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Wednesday January 13,2021

Daily discussions.
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Wednesday January 13,2021

Post by fabricgirl » Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:00 am

Good Morning and Happy Hump Day,
Yesterday we butchered the deer and got that all cleaned up and then I finished the top of my table runner that I'm gifting to my niece.
Today our dance card is filled we both have a chiropractor visit then we have to go to my sons to drop off the laundry and wait for dryer person to come fix the dryer the window is between 12 and 5 and she has dr apt up n Jersey 1 1/2 hrs away so it conflicted times so thats where our day will be spent..
Judi thanks for the update on Kathy.
Mary Z all sizes are different today especially bed size the mattresses are all different sizes.

Well thats all the news for now I hope you all have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Wednesday January 13,2021

Post by suzette58 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:43 am

Good morning Lois and those that follow.
I just realized that 39 years ago an Air Florida jet hit the 14the street bridge coming out on Washington DC into Arlington VA. Something I will never forget. I have finished the dog quilt. I am waiting on the backing. Hopefully it won’t take to long. It is coming by USPS. Cross your fingers for me. Today I am going to cut and sew the binding for it and then see what else I can get into. I hope everyone has a great day.
Lois - it sounds like you have a busy day planned. Enjoy

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Re: Wednesday January 13,2021

Post by grammiequilts » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:02 am

Good Morning,,another day of sore muscles and joints from all the moving,,,I will take a day away from the remodel to get groceries and do laundry,,,those will be done early this morning then some paper work and bill paying, Sewing is definatley on the list. I plan to work on the Christmas quilt..
Sorry they are not more forthcoming on info about kathy,,Chrissy1 is in touch with her daughter Kim and gets very little in thr way of updates...I guess we will have to wait and see if we will hear from Kathy as soon as she feels up to it. I hope she is getting the cards we are sending. just knowing we care.
Well I need coffee and get this game going,,,,Have fun in the sewing rooms..XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

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Re: Wednesday January 13,2021

Post by purrfect-lady » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:32 am

Good morning,

Judi, thank you for another update on Kathy. What an ordeal our poor friend is going through. Laundry and groceries don’t sound like much of a rest day to me.

Suzette, yay for finishing the dog quilt! good luck getting your backing. My computer is still sitting in South Texas waiting on Dell. For the umpteenth time they have a messed up.

Lois, you are the best mom/mom in law to not only do the laundry but deliver it and wait for the repairman!

Yesterday was a rough travel day. Got early start so it was dark, rainy, then winds so strong we had to pull over for two hours. Mountains and LOTS of trucks. Hard rain all day. Today may still be rainy but the wind and mountains are behind us.

I am so looking forward to the day when I can just sit in my sewing machine and play!

Have a happy hump day everyone!

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Re: Wednesday January 13,2021

Post by kenderosa » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:58 am

Good Morning Quilters~

Maryz~ I'm glad too, that you have that stretch of road behind you. Been over that hiway more times than I care to admit..... no more for us. Last year about did us in. UGH

Today I have no commitments so will spend all my time in the sewing room. Need to load another quilt on the LA and finish cutting a ton of HST's for another. Making Bonnie Hunters "Winston Ways" pattern.

Judi~ Thanks for the Kathy update.... sure hope things start to look up for her.

Maryq~ How's the 2 1/2 inch strip cutting going? Remember when Quilterbee Amiee used to have all those noodle swaps? I loved all the variety it gave us scrap quilters. Wonder how she is doing?

Need to refill my coffee and get started on the day.
Have a Blessed Day


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Re: Wednesday January 13,2021

Post by carole » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:44 am

Good morning ladies,

I have been missing for a long time, but have made a resolution to at least check in once a week. So many things happened in 2020 to all of us, that I can only hope that things will start to get better. In July of 2020 I lost Luke Skywaker, named my my two grandsons . He was such a special dog and to this day I still miss him. We rescued a 5 month old puppy in August and she is so cute and sweet. But remember she is a puppy. Keeps us on our feet. Lol. Her name is Maddie she is a dobie, German Shepard mix. She has all the markings of a dobie, but the ears of a German Shepard.

I did get my fIrst shot for the virus last Saturday. We get the second one in 4 weeks. No problems and never felt a thing getting it. Have been quarantine the whole time. Only time I went out was to doctors,vets or to get my infusion. My DH did most of the shopping during this time.

