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Monday January 18, 2021

Daily discussions.
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Re: Monday January 18, 2021

Post by mepeace2 » Mon Jan 18, 2021 8:03 am

Good morning all
Just cold with a little snow today. Got some uglies done washed my hair and have some wash to do.
My sewing room is still yelling at me so that is one room I swept this morning. LOL I was in there sewing for about 3 hours yesterday. Got rows ready to attach . Have eight rows together only 2 more to go . Then to choose borders. I have decided on the funky print in green and rose colored as the final border but do not know weather to go with blue and green for others. The quilt is basically rose and blue and green with a few other colors. It will make me a nice quilt on my bed.

Izzy I want one or two of the babies. What the heck a couple more critters woundn't hurt right ?
Chriss My good iron which I paid a lot for just quit one day. So I went to Walmart and got one to get me by That was 3 years ago , Its a Hamilton Beach . Works great but I do not use the steam function. I remember when I was young we never had steam irons used a spray bottle. I want one of those cabinets too
Lois I need a professional haircut Have not had one for at least 10 years Trimmed my hair up this morning.
Judi Thank goodness we have my wood delivered now. Used to go cut split and load and unload. Too darn much work.
Maryz Your computer is on a travel experience. Wants to see the country LOL I know how you feel Part of My christmas presents went traveling before showing up just in time.

I made fresh coffee and desperately need a cup Then to sewing room

You all have a great sewing day

O- I could use some help sorting fabric LOL

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Re: Monday January 18, 2021

Post by maryq » Mon Jan 18, 2021 8:31 am

Good Morning Girls

Happy Monday Indeed! I used to HATE Mondays... it meant going back to work... but now it's like a Fresh Start! A new week, like a blank page in a book, to fill up with fun and learn from all the mistakes of last week! :lol: :lol:

Lois... Yeah for getting a hair cut... and lucky you to have your own personal hair dresser. Both my sister and I were beauticians at one time... My folks loved it... Annie did my Dad's hair and I did Mom's!

Suzette... I don't know much about Pfaff's but is yours computerized? When I have trouble with my Nomi too, if I turn it off and walk away for a while it seems to help... kind of like "unplugging" for a little maybe resets the computer???? Once I hauled my machine all the way to the shop because the feed dogs were stuck.... all I had to do was turn the wheel once all the way around and it fixed... Learn something new every day... but boy did I feel dumb!

Judi.... How cool Ken will have a supply of planks to play with.. Shawn's FIL, Tom, made me some ruler holders out of planks of wood he had laying around! When I visiting last summer, I knew what a handy guy he is and he whipped some up for Viv and I!

Maryz... Oh my gosh... Krispy Kremes! They built a huge KK store not too far from my house... when it opened they had to have Police directing traffic all around the area... lines were blocks long. It lasted maybe 5 years... then just crashed. and they ended up tearing the building down. Glad you got your pallets back from Vicki.. nice of her son to help you out.

Jana.... I can't wait to see your finished Batt Cave!!! If I knew I was going to be in my house for a long long time... and won the lottery... I would so love to have a room like yours and Sarah's! Thanks of the heads up on WM appliances! Wm isn't my favorite place to shop, but sometimes a necessity.

Chriss... You shop for Irons like I do.... high watt and low price! I think I've tried every brand there is.... so far I've had good luck with the HB Durathon and if I had to get another I'd get that one again. I have 2 old ones in my laundry room that I keep as back up.. they spit, but could be used in a pinch. Racking my brain for things to send Kathy... am nervous about sending food things, but am thinking lemon drops or tootsie pops should be ok. I found a cute water bottle for her! Gotta check out my yarn and knitting needles today.

Becca.... Did you call Kathy? I think I'm going to try this evening.... after supper.

Izzy... when you add the picture... do you click on the little link thingee or the icon of the mountain? I discovered, thanks to Velda, that it works better if you click on the mountain and then "paste" between the the spots that say " img] paste the link in here[img Does that help any?

Katy... Oh gosh... wish I could come help you sort! One of my fave jobs... though only at somebody else's house! I was looking for just one more 2.5" strip yesterday to match what I was working on.... had to dump my whole tote box out on the floor.... no joy. So now I have a zillion strips all over the place. My grand kids are coming over in a little while, maybe I can get them to scoop them up for me! bending over is no fun!

Speaking of grand kids... I'm still in jammies so I better get dressed before they arrive. Last week Kevin facetimed me, only I just heard the phone ringing and didn't realize it was face time and I was just getting my bra on.... Not a great idea! So now he calls my land line! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

ps... if anybody talks to Kathy before I do, and gets a feel for something she'd like or something we/I can send... let me know!

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Re: Monday January 18, 2021

Post by Quiltmom » Mon Jan 18, 2021 9:00 am

Good morning all! Just a quick stop in to say hello. Not much planned for today. I don't have alot of ambition. Think I might make some Chex Mix. I got everything here and haven't made any for awhile. It is so good to snack on. I add a few changes when I make mine.

