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Friday January 15,2021

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Re: Friday January 15,2021

Post by Quiltmom » Fri Jan 15, 2021 8:20 am

Good morning all! The Direct TV guy just left. My TVs went out and the problem was frozen ice on the satellite. After he cleaned it off they work just fine. Luckily I did have my Roku, Disney+ and CBS all access to watch if he couldn't have fixed it. I need something to watch when I sew. Tomorrow Doug and Chris are coming over to take my Christmas totes back out to the storage room which is my DH's old train room.

So sorry about the way Kathy is feeling. Will try to give her a call next week and send something to her house for when she gets home. I feel so sorry for her being in the rehab alone. I must have missed it but does she have family near her?

Well, better go get some lunch since too late for breakfast. Hope everyone has a good day. About an inch of snow on the ground which will be changing to rain this afternoon. At least no major snow storms yet this winter. I probably jinxed us with that comment.


PS Today would have been DH's and my 54th anniversary. We got married on the very first Super Bowl Sunday, but back then it was not the big deal it is now.

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Re: Friday January 15,2021

Post by maryq » Fri Jan 15, 2021 8:43 am

Good Morning Girls

am starting at a blank screen this morning...... and my brain is just as blank! :lol:

No big news to share from here, other than it's snowing again... that heavy wet "heart attack" snow... and it looks like it may snow for a few days in a row. Thankfully, there is no place I need to go... though I do need to run up to drugstore for an Rx... but that can wait... at least until the plows come by.

Thank you all for sharing the news on Kathy.... I may try to call her this evening and it's good to know that we can't send home made treats. I'm going to go through my stash of knitting needles and yarn as I have plenty... though I might check with her... to see if she's up for it.. If she's going to be there for a while I so hope her sister can help her set up her computer... hoping she has a lap top?

Won't chat with each of you today... but wish you all well. I'm headed down stairs to pick out my next UFO to work on.... and to get them organized a little better. I did finish one yesterday and posted a pic in the UFO contest topic.

Wishing you all a Fabulous Friday

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