I have been working on my UFO's and cleared out a few. I said I would NOT start anything new until all UFO's were done. Yea, well you know how that goes .

I have always checked on you girls, but never joined in because I am in AZ, two hours behind you. You all were out the door and in your sewing rooms when I was getting my first cup of coffee. Lol

Be safe and see you tomorrow. I will, I will, I will be here. Hugs to all of you.

Carole( don't forget the e)

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Re: Wednesday January 13,2021

Post by mepeace2 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:52 am

Good Morning all
Just could not get on here yesterday. I found my vet had not given me enough water pills for Boo. So off I went to Roseville to pick up While there I picked up Febs pills. You better believe I counted all 90 of those pills. I still cannot believe they gave me 30 less the I needed. Especially since the water pills and heart pills cost $83 a month. Roseville is about 45 miles away.
I did sew a little bit yesterday. and cut my sashing for rest of quilt.
I will tell you funny story. I live in country so I do get mice once and awhile. I found one in my drawer on stove. Scooby was sitting there and had been for 2 hours. Well my x took out all the pans and Scooby jumped behind drawer . I was afraid he would get caught So my x got down and was trying to get him out. I looked up and Scooby was scooting across kitchen floor with mouse. Jim was not seeing what was going on. I had to laugh . He looked up and asked where the cat went. We did get the mouse away from Scooby and got rid of it.
Carole Glad to hear from you
Maryz Do be careful out there .
Suzette Ups is getting faster,finally. I received 2 packages about 3 days after I ordered. One came from CA
Lois we have deer hunters around here. My neighbor hunts for meat all winter. I do not care for deer meat but will not deny others who hunt for meat. You are such a good MIL to do laundry. .
Well I need to grab another coffee and get myself into sewing room.
You all have a great sewing day.


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Re: Wednesday January 13,2021

Post by womster » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:30 am

Good morning!

Lois – your dance card is full indeed. I bet you're glad to have the deer all put up. I hope the dryer guy gets there sooner rather than later.

Suzette – wow – I remember that also. Good luck with your USPS delivery. My son in Ohio JUST received his Christmas card from us. We mailed it December 15th!!

Judi – thanks for the Kathy update. I’m glad you’re taking a day off and get to sew.

Maryz – oh drat the wind. I hope today is much smoother sailing for y’all.

Sue – enjoy your free day in the sewing room. Yay!

Carole – hello! I’m so sorry to hear about Luke. A new puppy will sure keep your mind occupied! What a cute mix. I know what you mean about not being able to post in a timely manner – it can be frustrating. BUT, we would rather see you at any time than not at all.

Katy – now that is annoying. I’m glad you got what Boo needs. I had two horrible infestations last year. Someone recommended putting steel wool in every nook and cranny. I did and so far, no more icky mice. Good on Scooby for being such a good mouser.

I’m getting ready to head for Wal-Mart – I have to go about every six weeks. After that I plan to quilt another two rows on a Christmas quilt. I found out yesterday that one of my cousins has a new breast cancer. She had it five years ago, and the doctor specifically said it’s not a recurrence but a new and different cancer. Another friend is having surgery today for a very aggressive brain cancer. Prayers for these two ladies would sure be appreciated. Have a glorious day! xoxo Sharona

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Re: Wednesday January 13,2021

Post by velvet » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:31 am

Good morning to aal.
We just got back from Dr. He is happy with the way my foot looks. Not swollen but black and blue-add nice shades of green-ish. Would make a beautiful Batik. LOL. Stitches come out next Weds. Not looking forward to that YUK! Pins will remain from 6 to 8 weeks. As long as they are out before our trip to NY for Easter.

I read everyday but have not read about Kathy. Please fill me in.

I'll be happy when all you gals who are travelling are home safe and sound.

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Re: Wednesday January 13,2021

Post by auntjana » Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:12 am

Good morning!

All the signs of snow to fall, but it is skipping me. One way it's a good thing, other way it's not.

Staying and playing in the Batt Cave. Sarah is doing better. The antibiotics are starting to make a difference. After Ethan is done with school, he is coming down to run the train. It will be the last time, as we will put it away today. He convinced Grandpa to just one more day.

Thank you for the updates on Kathy.

Well not much else here,

Stay Safe!

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