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Friday January 15,2021

Daily discussions.
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Friday January 15,2021

Post by fabricgirl » Fri Jan 15, 2021 2:20 am

Good morning Everyone,
I'm so glad today is Friday and I don't have to go anywhere .
Yesterday we took Rusty back to the vet and he seem to be doing better he had a problem with his gums we have been giving him meds and switched him back to wet food he is all cleared up and just fine.
Mary Z so glad you got home.
Today I will be finishing the table runner and send it to my niece.

Well thats all the news for today prayers go out to all.

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Re: Friday January 15,2021

Post by kenderosa » Fri Jan 15, 2021 3:30 am

Good Morning~

Never made it here yesterday, had an early morning funeral to attend. :| Dude was only 58 and had a heart attack.

Maryz~ Am so glad to hear you and Bill made it home intact. Horrible winds seem to be crossing the country and pulling rigs in them is not so good. Hugs for you!

Chriss~ I don't put raisins in my carrot cake (the grandkids won't eat them) but the cream cheese icing is fabulous. Thanks for the info regarding Kathy and bird dogging her address down for us.

Lori~ Your day enjoying the beach sounds blissful! Good way to recharge your batteries these days. Our weather is to be in the 70's this weekend.

I may run to the LQS as I need a backing for a UFO I just completed, Sew and Vac carries a great selection of wide backings. Now to get it quilted.

I need a refill on coffee... bbl

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Re: Friday January 15,2021

Post by billizzy » Fri Jan 15, 2021 3:58 am

Good morning. Wednesday I was sashing some blocks the butterfly swap blocks and was looking at all our pals no longer posting. Sad we have lost so many sweet quilters.

UFOs are my mission this year. No new fabric kits or BOM. I have sew many project boxes stacked under LA it looks like a pizzeria lol🤣🤣 I use lg pizza boxes for my projects.

Today dd has hair appt I’m done trimming and she needs good cut been 5 months since last one. I think will get a trim too. Been 2 yrs since mine trimmed nice thing with long hair just let it grow.

Plan to call Kathy either today or tomorrow. I would love to face time will have to see if she has her computer. We use to Skype all the time.

Well gotta run Java is calling lol 😂

Hugs 🤗 prayers 🙏 happy stitching 🧵
:D izzy

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Re: Friday January 15,2021

Post by grammiequilts » Fri Jan 15, 2021 4:28 am

Good Morning, I spoke with Chrissy1 yesterday and Kathy is not in a good place she hates the food, no visitors and she misses her sister, seems very depressed...those of you who have talked to her before need to keep in touch with her,,,she says her rehab could be 4 to 5 months as she cannot stand or walk. she has no phone or computer with her so she cannot come here and chat with us, it is very sad.
I did some cleaning yesterday and got into the sewing room...I was able to start peicing my blocks and they are adorable. there are 13 total for the quilt.
Well I need to get going to the coffee pot..everyone have a great day and prayers go out to all...XXXXXOOOOO PS...Yes Izzy I have an autograph quilt we did years ago....I looked at it and all those quilters who have left this group... I hope if they are lurking they will pop in and say hi. and let us know they are ok...

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Re: Friday January 15,2021

Post by purrfect-lady » Fri Jan 15, 2021 4:42 am

Good morning

Lois, glad Rusty is doing better and hope your back is too. I need to go see my chiropractor but I am going to wait until we are done unloading trailer and setting our house back up. I would just undo his good work

SUE, bummer about your 58-year-old friend who had the heart attack. Too young! So sorry you had to go to the quilt Shop and buy some fabric. I thought you were probably running low. 🤣

Lori, your day at the beach sounds like it recharged your batteries. Did you take the boys or was it just a Lori day?

Judi, glad you got some quality time in your sewing room. I love that quilt you are making. How is Ken feeling? Did you get the floor down in the storage room yet? I wish someone would drop kathy’s phone or iPad off for her.

Mary Q - I did a queen Bargello for my grandson‘s 21st birthday. It was a lot of fun and not difficult. It simply takes concentration and design wall (or floor) really helps.