Smoke and Sweetie have been fed and are back to sleep already. Such a life, but we love our furbabies. When i am reclined in the recliner Sweetie likes to lay between my legs and sleep. After an hour or so and I have to get up she gives me that look.

Hope everyone has a good day and stays safe.


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Re: Monday January 18, 2021

Post by WeSignificant » Mon Jan 18, 2021 10:07 am

Just a quick stop by. Took calls for a sick nurse last night and what a night! One lady to ER as she wouldn't wait for the nurse (me!) even though we live in the same town. Another one declining as the day went on. They declined a visit earlier in day but decided around 8 pm they needed a nurse. So off to Napa, yep, she needed God not a nurse. Only last about 5 hours and then could not reach daughter to save my life. Phone calls, texted, emailed. So needless to say, body is still at facility! She finally contacted MSW with funeral arrangements and funeral place declined as they are so backed up. Oh my, glad I am now off duty. Then low and behold 5 AM call luckily in town. Foley catheter problem. So I pretty tired.

Tried to call MD for Dad's diabetic meds and darn if it isn't a holiday and they are closed. Hoping they can find somebody to call me back. May have to change my DR appt tomorrow so I can take care of all this. Have a home health patient to see also tomorrow.

Going to try and finish lotto blocks today and get rest of Dresden plate cut. Will read all and find out all the scoops later.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: Monday January 18, 2021

Post by womster » Mon Jan 18, 2021 10:37 am

Good morning!

Lois – happy haircut. Your table runner sounds perfect for Valentines.

Suzette – sure hope your machine behaves itself today. I was reading the iron saga – I have a pressure iron made in Italy that Cindyg told us about several years ago. I LOVE it. Got it on Amazon. It weighs a ton but steams like a dream. We had snow also, but it’s almost melted now.

Judi – pot roast sounds yummy. How lovely that Ken gets free maple wood for woodworking.

Maryz – l have to laugh at your computer’s adventures. What a run around! Glad you were able to get the pallets back. I also haven’t had a doughnut in years – I bet those were scrumptious. Glad you got to see Bill’s sister and BIL.

Jana – enjoy your spring cleaning.

Becca – thanks for passing on Kathy’s hello! Too bad you can’t get to church for the quilting.

Chriss – I’m here! Glad you are as well.

Izzy – its not very fun breaking in a new doctor. Your UFO count is a BIG one!

Katy – me too! Maybe there could be a group of travelling fabric sorters. I would gladly put them up.

Maryq – oh my! I’ve almost done that very thing with a facetime call. Have a great time with the grandkids.

Sherry – nothing like napping with pets. They sure are warm.
Valerie – good gravy Marie – you had a very busy night. Isn’t it sad that the funeral places are so backed up. I hope you can rest some today.

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I worked Friday and it was a zoo. I’m afraid that the pastor’s wife is declining rapidly after the brain surgery last Wednesday. Funerals Friday and Saturday. One of my nieces had her tonsils out Friday – not fun as a 22yo adult. One of my grandsons has been losing hair – my DS1 thought it was stress from not being in school but still requested blood work. Denis (my grandson) has elevated liver numbers so now they’re off investigating that. Whew! My back has been out since I scrubbed out the detergent dispenser for the washer, so no quilting for me. Hopefully it resolves itself in the next couple of days. Have a glorious day! xoxo Sharona

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Re: Monday January 18, 2021

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Mon Jan 18, 2021 7:01 pm

I talked with Kathy this afternoon, it was great to hear her voice. she sounded so much better. She was able to do some walking . The problem she had been having is she couldn't get from sitting on the bed to standing the way they were having her do it. She chose to do it her own way and was able to stand. then she walked down the hall, twice. and ended her day doing leg strengthening exercises.

She has enjoyed visiting with those who have called her. and says her sister brings her mail every so often. She is asking her sister to bring her lap top. I asked her if she was interested in Hexi's but she said no. Her hands are pretty shaky and she hasn't even attempted embroidery that her daughter sent her yet.

She really sounded less frustrated and blue and a little more up beat. I told her she was number one on the prayer circle and she told me she could tell you all were praying. she said she was still available for phone calls.

Izzy, your DH sure has more than his share. hope the back is better soon.

Katy, wish I could come help sort fabric but I have so much that needs sorting here. I thought about taking my sewing room which doubles as my office and cleaning it out in sections. it needs a good dusting and is a disaster area. You are cold with snow we hit 70 degrees today. Crazy.

Maryq, did the grands sort those strips? It's hard to think of something to send to Kathy. I found some herb tea and have a mug that I can send her as well. Lemon drops are a great idea. I didn't think to ask her if she needed something to tie up her hair, not sure how long her hair is. Hey, what about a disposable razor and some pretty smelling soap?

Sherry, I haven't had chex mix in a million years. It's not on my diet so don't send me any.

Valerie, it is a holiday. I checked the mail twice just to be sure. you were a busy girl out all night, I bet you are pooped now.

Sharona, there you are. dang you have had more than your share going on in your corner of the world. Prayers for you and yours.

Thats it for me. You all have a great night. And if you have time give Kathy a call,

Good night,

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