wow – I can’t believe Ryker will be 5! Time is flying by at warp speed.

Jana – we have the same snow story here. With La Nina in effect, I’m afraid we will have a dry couple of years out here.

Valerie – oh that poor man. I know it’s for the best that he gets moved to a nursing home. My doc said the same thing to me, but then five years later I had to have another. Blah. I do hope the rest of your shift is uneventful.

Lori – I record the news, but even then I watched less than 30 seconds of it and switched to a channel showing Leave it to Beaver. I’m going to look up the Vintage Tin quilt – it sounds intriguing.

Maryq – oh girl I am SO sorry for both your incidents! Those rotary blade cuts can go so deep and are quite painful. And then to fall on the ice – it just adds insult to injury. I’m glad you’re staying in.

Sherry – oh my I would melt at 73. We did bump ours up to 68 during the day. We drop it to 65 at night. I’m so glad you can keep yours nice and toasty. Ditto on any inauguration watching here. I very rarely watch network TV anymore as it is. I pay less for my streaming channels for an entire year than DH pays for monthly cable. It’s crazy! He’s about ready to cut the cord.

My back is still barking, but it is MUCH better than it was. I may try to go out and quilt a couple of rows. I definitely am in need of sewing therapy. My friend from church with the brain cancer (giloma blastoma) had her diagnosis changed to stage 4 with only a few months left as the doc’s best guestimate. She sent all of us in the Bible study a text yesterday that she is so sad for her two youngest daughters (11 and 17). My heart breaks for all the sickness and death lately. I’m so thankful to be reminded that even though there may be weeping for the night, joy comes in the morning. I’m very thankful for all of you here for allowing me to process this on paper (virtual paper, but still…!).

Have a glorious day! xoxo Sharona

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