CarolE - I like big dogs, too, but we are getting older and I think of having to lift a big dog. Scotty is 36 pounds and he is one strong dude! I hope Maddie doesn’t get much Bigger. I bet she is a love!

SHARONA, so sorry you had to go to a funeral. You and SUE both had a sad day. Funny about surprising your DH in the night. That will teach him he needs to sleep with one eye open. Sorry about the storm. Looks like that storm is going to get everybody before it’s done.

Jana, I wonder if female engineers think the same as male engineers....

Val, hope you made it to the tire shop OK and got your tires

Izzy, I knew you were considering some names for your baby goats but I never heard what you decided on. Pizza boxes are a good idea for holding blocks!

Diane, maybe in a week or two you can prop your foot up for minutes of sewing if not hours.

Yesterday I got all the non-perishable food items out of the trailer, inventoried all my pantry supplies, and made a shopping list for next week. Then I did 2 loads of laundry, and spent several hours putting my sewing room back together. Still some things to do in there to finish up. I Needed to get to the long arm and everything was piled in front of it. Today will be more laundry, hopefully some quilting, and More trailer emptying. I am not moving too quickly on the trailer. I’m going to wait for the floodwaters in the backyard to recede so we can park it. Then it will be closer to the house and so much easier to empty and clean.

Good news on my computer! It is actually on its way home. Dell has been trying to return it to us For more than a month but somehow just couldn’t seem to manage it. That seems strange to me since they are a computer company and this is all done by computer! Poor Bill has spent six extremely lengthy phone calls to them, talking to customer service in India. We finally gave up and called FedEx ourselves and are paying to have it shipped. And it was picked up from our friends house within the hour. So hopefully, in a few days It will be back with us and please, Lord, let it be properly repaired!!

I’m off to find another cup of coffee and to let Foxy in. I see him at the slider asking for door service.

Take care and everybody please be safe!

Mary z

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Re: Friday January 15,2021

Post by auntjana » Fri Jan 15, 2021 5:01 am

Good morning!

Dark and cold here so far. Yesterday, Sarah, Stu and Aaron made a DI, Deseret Industries , run, to drop off all the donations from our houses. Due to Covid, you make an appointment, and then you unload everything. There were some heavy things, furniture, so the boys did that. It turns out that Matt had the time slot right after Sarah's and was there too. All in the family!

Our handyman was here, double checking some measurements. Found he had ordered 2 sheets of laminate, so he will do my desk area at the same time. Took those measurements as well. Sarah convinced her Dad to let me have flooring as well. It will be the barnwood look vinyl flooring, just need to get the right color, not too gray! What fun the Batt Cave will be almost done! The last is the drop type ceiling and our handyman will do that as well. Oh yes, he is going to paint my bedroom for us too. Busy, busy busy here.

Need to get Emma's dress done, while I can still sew. The Batt Cave will be disrupted for a few days.

Stu found a apartment to rent. Not too far from here and will move in a week or so. Very nice apartment too.

Well, not much more happening here. Been awake off and on most of the night. When asleep, some very strange dreams. Many of y'all were in them!

Stay Safe!!
Hugs and prayers,

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Re: Friday January 15,2021

Post by Becca » Fri Jan 15, 2021 5:21 am

Good morning everyone cloudy & A dark day Supposed to snow tomorrow
Snow is still on all the mts in front of us

Chris Thanks for getting in touch with Kathy
Jana Your bat cave is getting a make over Sure you will love it
Sue Your lemon pie made me hungry It’s my favorite
Lois I know your table runner will be pretty
We eat venison too My DS gets it for me
Izzy Haircuts make me feel so much better
Diane Hope the foot is healing nicely
Judi That’s a long recovery time for Kathy
Maryz Hope your computer arrives safely very soon

DH has a Dr appt this morning & We need gas in car He ordered gas for tank at Home propane Wow it’s gone up like everything else Hope everyone has a wonderful day

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Re: Friday January 15,2021

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Fri Jan 15, 2021 6:54 am

Happy Friday. it's going to be a marvelous day today.

After work my goal is to make new masks. the ones I made for Jerry and myself are over used. I always have one in my purse and one in my car. I think I will send Kathy one too.

I called Kathy last night, she was able to sit up in the wheelchair a bit yesterday. When I called her it was about 5 my time and 8pm her time, she was tired so I kept the call short. She said she heard the phone ring a couple of times during the day but was in the middle of her therapy so didn't answer, she asked that you try again later. Phone calls are really her only chance to "visit" with anyone.

Lois, your niece will love the table runner. I am taking my snowmen with me tomorrow when I get my oil changed and sew it down while I wait. I wish that these monthly things would change the way they do things. I'd like to start the February block in January so I have it done for Feb. and have March in Feb etc. but no one asks me my advice on things.

Sue, I'm not a huge raisin lover either but if it's carrot cake I will make due with a raisin or two. I was surprised to find wide backing at Joanns too. I love the term bird dogging, I'm going to steal it.

Izzy, I would love to facetime Kathy too, but she doesn't have a device with her. She said she would ask her sister to bring her Kindle but I don't know what a Kindle is capable of. She would love to hear from all of us, I just can't imagine not being able to see people. This was a real eye opener for me. So wish I could get a hair cut, nothing here is open. drat.

Judi, Kathy told me Chrissy had called her. you are correct, she is very depressed. She told me she was about to give up. I am hoping that she will get phone calls and cards thorough out her stay there. I so wish she had a way to connect. It is just so sad. I also have the autograph quilt from 2010. It is on my bed. Maybe it's time for a new one?

Maryz, you are a whirlwind, You just don't stop. After such a long trip and cleaning out that trailer you go and clean up your sewing room and take on another project. You are quite a lady.

Jana, hard to believe that Stu is old enough to have his own apartment, wasn't he just little last week? He grew up good. If you had strange dreams I bet I was the leading star. We have also been cleaning out and donating things.

Becca, if it's going to snow tomorrow glad you will get your errands done today. hope the doc appointment is favorable and quick.

Valerie, hope your yesterday went well, tires, tests, patients, hope it was smooth sailing.

Carole, there is a German Shephard mix puppy available at our SPCA they are so cute, made me think of you when I saw the picture.

Sharona, me thinks DH needs a different clock. that will teach him to dangle his leg won't it?

Maryq, if it were me I would take those strips and make a large jelly roll race quilt. a Bargello intimidates me.

Lori, I saw your beach pictures, absoultly gorgeous. what a perfect day.

well, I am still in my jammies and work starts in 5 minutes. you girls have a great day,

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Re: Friday January 15,2021

Post by WeeOne » Fri Jan 15, 2021 7:20 am

Good Day to All.
Chriss and Judi or anyone else that can get in touch with Kathy's sister. I just called The Meadows and ask if a person in rehab could have a cellphone. The lady said, yes, cell phone, iPad and such are fine. They cannot have fresh flowers or home baked or made food, would have to be store bought. SO, I'm wondering why she doesn't have her cellphone.

I'm happy to say that I got my design software loaded on the laptop, now with Windows 10 on it. Bernina has said it was questionable to put version 7 on W10. My geek guy tried last spring after he put 10 on and it wouldn't work. I loaded an older HASP driver and software downloaded and so far is working. It works with my embroidery part of machine. I need it for one of my UFO's. I'm going to digitize a coloring book giraffe I found.

Need to go back and finish reading about y'all.

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Re: Friday January 15,2021

Post by WeeOne » Fri Jan 15, 2021 8:18 am

I posted this on 'Kathy' thread, but thought I'd copy it here.
1/15 10 a.m. CT, I just got off the phone with Kathy. We had a nice visit. She's going to ask her sister to bring her laptop. The cellphone she has is old and doesn't work very well at her home, so I think that's why she doesn't have it. And if the place is like my Dad's was, the signal was so bad, I could hardly get a call out. Anyway, she says hello to everyone, keep sending prayers and she misses us.

Kathy and I found several things to talk about, but after I hung up it occurred to me that I could have read her some of the posts of what everyone is doing. Next phone call.

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